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I’m not sure why that is a headline in the Scottish Daily Express (15p less than the Record and Mail).

Your referendum vote, Scots?

As far as I’m aware, in this country we voted to stay in the EU by a margin of more than 62%. (Although, I suppose the average reader of the Daily Diana, which is morphing into the Daily Kate, may have voted for Brexit.)

Now, I think that a referendum result should stand and that MPs shouldn’t be able to overturn it, which in any case, is exactly what Mrs May has said will happen. The argument that MPs are the representatives of the people and that they must have a say on all things seems to be to be not unreasonable in general terms. However, in the case of a referendum, the government has gone over the heads of the MPs to their bosses, the people themselves.

The result may not suit me, but fair’s fair. The people have spoken.  In any case, can you imagine the unrest, particularly in England, if parliament overturned the referendum result?

What I think might be reasonable is that MPs be given the opportunity to vote on how the likes of May,  Johnson, Fox and Davies are progressing to get the UK the best possible Brexit deal.

I mean it seems to me that under the current situation we are leaving these monumentally important decisions to some pretty phenomenally inexperienced and inexpert people. And they have vowed to keep all progress from parliament. Heaven help us!

Clearly, of course, I hope that before March 2019, the date at which (if Mrs May is to be believed) the UK will leave the EU, Scotland will have left the British Empire behind it and be independent.




1. Don’t look now. It’s Boris Johnson. You’re too young to see anything as frightening! Welcome to the new Soppy Sunday place. We’d show you around but actually, we’re not sure where anything is, so just have a wander.



2. Sunrise in Istanbul.



3.Who are you and what do you want?



4. Isn’t Wales pretty?
5. I’m an owl. You can call me Wol (see Winnie the Pooh!)


6. Ahhh, there you are, little one.



7. Golden Lotus Banana, which I’m told, Jutie, can grow in a cold climate!
8. Autumn.
9. So true.



10. Sweet Swiss Valley.
11. Hmmm, I’m kinda stuck here.
12. Sunset somewhere lovely.
13. Don’t let them do it. Life’s barbaric enough in the UK without them killing foxes for “fun”.
14. Look what’s around the corner.
15. Hello, can we be of assistance?
16. Bolivian Flamingos.
17. Thai forest.



18. Bolivian Llamas.
19. Mongolian countryside.
20. Well, I guess that’s it. I’ll see you next week in this new place of ours.



During, and since the referendum on the EU, whilst there was some discussion on the various merits and demerits of the union, the overwhelming theme of the newspapers (of a certain type) in the UK was xenophobic and literally hateful.

Clearly, some press found that hate sold far more copies that nuanced and careful dissection of the facts. This led to some people basing their vote on a rather narrow definition of what the EU was about.

In short… Mr Average (or monsieur Tout le Monde) didn’t want to read about trade deals or exchange rates and would walk past a headline suggesting that was what was on offer, but a story  that foreigners were causing the breakdown of the NHS would chime with someone who had to wait for an appointment or a kid in an overcrowded class.

There seems little doubt to me that this has contributed to a large increase  in the number of hate crimes in England, Wales and Northern Ireland, committed against foreigners from the EU or elsewhere. (While there is and has always been some hate crime in Scotland, according to Police Scotland there has been no similar increase here.) Tales abound of people being accosted and assaulted in the streets, and even on at least one occasion, killed, for speaking another language in public.

In view of this, I can’t help thinking that it was imprudent populism that led the UK governing party to highlight last weekend, just how tough they were going to be on foreigners.

The English health secretary made it clear that, just as soon as England had found some English people to train as doctors, they would send foreign medics home. (Just how he was going to do that wasn’t clear. Sack then? Make them redundant? For not being British? Well, with no Human Rights Legislation, anything is possible¬!)

Incidentally, by way of encouragement for English medics to take up these vacated posts, Hunt proposes to fine any doctor who leaves England within the first four years after qualifying!

Amber Rudd, their Home Secretary, intends that companies keep a register of foreign employees. In England, schools are sending out letters to parents asking where their children were born. And Boris the Buffoon is secretly (or not so secretly) stopping EU citizens working on a Brexit project!

Mr Fox, who is one of the Three Brexiteers, has refused to make it clear what will happen to EU people living and working the UK, because he wants to use them as bargaining chips in trying to get concessions from Europe. What a deeply unpleasant man he is. These are people, not chips in a deal, Mr Fox.

All of this seems to me to be deeply unpleasant stuff. Parts of Rudd’s speech were even being compared with Chapter Two of Adolph Hitler’s ‘Mein Kampf’!

Mrs May says that she wants to lead a government for the ordinary British (read English) working person, not the liberal elite, not the Eton elite. She wants to occupy the “middle ground”, she says! But  I think there is more than a little truth in this humorous piece from the Canary, which suggests that she searches the middle ground between UKIP and the Ebola Virus!

More seriously, and at the risk of being accused of endlessly wittering on about Scottish Independence (eh Niko?) if this is the Britain we are likely to have to live in for the next 9 years, I want out of here! Fast! Before I’m scared to talk French on my phone in the street!




1. We all know this is what you REALLY missed!
2. David sent us this anemone.
3. I’ve been waiting for 10 minutes, and I’m not just thrilled!
4. From David… Clearly some seriously hungry birds!
5. Wanna play?
6. Mum and baby sea lion.
7. I think that I shall never see, a thing as lovely as a tree.
8. Have you seen the little piggies?
9. Make my day, punk!


10. New Mexico.

11. Not a word about me being in this bucket? OK?


12. “Arm a” Armadillo. See what I did?

13. Scotland. If you’ve not been, you certainly should make plans.
14. What a place to be…
15. I’m not sure mum would let us have the cats in bed with us…
16. Railway stations, Japan style.
17. Another pic from David’s travels.
18. Yep, it’s that time of year…
19. Sand x 250.
20. Oh dear…yawn… we’re out of practice at all this…yawn.. photograph stuff… It’s all just so…yawn… exhausting…snore!


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