An oath for ? What like Tory MPs having a £39 breakfast on expenses while a million queue at foodbanks?

So, we’re told that any person working for the state will have to swear an oath to uphold British Values.  I was just wondering which values they will be.

Hey Sajid Javid most of us do live by . It’s government who doesn’t – they’re more intent on abandoning the sick & poor.


Seriously, when I think of the things that make Britain Great, I think of the 22 countries that the Brits never invaded. Now that shows some restraint. What a great value that is.

I look around and see that MPs and royals are getting more money this year and that bucket loads are being spent on the palaces of Westminster and Buckingham. So presumably one of the great British Values is to make sure that the people at the top have more feathers in their feather beds, double paid for by yet more cuts down below, while spikes are put in anywhere that homeless people might try to sleep.

Great British values seem to extend too, to ensuring that foreign companies own just about everything, while they rant about taking back control. Control of what? The great British Justice system that people like Farage wanted to see prevail until it ruled against them, at which point it became the enemy of the people! Great Nazi values if you ask me.


I assume we’re not talking of in Amristar or Boer War for example? More recent? Selling weapons to Saudi’s? Iraq War?


Ah yes, Saudi Arabia. One of the dictatorships in the Middle East that somehow the Brits don’t feel the need to replace. Although everyone knows perfectly well that the Saudis and Iran are fighting  proxy wars in the Middle East, the Saudis with weapons supplied by the UK, and the targeting of these weapons overseen by the Brits’ army, when Boris happened to let it out that HM gov was on to them, in his foot in ear way, he was reprimanded by No 10. So presumably British values include murdering Yemeni kids in hospitals and assisting in their starvation? And of course, Blair’s desperate efforts to please Bush ended up with how many innocent Iraqis being murdered?

Are these the values we are talking about?

What about taking £30 a week from disabled folk? Is that another value? Saving them wasting money on frivolities like heat and food?

And then there is slapping a spare room tax on people who have nowhere else to go because no one has built any truly affordable single accommodation since Mrs Thatcher decided that we all should own our own homes.

And what about starving the social care budgets so seriously people are left lying on trollies for hours in hospitals. Is that a British value? 

Or is it a British value to sell off prisons and then ignore reports that say that they are operating dangerously understaffed? Well, until riots break out, anyway, then send in proper staff to sort it out. Not to mention the privatised probation service that  doesn’t have a clue where most of its clients are!

Maybe it’s a British value to try to cover up the child abuse stories involving “important people” whilst being secretly relieved than some no-mark football coaches have taken the heat off their betters?


Or maybe it’s just killing off animals for the sheer joy of killing? That’s VERY British.

Can you just imagine what the press and the Andrew Neil would make of it if one of our ministers had the audacity to suggest that civil servants here would be required to vow to uphold Scottish values?

I’m sure that her majesty’s Christmas message next week, another great British value, (when she will doubtless, yet again, bang on about spending her life following Jesus’s teachings), will make all these things clear. Just remember ma’am, what he said about rich folk making it into heaven!

And again I say unto you, It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle, than for a rich man to enter into the kingdom of God. Matthew 19:24



I didn’t know Liam Fox could cook…
I DID know, he was an idiot with a tendency to get things wrong.
You most certainly should have.
In fact, that is true. In reality, not being ‘legal tender’ means absolutely nothing. NO NOTES are legal tender in Scotland. By these standards one would be totally within one’s right to refuse to accept Bank of Engand notes… or indeed ANY paper money in Scotland. Incidentally, it is always, regardless of what note, at the discretion of anyone, retailer, customer, whoever, to accept or refuse payment/change in any form.



Proud of that, are you? Needed to eat it, did you? Or was it just a fun thing to do for a stupid, idle, rich kid?


Further information on cash in the UK.




…would anyone in their right mind find this kind of cruelty anything other than repugnant?

…would anyone pay these people £300 tax-free plus expenses and subsidies booze and food, a day to sleep?

…would Boris bend low in front of a king/ dictator of a tyrannical and murdering regime?

… would anyone leave a drain like this?

…would anyone give either of them a job, any job?

…would we continue to subsidise this arrogant self-opinionated wastrel with his helicopter trips and blood princesses?

Must be good old fashioned British values…

Scottish Budget

From the SNP Website “All you need to know” summary of today’s draft budget.

Seems not unfair to me. I guess the well off will be rather less than pleased.

Today Finance Secretary Derek Mackay announced the Scottish Government’s budget plans for the year ahead.
The Draft Budget includes new investment in public services, as well as new measures to support business, jobs and economic growth.

