Let’s see if I can get this right.. bear with me, because it’s not easy!

The Secretary of State for Leaving the European Union has brought a case against his own government’s policies, to the European Court in Luxembourg, which he appears to have won.

Congratulations David…because, as they said in the Britnat press, British judges are the enemy of the people, huh?

Really, if this is true, don’t Boris Johnson’s many faux pas pale into complete insignificance by comparison?


…write something intelligent (well, by my standards) about the Scottish government’s proposals for Scotland’s future relationship with Europe, which I consider to be measured, logical and sensible.


But then I read Terry’s analysis and I decided that I really couldn’t add anything to that, so I’d direct you to his more learned comments.

I should like to add that it seems the British government produced a report on the same day with their full analysis of the situation (above). I should add that in reply to a series of questions yesterday when she point blank refused to answer whether MPs would have a chance to debate the final Brexit deal (as MEPs will), she said: “I said what I said”.


What Scotland thinks? Do I look like I care?


So now we know that Brexit means Brexit…red white and blue… and she said what she said.

Comforting, eh?



Dear Jamie Greene MSP,

As a very important animal, and a media mogul, I would like to express agreement with you that it is difficult in the extreme to carry on business here in Scotland with such appalling coverage by telecoms companies. (Simply love the analogue and digital bit. Very smart and almost 21st century.)

Business set ups opportunities could be greatly improved by better electronic communications, of that there is no doubt.

The private companies responsible should be forced to get their act together, and surely the government has a role to play in that.

Your first three points (above) describe a disgrace in a modern European country.

Where I start to take issue is on the fourth point you make.

Of course, you could be said to be right, at least in a way. The SNP has no plans for a roll out of 5G in Scotland. Possibly the reason for this is that Telecoms is a reserved matter, and I suspect that your party would be the first to complain were the Scottish government to interfere in anything reserved to Westminster.

So, it’s true that after nine and a half years in government the SNP has done little to enhance our telecoms. But mainly that’s because they don’t have the authority or the funding to do so.

However, being an animal with excellent contacts in the higher echelons of Britnat society, I can tell you that the person to whom you should complain is the Secretary of State for Culture Media and Sport. Her name is the Rt Hon. Karen Bradey MP (nah, me neither, so I’ve enclosed a photo).

akarenThere’s little point in complaining to The Scotland Office. Fluffy’s absolute rubbish as you probably already know and his boss is some belted earl or somesuch other aristocrat (given the shortage of suitable elected candidates, you understand). I’ve put in a pic of Fluffs too, just because it never hurts to put people off their lunch. (Good for dieters.)


I, and my fellow Scots, would be grateful if you could use your undoubted influence as a fellow Tory (they don’t seem to listen to anyone else) to attract whatshername’s attention and get this situation solved.

Please be assured of my most respectful sentiments and my compliments of the season.


Munguin, Esq.


An oath for ? What like Tory MPs having a £39 breakfast on expenses while a million queue at foodbanks?

So, we’re told that any person working for the state will have to swear an oath to uphold British Values.  I was just wondering which values they will be.

Hey Sajid Javid most of us do live by . It’s government who doesn’t – they’re more intent on abandoning the sick & poor.


Seriously, when I think of the things that make Britain Great, I think of the 22 countries that the Brits never invaded. Now that shows some restraint. What a great value that is.

I look around and see that MPs and royals are getting more money this year and that bucket loads are being spent on the palaces of Westminster and Buckingham. So presumably one of the great British Values is to make sure that the people at the top have more feathers in their feather beds, double paid for by yet more cuts down below, while spikes are put in anywhere that homeless people might try to sleep.

Great British values seem to extend too, to ensuring that foreign companies own just about everything, while they rant about taking back control. Control of what? The great British Justice system that people like Farage wanted to see prevail until it ruled against them, at which point it became the enemy of the people! Great Nazi values if you ask me.


I assume we’re not talking of in Amristar or Boer War for example? More recent? Selling weapons to Saudi’s? Iraq War?


Ah yes, Saudi Arabia. One of the dictatorships in the Middle East that somehow the Brits don’t feel the need to replace. Although everyone knows perfectly well that the Saudis and Iran are fighting  proxy wars in the Middle East, the Saudis with weapons supplied by the UK, and the targeting of these weapons overseen by the Brits’ army, when Boris happened to let it out that HM gov was on to them, in his foot in ear way, he was reprimanded by No 10. So presumably British values include murdering Yemeni kids in hospitals and assisting in their starvation? And of course, Blair’s desperate efforts to please Bush ended up with how many innocent Iraqis being murdered?

Are these the values we are talking about?

What about taking £30 a week from disabled folk? Is that another value? Saving them wasting money on frivolities like heat and food?

And then there is slapping a spare room tax on people who have nowhere else to go because no one has built any truly affordable single accommodation since Mrs Thatcher decided that we all should own our own homes.

And what about starving the social care budgets so seriously people are left lying on trollies for hours in hospitals. Is that a British value? 

Or is it a British value to sell off prisons and then ignore reports that say that they are operating dangerously understaffed? Well, until riots break out, anyway, then send in proper staff to sort it out. Not to mention the privatised probation service that  doesn’t have a clue where most of its clients are!

Maybe it’s a British value to try to cover up the child abuse stories involving “important people” whilst being secretly relieved than some no-mark football coaches have taken the heat off their betters?


Or maybe it’s just killing off animals for the sheer joy of killing? That’s VERY British.

Can you just imagine what the press and the Andrew Neil would make of it if one of our ministers had the audacity to suggest that civil servants here would be required to vow to uphold Scottish values?

I’m sure that her majesty’s Christmas message next week, another great British value, (when she will doubtless, yet again, bang on about spending her life following Jesus’s teachings), will make all these things clear. Just remember ma’am, what he said about rich folk making it into heaven!

And again I say unto you, It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle, than for a rich man to enter into the kingdom of God. Matthew 19:24