Rishi Sunak tweets:

Welcome news that the energy price cap is coming down, reducing energy bills from July by nearly £430 on average per year. It marks a major milestone in our work to halve inflation.

And Grant Shapps, Michael Green, Corinne Stockheath or Sebastian Fox ** tweets:

We stepped up to pay around half a typical energy bill – saving families £1,500 on average**  And now bills are set to fall further, with @Ofgem lowering the price cap by £426 There is more work to do, but today’s news marks real progress as we prioritise halving inflation

** My recollection (and correct me if I’m wrong) was that we all got payments to our electricity companies of £66 per month for 6 months. Additionally pensioners were give an extra payment in winter and some people on benefits were also given a small amount of help. But, I’m not sure how that equated to £1,500… or am I missing something?


Thing is, you see Rishi and whatever your name is today, ordinary people who aren’t billionaires or cabinet ministers actually desperately need to see a REAL TERMS reduction in prices so that in REAL TERMS they won’t spend next winter sitting in front of a one bar fire with 4 layers of clothes on, under 2 blankets.



Rishi Sunak has abandoned Tory Leadership Pledge to pass an Animal Welfare Bill.

The government has ditched the Animal Welfare (Kept Animals) Bill which the prime minister previously said “of course” he supported.


** From Wikipedia

Shapps’s use of the names Michael GreenCorinne Stockheath and Sebastian Fox attracted controversy in 2012. He denied having used a pseudonym after entering parliament and, in 2014, threatened legal action against a constituent who had stated on Facebook that he had. In February 2015, he publicly said: “I don’t have a second job and have never had a second job while being an MP. End of story.”[27]

However, in March 2015, Shapps admitted to having had a second job while being an MP, and practising business under a pseudonym.[28][29] In his admission, he stated that he had “over-firmly denied” having a second job.[30] In March 2015, Dean Archer, the constituent previously threatened with legal action by Shapps, threatened Shapps with legal action.

So, in short Grant is a bit of an old liar that you wouldn’t trust as far as you could spit Mount Everest.


  1. The shapps, fox,green has his own aircraft, it’s American registered.

    He was in charge of the CAA when minister.

    The reason he used an American registered aircraft was so that he could avoid the CAA legislation on aircraft maintenance and pilot requirements.

    Didn’t know of his female side.

    REports today that a vehicle tried to break into drowning street , a threat to the cynic.
    Saw the incident on my brother’s tv, not much of an incident.

    Cover for sue ellen on migration figures!, cynic and starmer on figures, the cynic boasting of removing our rights to protest.

    The big flounder’s case has gone.

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      1. Yes and he slowed down to let pedestrians on the footpath to cross.
        Charged!!! with dangerous driving reported by itv.

        Then they showed the cynic’s travelcade leave, a police motorcyclist then drove dangerously to overtake.
        Have they not read the report of the woman who died after being hit by a police motorcycle escorting the duchess of edinburgh.

        As I said the unicorn energy bill, the average bill, I’ve just checked my bill has quadrupled since the lockdowns.
        I live in a small semi.

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        1. Why on earth re all these people having motocades as if they were the president of the USA.

          I saw one not long ago where there here dozens of police on foot and on bikes. I’m sure that’s new.

          Is it because they are so hated?

          Or is it because they like to feel self important.

          I heard that the old lady hit by police had died.

          I’m so sorry for her and her family.

          Why on earth does Sophie need a motorcade? I know they have just gone up in the world becoming Duke/Duchess instead of mere Earl/Countess, but struth!

          Is the police officer being charged with causing death by dangerous driving?

          Am I right that we didn’t get what he said we got?

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          1. OK I concede that there is a democratic deficit that we suffer from in Scotland. I don’t think that the SNP with their lack of ideas on overcoming that are helping matters as far as independence is concerned

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              1. That’s the huge problem I don’t see any other option just now but to my mind the SNP are increasingly looking like an establishment party I.e. they don’t see that independence is the primary goal.

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                1. Of course, when you are in government, you first job is to run the country. Getting independence must run alongside that, but no one, even staunch independentists, is going to accept that you can let law and order, education or health go to pot because you are spending all your time and money on independence.

                  The Toriews already accuse us of that.

                  I’m not sure what any of us can do… SNP, Greens or Alba.

                  It’s very frustrating that we know that no matter how we vote, the English/British government will ignore us.


                  1. I am not saying that the SNP have dropped the ball on the day to day governance I am saying that independence has become a very minor issue for a lot of the SNP representatives at Holyrood and Westminster
                    That’s is only my opinion and anyone can feel free to disagree

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                    1. I honestly don’t know, Robert, which is my fault because I used to be much more involved than I am now.

                      Once I probably would have had my finger on the pulse.

                      It must be hard. Regardless of which bunch the English elect next time, Labour and Tory, both say there is NO WAY we can have a legal referendum, no matter what we vote for.

