1. This is the new trainee doorkeeper at Munguin Towers. I’m just keeping him right.

2. Perfect place for a little Field Mouse to rest up, as long as the pesky bees stay away till I’ve had 40 winks.

3. Funny Trunk Shakes?

4. Sometimes towards night time a bear-mom needs a bit of a rest.

5. The Drosera hortiorum, a carnivorous sundew recently discovered. Watch out. It’ll eat ya. Well, it’s Australian, so it would, wouldn’t it?

6. Des Res, complete with rain canopy which doubles as a sun canopy of there’s a change in the weather. Perfect for a humming bird of discerning taste.

7. Also, it’s convenient to all local amenities if you don’t mind sharing with agreeable hard working neighbours.

8. Awwww

9. Raccoon and fawn become friends.

10. So do a horse and a people.

11. Probably time I was on a diet, huh?

12. This is my human…well, her hand anyway. It’s the best part of her because it’s the part that gives me food and scratches. Not sure why she needs the other parts.

13. Who could ask for more than a day at the seaside? I’m one very lucky little elephant.

14. If that hen’s going on a diet, I guess I should too… but the Nosh at Munguin’s is very agreeable.

15. That’s a pity. I’ve been fishing and I was going to offer you some… Still I can manage them all myself.

16. Mummy, tell me the one about the fat man who said that we had to have straight bananas and got to be the prime minister because he was better at telling lies than all the other idiot peoples.

17. We’re trees in the acting profession. I’m playing Rabbit in the House at Pooh Corner and my friend on the right is playing Queen Mrs Parker Bowles in one of these period comedies from the 18th century. We’re looking for someone to play Rees Mogg. If you see a tall skinny tree with glasses, a nanny and a dismal grasp of Latin, please tell me.

18. Bath time for Birdies.

19. We don’t have to get dressed up every day in flowers, Danny.

20. I’m also an acting tree. I’m auditioning to play Jacob Rees Mogg in Agatha Christie’s “Evil Under the Sin” or as we might call it at Eton “Malum sub peccato”. “By the pricking of my roots, something evil this way shoots…Oh look, it’s Braverman”.

21. Have you any idea why peoples are scared of bats? I’m a wee cutie.

22. What do you think of my place? Also a Des Res!

23. I’m looking for a Nanny. If you see Jacob Rees Tree can you ask if I can borrow his? After all he must be in his 60s by now. How can he still need a Nanny?

24. Dakar, Sénégal.

25. That’s my shift over. Hard graft at Munguin’s Republic. So I’ll see you next week… I’m off to bed.


Munguin wishes to thank Quokka.

28 thoughts on “SOPPY SUNDAY”

  1. No 21…just WOW.
    We have bats that come and drink from our pool on summer evenings. I always worry they’ll get caught up in my hair when we are sitting out of an evening. My husband one evening stood at the end of the pool and as he was saying the bats would miss him because they knew he was there, one flew straight into him!

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    1. Ha ha ha…

      Some bat not paying attention!!!!

      Good that they can get a drink, though because it can be pretty dry out your way.

      If you’re worried about them getting caught in your hair, you could try a hat or cap?

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    1. Yes. I love to see friendships across species, including humans.

      I can’t understand how anyone could be cruel to an animal.

      When I find snails or slugs in the garden, I can’t kill them even though I know they’ll eat my plants.

      As for the Nanny thing… nah, I don’t really want to know.


      1. “When I find snails or slugs in the garden, I can’t kill them even though I know they’ll eat my plants.”

        Bertie and his brothers might eat the slugs though. And hedgehogs if you have them are partial to the annoying plant thiefs!

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        1. That’s fair enough.

          Bertie, Black Beak Bertie and Slightly Rotund Bertie would be doing something utterly natural (although I think they prefer sultanas). I don’t have a problem eating animals as long as they have been treated and dispatched humanely. That’s, I reckon, how it works.

          But killing something because it’s spoiling the look of Munguin’s garden… nah. (Actually, what i do is put them on the wall at the rear of the garden and they can make their way into the next garden and eat his plants.

          And before you say that that’s very naughty it was Munguin’s idea!!

          Be warned! 🙂 He doesn’t like to be gainsaid.!!!

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          1. An OT linguistic aside…..

            I’ve only recently discovered the verb “gainsay.” Outside of its use in opinions of the United States Supreme Court, it appears to not be used very much these days in everyday speech in the USA.

            “Gainsaid” does bring to mind the 1958 majority opinion of the US Supreme Court in Byrd v. Blue Ridge Rural Electric Cooperative, in which Mr. Justice Brennan wrote: “It cannot be gainsaid that there is a strong federal policy against allowing state rules to disrupt the judge-jury relationship in the federal courts.”
            This is a sentence the first five words of which serve no conceivable purpose except to allow Justice Brennan to use the word “gainsaid.” (The five words can be removed with no impact at all on the meaning of the sentence.)

            Note that: “Supreme Court justices have only used the word 113 times in the entire history of the Court, but more than 70% of these were since 1950. It was only used 18 times before 1900. (There are also 59 occurrences of “gainsay.”)”

            I hope Mr. Munguin will not be offended by a humorous, tongue-in-cheek opinion piece I enjoyed. Personally, I like “peradventure,” “cavil,” and “obloquy” too, but have not yet found them used in Munguin’s New Republic. 🙂


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            1. PS: The comments on this blog article are actually as entertaining as the article itself.


              It is clear beyond peradventure that Justice Brennan anticipated a dissent from Justice Cleese:

              Justice Brennan: “It cannot be gainsaid that there is a strong federal policy against allowing state rules to disrupt the judge-jury relationship in the federal courts.”

              Justice Cleese: “Yes it can.”

              Justice Brennan: “Oh I’ve had enough of this.”

              Justice Cleese: “No you haven’t.”

              Justice Brennan: “Oh Shut up.”

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            2. Ha ha ha ha…

              Munguin says, who on earth is this person who thinks that he sounds like “a fusty old gasbag”.

              How dare she?

              Does she know who he is? Peradventure, not!

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              1. Tris…..I was in fact a little worried about Munguin’s reaction to the “fusty old gasbag” description, even though strictly speaking, the lady was describing the nineteenth century language of lawyers and judges…..LOL.

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  2. Lots of birdies today – good job there weren’t as many cats then! That was one greedy squirrel though. To make up for fewer cats good to see some more elys – marvellous creatures.

    But for real balming of the soul one requires orangs and what ones we had. Good to see doorman training. Those boys show lots of potential. Well that’s me set up for the day!

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    1. I think the cats are having an away day today. There just weren’t any around.

      Variety though, says Munguin, is the spice of life… And he is never wrong.

      We have a good training scheme here at the Towers. 🙂


    1. LOL… You though, “he’s just a dog, he’ll never work it out”

      I though: “you’re just a people. And you think you can outsmart me? Stupid and vain at the same time.”

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