n baby crw
 Baby Crow.
n capri
n craigievar castle
Craigievar Castle.
N Mongoose 2
Just for Sue… Mongoose.
n mount robson
Mount Robson.
n jaguar
If you thought Jaguars were cars, you were wrong.
n oerang3
I didn’t get to do the welcome at the top of the page, coz I don’t have any teeth. But that Herring Gull got to do it, and he doesn’t have any teeth either. Not fair!
n ireland
Lovely Ireland.
N Mongoose 3 (Sue)
Baby Mongooses.
n dominica
n deer
Deer in Glencoe. Or, more correctly, as Jutie pointed out, Reindeer in the Cairngorms!
n sunset
Sunset in Indonesia.
n trongate 1921
Trongate, Glasgow, 1921.
n otter
I’m a baby otter…
n raptor
n water monitor
Water Monitor.
n turtle
Turtle in a hurry.
n scarista beach Harris
Scarista Beach, Harris.
OK, that’s it for this week. See you next Sunday, if the rain stops.

I don’t know if I mentioned this blog before. It really is worth a look now and then. This guy has a knack with photographs, and he spends endless¬†amounts of time getting them right. He sounds immensely knowledgeable and dedicated to wildlife.