Oh dear, oh dear… What was it they said?


Pooling and sharing with the broad shoulders of the UK and in the sure and certain knowledge…


… that, within Britain, we should also be safe in the arms of Europe, instead of being cast out… adrift and rudderless and in a mess…

Oh well…<sigh>…I’m sure Mrs May knows what she is doing.




So, what can we look forward to?

Scottish National Investment Bank will be set up.

There will be a public sector rail bid.

There will be an investment in electric cars. This will including looking at getting charging points up and running (and particularly at how to provide them outside blocks of flats) and with a target of 2032 for all new sales to be electric or hybrid.

Good start?

So then, as already announced, the public sector pay cap will go. (I believe Mrs May is doing this in England too).

Free sanitary products will be provided in schools and there will be research into the possibility of making them free for everyone.

Free personal care will be extended to under 65s.

A South of Scotland Enterprise board will be set up and there will be investment in manufacturing and R&D.

Money will be provided for research into providing a universal basic income, currently being trialed in areas of Finland, Canada, and the Netherlands.

The Land Reform Commission will consider a land value tax.

There will be an investment in carbon capture technology.

There should be a presumption against jail sentences of under 12 months. Other punishments will be preferred, leaving prison for more serious offenders.

A fund set up for action on homelessness.

A Local Democracy Bill

Other plans, already announced, include increasing carers allowance in Scotland to the same level as Job Seekers’ Allowance, a funeral grant (means-tested) so that the poorest can afford a decent funeral. The baby box and help for the poorest when their children start school.


And Sarwar, the branch manager elect(?) (Jackie Baillie says the SNP are terrified of him…remember like they said we were of Six-Month Murphy!!!) says it’s the same old tired stuff??

I’m seriously surprised that Labour can suggest that the SNP is doing nothing to mitigate Tory austerity. If you add the above package to the extra help with rent and the abolition of the hated bedroom tax… well, it’s just a lie.

I read somewhere that Willie Rennie had whined that the SNP was still obsessed with the Constitution, although I don’t remember it dominating the FM’s speech today.  (Ironic given that the Constitution is almost the only thing that the British government is occupying itself with. The great repeal bill will take most of parliament’s time in the coming year, even though most of it won’t ever be seen by the Commons or Lords. Ministers will use royal prerogative to make changes they see fit. So much for taking back control, eh?

Come on, let’s have some serious opposition that will help improve the policies of the SNP, not this idiotic carping at everything, no matter how inaccurate it is as long as it criticises the SNP.





Fancy that! She got herself a seat on the £300 + a day gravy train and a snooty title for services to being anti-SNP,  and the reason was given that she could be David Cameron’s business Tsar or Czar… like it was impossible to do that without being an aristocrat.

And then she showed such great business judgment that she hitched up with this Barrowman fella, for details of which read the linked article.

The sweet story of a duchess and a barrow boy…

Oh, wouldn’t it be lovely….



N O1
Soppy time already?
n bees gery
Another one of Gerry’s great wildlife pics…
Bloody Scottish weather.
n #Kolugljúfur canyon
Kolugljufur Canyon, Iceland.
n lion
Leo doesn’t want to get up.
n 1st dog
France’s First Dog
n O'Connel st
O’Connell Street, Dublin.
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Portree, Skye.
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There’s that damned bridge again, covered in Saltires.
All for one, and one for all.
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The Baras… any idea when?
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Field of lupins in Iceland.
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Bee Eater.
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Happy families.
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I’d like to draw it to your attention that if my bowl were full of food (which it is not) I wouldn’t be able to hold it like this!
n whale shark
Whale shark.
mmmm Breakfast…
Baby Emus.
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Did I mention I’m fond of these three bridges.
n or2
OK…that’s yer lot till next week. I’m off to Panda Paws’ for my lunch! She’s a sucker for a pretty orange face.