Here’s what you need to know.
Investing in our public services

  • We will invest a record £304 million extra in our NHS.
  • It is unacceptable that too many children from less advantaged areas achieve less at school because of their background. Over the next year £120 million will be invested in our schools to help close the attainment gap. That’s £20 million more than previously announced
  • Local services will benefit from up to £241 million of additional investment including.
–       Funding from the NHS for health and social care to pay the living wage to care workers.
–       £111 million raised through Council Tax re-banding will be retained locally.
–       Local authorities will also be able to increase the Council Tax generally by up to 3 per cent next year, which would generate an extra £70 million.
  • The police budget will be protected in real terms.
Protecting household budgets
  • The basic rate of Income Tax will be frozen – helping low and middle income earners. And, by asking higher rate taxpayers to forgo a Tory tax cut, extra revenue will be available to invest in Scotland’s public services.
  • By 2020, we’ll increase the provision of free, high quality childcare to 30 hours a week. The Draft Budget allocates over £60 million in new investment in the workforce and infrastructure necessary for this expansion.
  • A £3 million investment to bring down costs for rail users.
  • We will provide £47 million to mitigate the Tory Bedroom Tax, and abolish it at the earliest opportunity.
Supporting jobs and investing in growth
  • We will support jobs by cutting Business Rates. And, the extension of the Small Business Bonus Scheme will lift 100,000 small and medium sized business properties out of Business Rates altogether.
  • To support more businesses – particularly start-up companies – with the potential to grow and export more, the new Scottish Growth Scheme will provide up to £500 million over three years of investment guarantees and some loans.
  • We will deliver a £4 billion investment in our infrastructure, supporting 30,000 jobs. Our investment will begin the delivery of 50,000 new affordable homes, energy efficiency measures and improved digital connectivity. The next year will also see the completion of major projects like the Queensferry Crossing, the AWPR and the M8/M74/M73 improvements.
  • Skills, training and employment in Scotland will be supported by a £221 million investment. And, 2017-18 will see the next stage of our expansion to 30,000 Modern Apprenticeship new starts a year.

It’s not entirely without irony that Tories have been demanding more from the budget whilst doubtless rejoicing in and most assuredly agreeing with,  the cut to the Scottish budget, presumably so that the money can be spent on their railway from London to Birmingham, Heathrow extensPalacehe Plalace of Westminster and Buckingham Palace been made fit for a king, bribing Nissan to stay in Sunderland, etc. I dare say too that, given the coverage in all the tabloids today, we will shortly have to pay for another royal wedding. Oh, how lucky we Scots are.



czjleg4xcaaxuw2The Sun, in its usual helpful fashion, has kindly provided a handy “cut out and keep” guide to a what a terrorist looks like, lest perchance you should see one in the High Street when you’re out and about Christmas shopping. (Munguin is fond of Nuit St Georges 2012, by the way!)

Not surprisingly, given its source,  it was a rather over-simplified guide.

Like so much of the Sun’s coverage, it left out great chunks of relevant material. Y’know, the kind of material that doesn’t match the Sun’s right wing,  xenophobic, nationalist agenda. Fortunately, a Twitter friend of mine, Aamer Anwar, put up the above picture and captioned it: “So whilst the Sun does a ‘helpful’ cut out & keep terrorist guide they miss out Jo Cox’s Nazi killer”.

Odd that, we thought!

So in an effort to better educate the public, we decided to help spread it around a bit more. After all, you never know who you’re going to bang into in the darker reaches of Auchtermuchty High Street when you’re searching for that special bottle of ‘Nuit’!

Although the Sun’s circulation figures are on a downward trajectory, they do still have more readers than Munguin’s Republic. So, as we like to do what we can in our own way, can we ask you to help by spreading it around on your social media (with credit to Mr Anwar).


Ruth Davidson tweeted the other day about the education situation in Scotland. She wondered what the SNP would do to distract people’s attention from  the subject.

Of course, as far as I can see, they have done no such thing, but I ventured to suggest a variety of  embarrassments for the English Tories, including Boris being hauled over the coals by Tessy; Tessy herself on bended knee to the Saudis; the strikes on Southern trains causing unrest among crowds of commuters in London, and a raft of statistics about the appalling health service run by the still unsacked heath minister Jeremy Hunt, who is just itching to get these foreign doctors sent home.

I’m sure Ruth is a regular reader of Munguin’s New Republic. So instead of tweeting her yet again about it, and because I’m sure she never reads the Guardian, I’ll just leave this here for her so she can  contemplate  how awful the Scottish government is, although we are happy to help her government out. Certainly for the benefit of the poor kids who have been so badly let down by Hunt.

Not quite sure i like the tone of “exiles” though, Guardian. It’s hardly Siberia.