But it is a good day to bury bad news


No wonder our GERS figures are so bad. Scottish taxpayers are subsidising the £16bn…yes £16bn… late-running, bailout-prone Crossrail. It is, at the moment running 1 year late and £2bn over budget.

But I recall that Murdo and Wee Willie Rennie got in an awful stew when, due to bad winter weather, the Forth Crossing was a little later that had been forecast. (Although as I recall it was earlier than the first estimates which had overoptimistically been revised down.)

I’m pretty sure that, despite all the money my taxes are pouring into it, I won’t get any benefit at all from Crossrail. It’s not heading for Scotland, is it?

Of course, Murdo is a bit of a twerp.

Is there anything at all that the Conservative government (or their MPs, MSPs) touches that isn’t an out and out bùrach?

Answers on a postcard to Munguin, Munguin Towers.