Who said this?

“We are paid handsomely for the job we do and if you need an extra £100,000 a year on top then you should really be looking for another job”

I’ll give you a hint.

It’s a bloke who, as well as being an MP, now has a job presenting a programme on GBNEWS (the ‘not a news channel’ despite the inconvenient mention of NEWS in the title) on a salary of £100,000 a year.

Yes. You got it.

So does that mean he’s resigning his seat in parliament?

Yeah, right!

Just how repulsive do you have to be to be taken on by the Tories, then despite the lies, gaffs and cheating, get promoted … and then get another job for £100,000 with a loonie loss making broadcaster?

I suppose we have the answer.


Does anyone know why Douglas Ross’s constituency got the lion’s share of the levelling up fund? Are there an abundance of Viscounts living there?

And why do we have to have this bloke, who bought his seat in parliament and his job in the Scotland Office, explain it to us?

Where is the person that was ELECTED in this joke of a democracy to explain this to us. Why do we never see him? Is he out shopping for ermine?

Also, don’t want to get too personal but…what on earth does his nobleness look like?


And if, heaven help us, he was prime minister (or first minister) for a day, he would go for the Gypsies.

I seem to recall someone else did that.

Charming bloke .


How dim is she? She was caught a few weeks ago indicating that Stanley Johnson breaking his wife’s nose when he smacked her about, was a small matter, because he only broke her nose once (although how she knew that is a tad dubious).

She said this in her role as the chair of what used to be a respected discussion programme on state funded television.

She was, as a result, sacked as patron of a women’s charity, which presumably reckons it’s not the imagine that it wishes to portray that smacking your Mrs about is OK as long as you don’t do it every week.

However, unlike Gary Lineker, who also made a political comment, not on television, but on his personal Twitter account, she was not suspended by the BBC, thus giving the impression to licence fee payers, that as long as you tow the Tory line you CAN make political comments and be employed by the state broadcaster.

So, does the management of the company that produces this programme admit that they load the audience with Tory voters, perhaps based on an election (fought pretty much on a single issue of getting Brexit done) from 3.5 years ago? And if so, how do they justify that in an ever changing political scene and on a programme where they move around the UK to different areas each week?


Bloody hell!

11 thoughts on “MORE RANDOM THOUGHTS”

  1. GB news/history reported a loss in trading of £32million last year.
    Director’s response is that they are satisfied with their performance.
    Thought directors were supposed to have due diligence?

    Question is , Who is paying?

    ust saw dross trying to bully at a commons committee meeting on Scotland’s International position.
    His position was that he’s not interested in Scotlans, just an ermine collar.

    The RN retired bowie gets silenced on QT for giving stats for Scotland
    to an englander, called out for lying.

    We pay these people for being negative.

    Just read an article on Canary, the results of using DU shells in Iraq, increaded incidence of birth defects and contamination of the water courses.

    The uk has just authorised the transfer to Ukraine, what do we get from them?, wheat and rape, for starters and the noble baroness ignores, it’s just polluting Ukraine i suppose.


    1. Won’t be good if we import food contaminated with it, even if it is not radioactive, just poisonous.

      Ross was a bully as a kid and he hasn’t changed. He really is revolting. How the Tories put up with him I don’t know.

      I expect that Johnson chose him because he was a bully and he though he’d be able to bully Nicola.


      Glad I’m not a shareholder in GBNEWS


      1. He could well be describing the UK-US situation.

        I think the UK does crew its own submarines, but the US counts them as part of their fleet, and they cannot be deployed without US permission. Also, as both Tony Blair and Michael Portillo have pointed out, they are not independent in any way. We would need to get firing codes from the USA if we wanted to use them.

        In short, exactly what that bloke said.


  2. The truth as he perceived it?

    Nice one. If that’s the basis of how English law works, let’s see how it goes over in magistrates’ courts.


      1. That was a corker.

        Again even Fiona Bruce had to pull him up.

        What he managed to convey was that the only kind of crime the Tories care about is working class crime.

        You know, hitting old ladies over the head for their purses, shop lifting, thuggery.

        Fraud, an altogether more middle class/upper class crime, doesn’t count and isn’t counted. Literally!

        He’s an arrogant *****. He talks through everyone and says just what his bosses have told him to say.

        It says a lot that he is some sort of junior minister.

        The figures he referred to were English figures.


  3. The liz truss resignation dis-honour list has been published, Friday evening, nothing unusual except we’re still to see the flounder’s list

    Wonder who gets to give the liar aseat in the lords?


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