That’s the spirit, Melchett, old chap!
Ah, as opposed to being dwellers is massive mansion completely and utterly out of touch with…well, everything, eh?
Only 25%?
So says a Labour supporting paper!
That’s right,  little Michael. Now off you go and play with your lego and let the grown-ups sort out this mess… oh wait, there are no grown-ups.
Seriously? Ya see Dan, my lad, that’s exactly what they are talking about. See, they even lied to you,  and you were taken in, ya dick.
Nope, it wasn’t. Try again?
We are though. That’s the problem. Exactly like other countries.
So, once again, I say to young people: “get off your backsides and go to the polling station. That way you will get what YOU want and not what your granny wants”. Trust me, there’s a really good chance that you don’t want what she wants… but hey, it’s your future, isolated, alone, in a backwater. If that’s what you want, leave it to Gran, and Great Uncle Bartholomew.
You may be a bit late for that, Jake mate. I can hear the laughter from North, South, East and West.
Ye lied to us, Ruth.  Go back to dismantling mines!
Still, by now they will have made all manner of connections in London with the “right” kind of people, so, when they lose their seats there will be a handy little niche found for them.
I’ll do a deal with you, Billy Boy. I’ll do just that if you F*** aff disrespecting the country’s main language. How’s that?
I know how you feel, Davie boy…  Seriously, whenever your boss opens her mouth I do exactly the same thing.  Mind you, you’d think your supporters would know the difference between “are” and “our” not to mention misspelling words like “disrespecting” … oh and apostrophes. What is Eton coming to? Still, to follow your lot they REALLY have to be seriously dense. Duh!