Thanks to the man in Dundee

I received an email from Panda Paws yesterday.  It had an attachment, but the email said:
I’ve written something and normally I let you decide whether to post it, which to be fair you always have, but I don’t want any modesty to prevent you from posting this. A wee thank you for all your hard work and I hope the links work!
To say I was touched would be the understatement of the year. I was also rather reluctant to publish because it would seem big headed of me… but on the other hand, it seemed churlish after PP had written it to “spike” it.
So here is what she wrote. I can only say that I’m flattered by the contents. Although clearly, Munguin is complaining that I should have been attending to his supper instead of reading compliments by his head proofreader and West Coast Correspondent (unsalaried).
Here is the article…
By Panda Paws
The commentators on MNR are an erudite bunch and so will recognise the (para)phrase “I come not to bury Tris but to praise him”.
This should not be taken as an excuse to stab him online multiple times but merely as a rhetorical device to open my blog entry and sound a wee bit more cultured.
I don’t know how you found your way to MNR or its predecessor Munguin’s Republic but for me, it was via Wings blogroll which also directed me towards the Wee Ginger Dug – woof!
For a while I lurked just reading the posts, then commented anonymously, eventually commenting under my real (ehem) name Panda Paws. Or Ms Paws to those who don’t know me. And before long it was my go-to blog, the one I felt most at home in and that is in no small part due to Tris Price Williams and the lovely atmosphere he has (virtually) created.
Plus of course, the learned and interesting folk who post below the line, present company excepted.
This is not to embarrass Tris but to offer my appreciation.
Well Done Applause GIF
The Tories think that if something is free, it is not valued. Well, it’s not often they are right, but they are wrong again.
Of course, it’s free for us but it is likely Tris will be paying something in running
costs and as someone who occasionally wanders above the line I know, there is the time
commitment too. It’s not easy to find things to post and keep us lot entertained though heaven knows Brexit is providing enough material to run an army of blogs. But who’d want to read that all the time!
All Our Yesterday’s seems to draw the most comments, though my personal favourite is Soppy Sunday. The beauty of nature to soothe us during the ugliest of political times.
MNR doesn’t have the huge readership of Wings but, my, we’re a diverse bunch of regulars.
For a fairly wee blog, it has got huge international reach – Switzerland (Terry), USA (Danny), Australia (Kangaroo), Mexico (Roaming Junketeer), Malaysia (Ebreah) that other Panda (France), John in Bulgaria, John in the Western Isles… and that most foreign of parts, Edinburgh (Conan and Niko)– sorry a wee Weegie joke.
Apologies to any far-flung readers I’ve missed out.
So what is the point of all this wittering? It’s to show my appreciation for the time and effort Tris puts in on our behalf. Regular readers know that Tris’ mum and his best friend haven’t been well and yet he’s still managed to find time to post.
And of course, Munguin is a total slave driver so Tris can’t have much spare time.
Cheer Applause GIF by Peanuts
So I hope I speak for many when I say thank you and long may the blog continue to flourish. Apparently 2019 is its tenth year too!
My dearest wish is that the blog that supports Scottish independence won’t be needed any more because it will already have been achieved.
But the blog that provides us with jokes, reminders of the past and lots of cute animals and stunning scenery, may it continue for a very long time.
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