It’s not an unreasonable interpretation, and I don’t doubt that it’s true, particularly when you consider where the majority of Leave votes came from. But, as you may remember, there were no questions on the ballot paper about levels of general satisfaction or dissatisfaction. Just a simple “Leave” or “Remain”. bexit10

What Mrs May is saying, it seems to me, is that in England and in Wales, with administrations run by the Tories and Labour respectively, people are fed up. Britain doesn’t work for them. They are not listened to. No one cares. Queens live in palaces, MPs get pay rises, Lords continue to be paid for sleeping while pensioners have to pay the bedroom tax, kids are hungry, and people sleep in the streets. They are dissatisfied, and because the tabloids have told them for years that everything,


that was wrong with Britain was wrong as a result of the UK’s membership of the European Union, and foreigners/immigrants being here, they chose to vote to leave.


Mrs May might like to take a lead from the administrations in parts of Britain which did not vote to leave the world’s biggest trading block: Gibraltar, Northern Ireland and Scotland, if she is looking for inspiration on how to make things work for people who didn’t go to Eton or Oxford; maybe those who don’t have titles, aren’t royal or indeed who hold other “celebrity status”.

And given that both Northern Ireland and Gibraltar have close cross-border ties with their “foreign” neighbours, and therefore have a desperate need to stay attached to Europe, if I were her, I should concentrate on how things are done in Scotland.


Mrs May indicated yesterday in a nervous jittery stammering tv interview that there was little chance of the UK remaining in a single market with Europe, the result of which was that the pound lost 1% of its value. This may be seen as another disappointment for people who haven’t been listened to.


You see, that WASN’T what folk were led to believe, at least by the ever hopeful Mr Davis.

And you could understand, given the current mess of the English Health Service before the worst of the winter has actually happened, that people may be wondering where the £350 million a week that it was promised on the side of that bus, has gone.

If I were Mrs May I’d start delivering. Reducing tax for the better off and imposing bedroom tax on pensioners, allowing people to die after 30+ hour waits on trollies, having to depend on the Red Cross for medical care isn’t what folk were expecting. And frankly, an extra few million for mental health issues that apparently affect 25% of the population, is a slap in the face to the sufferers and clinicians alike.

Oh, and for those that thought that all would be well with their workplace, here’s a little reminder of the way the trade secretary’s mind is working (if you can read that without choking with laughter).


Aye, that’s your job that will be deregulated. Enjoy!


This is rather a long video, and for those of a delicate disposition, there are a couple of swear words in it,  but it comes from a witness, an ex-employee of the jobcentre, who is prepared to go on record, showing his face, about what goes on in the job centre. I thought it was worth watching.

Fraser worked in the Dundee jobcentre and was happy trying to find work for his clients (sorry, they call them customers) until the Tory/Liberal coalition changed the rules and you got brownie points for destroying people’s lives.

I think that we must be pretty close to what passes for full employment in the UK. With something like one and a half million unemployed (4.9%). A large number of these will be people aged over 50 who, in general, find that it is a good deal more difficult to get a job unless they are professionally trained (lawyers, doctors, nurses, architects, teachers, etc).

Then there are people who are all but unemployable for a variety of reasons ranging from addictions to a variety of substances (including alcohol) to criminal records, or learning difficulties.

But the government knows that the general population doesn’t see it like that. “Hard working families up and down the country,” think that their hard-earned taxes are being thrown away on wastrels, so the unending battle to reduce the appearance of unemployment continues.

If you can’t get them a job, get them off the figures, and save us some money. Not our problem if they go hungry; not our problem if they have kids; not our problem if they get evicted, appears to be the thinking.

Shameful. And if you add to that the dreadful news about what is happening in the English Health Service, where the Red Cross has had to wade in to help hospitals which simply cannot cope, and stroke victims are left on trollies in corridors next to fire doors for more than 24 hours… and now one woman has died as a result of this neglect, it makes you very glad that prime ministers and monarchs alike keep reminding us that this is a Christian country, run according to the teachings of Christ.

Goodness only knows what mess we would be in if we were a bunch of heathen bastards.