In August 2019, Ruth Davidson, when she was a mere mortal, common or garden nobody, stood down from being the leader of the Scottish Branch Office of the greet british Conservative party.

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She said at the time that she wanted to concentrate of being a full-time mother. She didn’t have time for politics and motherhood and motherhood came first.

This, surprise, surprise, was a fib! In truth, of course, she had taken the huff at Boris Johnson who had recently become the leader of the Tory party in grating britain and, I suppose, Northern Ireland.

As we all know she was replaced in the Scottish backwater job by Jackson Carlaw, who clearly didn’t meet Mr Johnson’s exceeding low standards and found himself, after about 5 months sacked… and replaced by DRoss, who has a talent for plumbing the depths and very much meets the standards we associate with the Conservatives and with Boris Johnson.

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Ok, I know, I know, but it gives you an idea of what she’ll look like… and don’t tell me you weren’t gagging to know!

In the meantime, Ms Davidson had a visit from a magical aristocrat fairy and a blood transfusion unit, and lo, with a wave of Mr Johnson’s wand (that’s quite enough, Niko) and an infusion of blue british blood, she became the Right Honourable, Noble and Gallant Baroness Don’t Call Me Baroness, Colonel of this parish and a member of the House of Lords, the second largest house of parliament in the world, after the The National People’s Congress of the People’s Republic of China. It is, however, less democratic than the Chinese parliament.

So it’s another one of these things at which grate britain leads the world.

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And it seems, according to Mr Gove who, I’m sure, knows all sorts of things about what’s what and whose got the powder, I mean power, that the Noble and Gallant Colonel Aristocrat will have the place in government over Scotland that she was never able to achieve by her own efforts… that is to say by getting herself elected.

Ahhhh, the will of the people in this great british britain, huh?

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Shall we all have a guess at which position the eternally unelectable Baroness Don’t Call Me Baroness will be given…?


If you only have one day as First Minister (titters) and your first priority is to get tough on ‘Gypsy Travellers’, what does that make you?

If you find it hard to answer that, you may wish to reflect on some of his other decisions previously mentioned on this blog:


So, he doesn’t like “Gypsy Travellers” nor does he like gay rights, or indeed any other human rights and he doesn’t believe in equality.

He also doesn’t like the EU, and despite the Scottish people voting relatively strongly to remain in the EU, he doesn’t want their parliament to have any say in negotiations on them being the only nation in the UK being dragged out of Europe against their will.

He also doesn’t want the Scottish parliament to have any more powers. That is interesting as what it really means is that he wants the London parliament, which is a predominantly Engish parliament, to decide stuff for Scotland, rather than the Scottish parliament, which is an exclusively Scottish affair.

He’s against taxing banks which make massive profits and which only 10 years ago cost us so incredibly dearly…every one of us. He seems, too, to be a climate change denier, which is, if you don’t mind me saying so, a pretty dumb thing to be.

So what is he for, you might well ask.

Well clearly, he wants the NHS reformed and I’m guessing that means sold off to whoever will pay most for it, regardless of what they do with it. And he is keen to reduce the services you get from your local council and hopes to do this by reducing their funding.

All-in-all, he sounds like a right nasty piece of work. 

Of course, he cannot actually take any part in running Scotland at the moment, because he isn’t an MSP. So, presumably, his deputy will be running things until such time as he makes the top of the list somewhere where he will certainly be elected. After all, that is what deputies do, isn’t it?

Wings Over Scotland | Drowning the baby
Leave him in my capable hands, Boris!

That would have made for some entertaining exchanges at First Minister’s Questions, but it seems, alas, that that entertainment is to be denied us.

Because, I can only imagine that Annie has her hands full with other things, although what exactly, I’m not sure, unless it’s her friend from their holiday, erm I mean fact-finding trip, in Israel.

Because it is rumoured that we are to be paid an inestimable honour. Yes, the Right Honourable, Noble and Gallant Aristocrat has stepped up to the plate to save Annie some time in her, …erm busy, …erm schedule. 

Ruth Davidson quits as Scottish Conservative leader - BBC News
Right Dross, I’m on it, we soon ride roughshod through that Scottish parliament and put the boot in.

Amazingly, Her Aristocraticness’s situation must have changed since that Blue Blood transfusion, and suddenly she has found herself capable of being an MSP, running FMQs, attending to her aristocratic duties in London, like a proper Lady, and looking after her son, which only a few short months ago was the only thing she could find time for.

Of course, with her elevation, it is possible she has managed to engage a nanny. Mr Rees Mogg had one going spare, I heard.




Fancy that! She got herself a seat on the £300 + a day gravy train and a snooty title for services to being anti-SNP,  and the reason was given that she could be David Cameron’s business Tsar or Czar… like it was impossible to do that without being an aristocrat.

And then she showed such great business judgment that she hitched up with this Barrowman fella, for details of which read the linked article.

The sweet story of a duchess and a barrow boy…

Oh, wouldn’t it be lovely….