Mr Cole-Hamilton tweeted this out presumably in an effort to demoralise the SNP canvassers and support who are working so hard for a victory in what is a very strong Liberal Democrat seat left vacant because ex-leader Tavish Scott got a better job offer.

Chris Jones tweeted in reply:

What an awful smear. I’ve been driving the @YSINational  around the island – their energy and enthusiasm has been a joy to work with. Hang your head in shame @agcolehamilton  for talking down young political activists.

PS we were North of Brae yesterday… 

For heaven’s sake Cole-Hamilton, you really are a beginner at this kind of thing, aren’t you?

If you’re going to tell a lie on social media, lesson number one, its probably best to get at least some of the facts right, enough to make your lie plausible. Otherwise, you just look like a dick! And guess what you look like?

Yep, You got it!

Some of the SNP canvassers.

Good luck to Tom Wills on Thursday. It’s a HUGE ask, to take a seat in the northern islands, but you’re doing a hell of a job from all I read.

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With a bit of help…



Yep, right enough, Mr Cole-Hamilton, we wouldn’t want ex-leaders going on Russia Today. But then, at least he isn’t the current leader. That would be seriously bad.ach1

Alex Salmond no longer works for the state.

He is not a First Minister. He is not an MSP. He is not an MP.

What he does is his business.

Unlike previous First Ministers or indeed Deputy First Ministers, he isn’t likely at anytime soon to accept a seat in the House of Lords and claim his £300 a day plus expenses. And he’s a bit young and energetic to retire.

The BBC wouldn’t let him near a programme.

So why would he not do one for Russia Today?

People accuse the station of being Russian State Propaganda. Alex has said that he has been given complete editorial control.

So let’s see what he does with the show before we judge if he is being used to spread Putin’s word, shall we?


In the meantime, ask Vince if he was encouraged to say anything like:

Я думаю, что российское правительство делает замечательную работу. Я только хочу, чтобы у меня было тело господина Путина! Я тоже снял бы рубашку!

(I think that the Russian government is doing a wonderful job. I just want to have Mr. Putin’s body then I, too, would take off my shirt!)