Tony Blair

It seems that Tony Blair has put himself forward as a peace negotiator between Spain and Catalonia.  Apparently the Devil is too busy.


Oh noooooo… it seems to have happened


… there has been a schism in the UKIP. Anne Marie Waters is having a party!


All the talk this morning seems to be about Mrs May. The pound has fallen again, even against the Euro (which is damaged by the situation in Catalonia).



Grant Shapps appears to be the driving force in the “plot” to remove her, which must be a comfort to her, as, to date, he’s been spectacularly unspectacular in most of what he’s ever done. Govey is fighting her corner, reminding anyone bored enough to listen that 14 million people (slight exaggeration) voted for her in the General Election. I’m not sure that Govey fighting your corner is much of an asset, but then who have to remember how close Govey is to Mr Murdoch! And Mr Murdoch fighting your corner is an altogether different kettle of fish.








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n or3

I brought my mum to meet you.

n hawian crow
Watch carefully and I’ll explain what this tool is for.
n ben arthur
Ben Arthur.
n cute-cheetah-photos-cheri-marie-cullen-34640143-500-375
n Aurora Borealis Over Skjálfandafljót River
Northern Lights in Iceland.
n dog1
When he said ‘come and help with the sheep’, he never told me that there were so many… or that they were so big. Help!!!
N edin old town
n Zebra_ZN
Mum and baby Zebra.
n wood duck1
Mandarin Wood Ducks
n skye
We build bridges. Skye.
N Hamish1
Hamish, one of The Roaming Junketeers (probably the boss man).
n not sure
I’ve no idea where (anyone?) but it’s pretty.
N Glasgow 1942
Solved the parking problem here. Don’t have any cars. Glasgow… 19??
n herring
Irish coastline, starring a beautiful Herring Gull.
n paddy fireld
Paddy fields.
nwood duck
Amazing colours…
n hamish
Hamish builds bridges too. In Mexico.



n or
Have a peaceful Sunday, y’all.

And we mustn’t forget our friends in Catalonia today:


Bona sort i valent coratge.





Needless to say, Munguin stands shoulder to shoulder with the Catalonians as he is now demonstrating (from the comfort of Munguin Towers).
It’s the 21st of September, and I kid you not, Christmas has arrived in Home Bargains. Spend, spend, spend. Just how sickening is this?
Go on, you know you need some seriously tacky decorations.
On my half day off (one every fortnight) I took some photographs of the countryside.
Love the tree behind there. It fell over, I’m told, getting on for 40 years ago, and it’s still growing out over Laird’s Loch.
This little bee getting the last of the summer pollen. 
Someone, commenting on Soppy Sunday in the last few weeks (I can’t remember who offhand) mentioned the Dundee tram/café which is now parked on “the rails” in Dundee City Centre.



Another part of the countryside walk took in our own garden bridge. I imagine it came in a bit cheaper that Johanna Lumley’s daft notion of one in London, England.
Into the woods…




So, old Tess addressed the United Nations General Assembly today and almost no one showed up. There were obviously doing stovies and corned beef in the canteen, or something!

Yesterday President Macron drew a far larger crowd and, of course, the place was full to bursting when Coco the Clown appeared doing his Rocket Man act. But then everyone loves a comic as top of the bill.


OK, no one else, except maybe Putin or Xi is going to draw a crowd like that. I’m not sure what they were expecting… maybe a mix between Miss World and The Apprentice, but they came along to hear what he had to say, because however mad he is, he is the POTUS and however ridiculous his statements, what he says counts for something.

It is a mark of how unimportant Britain is that President Mahmoud Abas of Palestine got a bigger crowd than Mayhem.  Simply no one is interested in what Britain thinks.

I know May has made a big thing of this speech she is giving in Florence (why Florence… taking advantage of the free travel while she’s still got a job?) on Friday. I’m just wondering if anyone will turn up!



Many people in the UK could be relatively unaware of what is happening in Catalonia given that the BBC seems determined to give it as little coverage as possible. I had the car radio on the way home tonight and the ‘PM’ show on Radio 4 had sent a reporter off to India to find out about how some company there is making saris just like Mother Theresa wore (you know, the nun, not the prime ministerial joke). In the time I was listening not a word was said about democracy being trampled under a jackboot in a European country.


The take over of the government of Catalonia by the Spanish seems to be of little import to Britain, deserving of even less coverage than the daily killing of kids in Yemen (ya know, using British bombs).

Munguin just wanted to say that we support the Catalonians wholeheartedly as they have done for us. We wish them well in these dreadful times and we find their spirit and courage to be inspiring. We really hope they get their vote out in the referendum without violence and that Spain will come to its senses and accept that being a democratic country means that you have to allow democracy.


In the long term, you cannot hold on to something that does not wish to be held.