Our precious union?

Ye gads!

You embarrassing woman.



Image result for orangutans
Morning. Munguin said we had to get up early to say hello to you. Bossy animal.
n zimbabwe
Zimbabwe countryside.

n fam

Family portrait.

n sloe
Sloe, sloe, quick, quick, sloe.
n socotra inac Yemen
n puma or cougar
n n
The Netherlands is hell of a flat, isn’t it?
n pitcairn inacc
Pitcairn Island.
n puss
Even Tris likes cute kittens.
n fox
And cute fox cubs…
Image result for donkey
Mum and baby donkey.
Image result for blue whale
Blue whale.
Sometimes it’s easier to slide than waddle.
Image result for funnel web spider
Australian Funnel Web.
Image result for tortoise
You called?
n Mantayupan Falls
Mantayupan Falls.
n rome
Image result for funny animal pairs
We could be mates… well we both have long necks.
Image result for funny animal pairs
I got a pussycat…
Image result for tASHKENT
Downtown Tashkent.
Image result for baby elephant
We all need a bit of shut eye sometimes.
Image result for mouse animal
I don’t suppose you have such a thing as a chocolate muffin? The latest thing the mice in the shed have taken a fancy to.
Image result for baby orangutan
You DO think that this is the prettiest baby in the world, don’t you? Yep, I thought so too.



Well done to all concerned. It’s been a long time coming, but it’s open…

Munguin will certainly be visiting soon.


n comfy mum
Morning. As you can see the little one is still sleeping, so we threw in a couple of bonus pics for you…
n oh stop it
My little bro can be a bit of a pain at times…
N bird
So I said to him… if you mess with me you’ll regret it, but would he listen?
n branscombe devon
Branscombe, Devon, England.
n north ple
Apparently, the North Pole.
n polar
Never mind “apparently”, it is. We’ve been there.
n zurich
Zurich, Switzerland. If you look carefully you can see Terry Entoure out doing his shopping!
n chameleon
Bet you wish you were as colourful as me.
n machu picchu
Macchu Picchu.
n magpie
I’m a coming to get ya.
n leaf
At the current rate of exchange, this leaf is worth a lot more than the pound sterling. Can I have €20 for it?
n turt
Nothing like a nice salad for lunch. Especially when you grew it yourself.
n crowdear
“Erm, Crow… there’s a landing charge, you know?” ::: “Is it dear, deer?”
n stockholm
n roadside
The beauties of the kerbside.
n leo the leopanrd
Did someone say Whiskas?
n lofenten is norway
Lofoten, Norway.
n dd
I’m sorry about the puddle. Do you forgive me?
n doghorse
Not just man’s best friend, it seems.
n or 4
Well, that’s it for another Sunday of soppiness. See you next week.