ASDA profits = £712,000,000

Tesco profits = £1,300,000,000

Sainsbury Profits = £589,000,000

Morrisons Profits =  £374,000,000

Just as well the taxpayer is around to subsidise their wage bills and keep their profits up.


Grayling has a history of disasters which follows him around no matter which department he works for, from the DWP and English Prisons and Probation departments to his latest fiasco in English Transport.  His trains are the laughing stock of the western world… and now it seems that the company he chose to run ferries for a no deal Brexit, (you know, the one with no ships and no experience of running ferries) has lifted its terms and conditions from a takeaway delivery service.

One sentence under the “placing an order” section says it is the customer’s responsibility to “thoroughly check the supplied goods before agreeing to pay for any meal/order”.

Another paragraph under the same heading reads: “Delivery charges are calculated per order and based on [delivery details here].

“Any delivery charges will be displayed clearly in your order summary.”

So, what I’m wondering is, did the Department for English Transport manage to miss this when they were doing the “due diligence” which he claims to have done, or did they just order curried chicken and a kabab?

Oh and, if I order a pizza from them and they bring it all the way from Belgium, will it still be warm when I get it?

Answers on a postcard.


I heard today that Mrs  May was going on a charm offensive with the European Union to try to get some more concessions from them before the “meaningless vote” which she’s going to have sometime in January (or some times in January, as she may hold the vote more than once if it doesn’t pass the first time… But what about respecting the Cabinets vote, Mrs May?).

Anyway, it occurred to me (and several others) that while “charm” was hardly one of Mrs May’s assets, she could certainly lay claim to the “offensive” bit.

I’ve since read, incidentally, that no concessions will be granted.


Image result for groats English currency

Eighty-five days till Brexit and already they have the new currency ready.


Oh, and just to cheer you up: