What a fantastic turn out for an independence march in Stornoway.  Five hundred might not seem a lot by Edinburgh or Glasgow standards, but for Stornoway with a total population of around 8,000, that’s a brilliant turnout.

Meal do naidheachd!


tory satisfaction.

This is the graphic that Dave was talking about the other day, looking at the popularity of various figures in the Tory party…as judged, not by the citizenry in general but by party members.

Frankly, I was horrified that Tory Party members actually favour Andrea Leadsom above all their colleagues. I’ve always thought that she was as dumb as a stump, not to mention an utterly ghastly person. Remember she was the one who said that she would make a better prime minister than Theresa May, because she, Leadsom, had had children and May had not. What kind of person would say something like that? Not someone you’d want to be in the same room as.

But, if the poll is anything to go by her form of right-wing, no-deal, hardline, fox-hunting, tactless, tasteless Conservatism is what we might expect when they finally ditch May (who, you will have noticed is right at the bottom of the popularity table, even under the catastrophe that is Chris “Failing” Grayling.

If that is the British future, Scotland needs to leave sooner rather than later.

Ruth Davidson, despite being on maternity leave for some time now, and out of the public eye (she has faithfully stayed out of everything and off social media), is 4th most popular under the aforementioned Leadsom, with Truss and Hunt (another two pretty incompetent empty heads) just above her.



Conference photos comparing labour conservatives and snp turnout

That’s why the BBC don’t want to cover SNP conferences.




Erm… yeah.

I’d love to know too. Wouldn’t you?