                      I see that the Tories are now saying that Labour will do a deal with the SNP to get their support and that if you love your queen and country you should vote Tory.

                      However, I repeat, that’s what Tories are saying… and we all know what that’s worth.


    1. Right, so Ms Shapps was in charge of the CAA, but wanted to avoid personally having to follow the safety rules that he made everyone else follow?

      I heard there had been an incident in Downing Street, but I didn’t bother reading about it.

      I’m sure Johnson will be back in the news very soon…

      Sound like a Tory… or several Tories in his case.


  2. No doubt your second last paragraph is correct tris, but do you think he may also be back in No. 10? I know, sounds ridiculous, but I wouldn’t put it past the mad E.R.G as I believe they are very unhappy with Sunak.

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    1. Nothing, Alex, would surprise me about this lot, particularly Johnson, who has spent his life being a selfish, self serving, lying bastard and yet has always been just fine, always got another job, always got another woman, always had another few babies.

      Yes, he could end up back in No 10.


    2. Like

  3. Another day Another Tory Lie

    Yet that is what the media ALLOW to pass and thus they are complicit as a media in accepting these falsehoods aka LIES to be broadcast via interviews with Tories…with NO rebuke or challenge by them the media…..yet when tis the SNP they interview they seem to be OVERLY (mis)informed , mostly via accusations made by opposition political parties against the SNP, indeed THEY are MORE than willing, as a media, to rebuke and challenge most things when it comes from the lips of ANY SNP politician being interviewed…..for reasons all too obvious…..

    Indeed many a time the SNP are condemned in political programmes by opposition politicians when they themselves ,as in the SNP ,are not even present to defend themselves against any politician from an opposing political party …..and once again the HOST of that programme fails to challenge or defend what is clearly a political attack by them as an opponent of the SNP at what they see as an opportune moment when no one FROM the SNP is there to refute what they , as opponents, allege to be true…..

    I guess that is what happens when you have a Pro UK media instead of a Pro Scottish one…..

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    1. The media is big business and therefor Tory dominated.

      It’s what we’ve always had to live with, unfortunately, as you say.

      Progress for any independence party is despite the media.


  4. Just had a look at Bond Interest Rates, they are back at truss levels, they got rid of her as pm.

    The new chancer says a recession is ‘worthwhile’ if it reduces inflation.

    Food inflation 19%.

    Energy traders to be allowed to increase their profit level, to make sure they don’t go bust.

    Energy prices to really remain at high rates even when world prices of oil and gas are down, your subscription to be connected stays at £30 a month. The reduction in consumption during the summer months will disguise the bills.

    Mortgage rates are rising as are coonsil charges.

    The government says you’ll just have to get used to being poorer,suck it up.

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        1. Not much else we can do.

          We really don’t live in a democracy.

          We have an unelected head of state; an unelected upper chamber, mainly filled with donors and mates of PMs and opposition leaders; a privy council that can with just 3 or 4 members present, make law in private. (eg, Chagos Islands when Blair (I think) thought that it would be embarrassing to put his proposals to parliament); a lower house that is elected on FPTP and bears very little resemblance to how the countries actually voted, and a government , a member of which admitted that they gerrymandered the vote by bringing in the requirement of ID to vote in person.

          And, in a referendum situation, the three smaller countries really have no say on anything . England, by dint of population size, decides everything.

          Incidentally has there ever been a reply to the accusation by Jacob Rees Mogg that, while he was a member of the cabinet, they tried and succeeded to gerrymander.


        2. I assumed that is what you meant.

          We get the medicine that england wants to dish out, not what we need.

          Seems the red tory was drummin up support for a by election today on a visit.

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          1. Dave I thought clarification was required. I agree with you medicine statement even if it’s really not beneficial for the vast majority of people in Scotland

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    1. Well… that’s very far from the “holding all the cards” golden future we were promised.

      Do you think that May, Johnson, Truss and Sunak and their various teams were lying to us?


  5. Seems the two French built jets that the cynic uses are to be fitted with anti missile flare systems.

    Then the annoucement that recently recruited RAF trainee pilots are advised to leave the service as there are no training aircraft and slots for them to be trained.
    Seems we are over subscribed to train Saudi and Ukrainian pilots.

    No wonder the rich cynic didn’t offer aircraft, we don’t have enough for our own defense needs.

    Makes you thankful that these decisions are left to westminster to make for us.

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      1. Carefully trained to spout language that might be lies but have hidden meanings, we know that they deflect to not give answers.

        During the week, coffey, was asked about the problems of exporting fruit from Scottish growers.
        Her answer was about imports, no response from the speaker.
        Ooor Mhairi, uses the word, Pished, and was pulled up for inappropriate words.
        You can lie as mutch as you like but don’t use common words.

        The rich cynic is well trained by the flounder to not answer any questions, just divert.

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