…Or is it just me that sees a massive void between what England wants (and has every right to want) and what Scotland wants (and equally, has every right to want).

It kind reminds me of a couple I once knew. Let’s call them Scott and Angela. It’s not their names but I’m sure you can see where I got the ideas…

He was a lively fun loving guy who always wanted to go out; she was rather less outgoing and loved to stay in and watch tv.

He wanted to spend money on a really cool sporty car; she wanted a smaller car and the house completely renovated.

He wanted to go to on holiday to a fun resort in Spain and party; she preferred to go hill walking in Switzerland.

He wanted to gravel/pave the garden to minimise maintenance; she wanted to landscape it.

He didn’t want kids till he was a lot older; she  wanted them now.

To begin with they compromised a bit. One year they’d go to a lively resort, which she hated; the next they’d go walking and he was plum miserable all fortnight. They bought a middle of the road car that neither of them really liked, and remodelled the lounge only. They put a lawn in the garden and argued about cutting it. He went out while she stayed in three or four evenings a week. And they never had kids, which she regretted.

Needless to say, this wasn’t a marriage made in heaven and, not surprisingly, although they loved each other, after a few years they split up.

After they sorted out who was taking what and got themselves installed in their new homes they went back to being friends and had the occasional meal out together, or weekend away.

At least there was some come and go in their marriage, but, as the illustration below shows, with our “marriage”, there isn’t.

So here’s a wee suggestion for the Britains… you might like to try a friendly, no-blame divorce, coz really I can’t see this working out.

Can you?



Well, what can we say? Christian Holliday (what were his parents thinking?) is a Tory Councillor in Guildford. Better think about arresting me for Treason then , Chris!


Another corker! Maxie, really hates the SNP.  But I doubt it would be legal to do this. That daft money grubbing old duffer Jack Straw (you remember him? The one who rejoiced at Brexit because it meant attention was taken off his and Blair’s  part in Iraq and all the attendant criminality) suggested making it illegal to have another referendum…EVER. Still, he never was much for democracy, was he?



1. Morning. You OK?
2. Black Wing Stilt, in case you’re wondering.
3. It’s Autumn.
4. The joys of raising a family.
5. Mallow Castle.
6. What a bridge.
7. MMMMMMMMMMMMM …Nice smell.
8. Go away. I can’t talk with my mouth full.
9. I’m an Indonesian Dragon.
10. Peace…
11. Here, I brought this for you.
12. I’m a Devil… from Tasmania.
13. Crow.
14. Soon be winter.
15. Is this what they call a cat and mouse game?
16. I can jump higher than you.
17. This is an old Botswanan custom.


18. I’m not asleep; just resting my eyes.


19. Whatcha mean what have I been up to? I look guilty? Nah. Not me.

20. Well, that’s all for this week…see you Sunday.

Norge avvist tilnærmelser fra Mr Fox

That hapless character, disgraced former (and once again minister), Liam Fox has approached the Norwegian minister for trade and industry, suggesting that they should work together to establish a task force to prepare for a trade deal once Britain leaves the EU.

But the trade minister from Norway; she says NO.

Fox, as usual living in a cloud cuckoo land where a British royal yacht sails majestically  up a fjord with trumpeters trumpeting, court jesters jesting and flunkies flunking (that will be Fox), assumed that Norway would jump at the chance of working with America’s representative on Earth.

But the foreign minister of Norway; he said NO.

The Norwegian Foreign ministry’s director general for European affairs, Niels Engelschiøn, thought that joining the UK in a special task force would jeopardise Norway’s European Economic Area (EEA) agreement.

What Fox has seemingly always been sadly unaware of, is that other countries have existing agreements which are more important to them than striking out with the United Kingdom, no matter how big its economy and how important it is, that is has a “special relationship” with a country which actually is pretty important, what a big boat it’s got or how attractive the wife of one of its princes is.

Norway is a member of the EEA through its membership of the European Free Trade Association (EFTA). It has rejected joining the EU in a couple of referenda, but effectively has a soft ‘Nexit’ agreement which involves it paying to be a part of the single market. That means that it accepts EU legislation relating to the market, and that there is freedom of movement of goods, finance and people.

It has been mooted that Britain might rejoin EFTA, whose membership presently comprises Iceland, Norway, Liechtenstein and Switzerland. However, the combined total of the populations of the EFTA states is somewhere in the region of 14 million. The UK would swamp the other countries and, given its reputation for wanting its own way on everything, the likelihood is that any application for membership will be rejected.

I’m sure however, that if Mr Fox carries on he’ll find someone somewhere that wants to trade with the UK.