Oh, she will be pleased. I bet she just couldn’t quite remember where she’d left it. That tends to happen with cheap unimportant things that you bought out of illegally offshored bonuses for defective medical equipment that you sold in the middle of a deadly pandemic.

Old age forgetfulness is sad.


The trouble with Truss is that she appears to assume that just because she is incapable of feeling emotions like shame, embarrassment or horror that her stupidity cost the country at least £75 billion, then other animals should be the same.

She seems to have failed to grasp that other animals aren’t necessarily as base as she is.

She returned to work yesterday after a three month fully paid break, who knows where (possibly hiding on Moan’s yacht… they would be good together) and voted for treating animals as if they cannot feel pain.

Maybe it’s just a Tory thing. After all, their lot like to chase foxes and watch them being ripped apart by dogs. Then they smear the fox blood on their young. They are odd.

Like this woman:

First of all, game girl, it really has nothing to do with you. Our country, our morals, our laws.

The Fife Foxhounds have clearly decided to obey the law.

I’m not sure how many jobs will have been lost but I suspect not many, and whilst any loss of jobs is regrettable, it’s not normally a Tory kind of thing to worry about it. Maybe someone will explain why people lose their homes because there’s no fox murdering going on? People lose jobs all the time, but in Scotland that tends rarely to make them homeless.

You selectively, over 200 years, bred dogs to rip foxes to pieces?

Can’t say I’m sorry to hear that that will stop.


This is the kind of thing we like seeing with animals in these parts.


Steve Chalke

Why does British Gas – whose profits are up by 700% – go to the courts for warrants to break into the homes of the poorest (in the middle of a cost-of-living crisis) & then force-fit prepayment meters, which leave their customers cold & unable to cook? What drives that behaviour?

Addition by Munguin.

Why are British Gas’s profits up by 700% full stop?

We are all paying FAR higher gas and electricity bills, because we were told the cost of providing these items had increased. Seemingly because… ‘there’s a war on’ (©Dad’s Army and DRoss).

The 700% increase suggests that that was NOT the reason. I’m suspecting GREED has reared its ugly head here.

In France bills have increased by 4% and are to be capped at 15% increase in the next year. In the UK gas has increased by 141% since winter 2021/22 and electricity by 65%. Heaven only knows where British bills will be capped next year (on top of the monstrous increases this year. Maybe when British Gas’s profits increase by 1000%?

As for breaking into people’s houses and changing their meters so they, no matter how disabled or old or ill; no matter how many children they have, and no matter their circumstances… can be left with no power in the middle of the winter.?

That is inhuman. Very British though.

British Gas’s owners, Centrica, says that the practice has been stopped, and the boss says he feels “disappointed, livid and gutted” (a strange mixture of sentiments). Meanwhile the English Business Secretary, Corinne Stockheath, says he is “horrified”. I take that with a ton of salt.

Offgem says that it has launched an investigation.

I trust that the people whose houses were altered by this action will be compensated out of the 700% increase in profit. Maybe remove it from the chairman’s bonus.


35 thoughts on “RANDOM THOUGHTS”

    1. The 2002 legislation allowed dogs to flush foxes as long as they were then shot and providing the hunt was to protect livestock or ground-nesting birds.

      But animal rights organisations claimed the law was regularly being exploited.

      And I imagine it was. If you have used a pack of dogs to scare out a fox and they are chasing it, how do you control them… and would you want to shoot in case you killed or maimed one of you dogs? You know, too many pink gins before Tally Ho!

      I guess it’s fair for farmers to be able to kill wildlife that is killing their chickens, lambs, or whatever.

      But that was never what it was about. You don’t need to dress up in pink jackets and drink pink gins to do that.

      This law still says you can do that but only 2 dogs allowed.

      The law will also prohibit trail hunting where dogs follow an animal-based scent.

      I assume that they have been doing that too in the last 20 years.

      I wonder what they will do with their weekends now.


      1. Thanks for the info.

        It sounds like the original legislation did not fulfil intent.

        Really glad that trail hunting is banned. That only serves to terrify wildlife.

        Hope they got it right this time around.

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        1. I think it was good enough legislation brought in by the Labour/Lib Dem administration at the time, but it obviously left loop holes. Trail hunting and the inability to control a pack of dogs after they have flushed out a fox, the obvious ones.

          I hope they have it right now, and the fact that the Fife Hunt is giving up suggests that they may, but if they don’t I’m pretty sure that this was a bill that had support across the chamber (except for the Tories, of course).

          I suspect that there will be fewer of them around in the future, so I’m hopeful that if there are loopholes, they can be relatively easily plugged.

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  1. I am convinced that the Conservative Party and most of Westminster government are enabling business in U.K. to corner , corral , people into part time jobs most of which offer roughly the same rate of pay .Business is also taking control of many many peoples money in a sinister way in which people either get no electricity or gas supplied to them or have to pay in advance for it through a meter and yes these companies are getting court orders to break down doors and enter so they can install prepayment meters.
    I see also that banks are foisting what they call an added layer of security on their customers but it is in fact a threat that if you do not sign up for biometric security you will not be able to pay bills or buy shopping online ….with your own money !!
    Biometric security involves you allowing your bank to take a photograph of you through their app it also takes a copy of your fingerprint and a copy of your voice the banks say they will use this to confirm it is actually you that is trying to pay your electricity bill or gas bill or phone bill etc.
    The banks will store this photograph of you and store a copy of your fingerprint and your voice , that’s a hell of a lot of information about YOU.
    Just think about this , they already have your name your date of birth your address and your money they already know where you shop , what you buy and if you have been fined for example a parking fine or speeding fine and paid it through your bank.
    At present they force you to enter your customer number and various codes pins and passwords just to see your balance or your transactions.
    This additional layer of so called biometric information will belong to the bank if you give it to them.
    Who can stop them using it in other ways ?
    Who knows what they will do with it in years to come .
    At present some banks are refusing to offer any option other than registering for biometric security so you have no alternative other than to provide your photo fingerprint and voice recording and only after giving them this information are you offered the option of not actually using it to do your shopping ,this is crazy , so many people will give over this information thinking there’s no other way but there is, you can register payees on your bank account and once registered you can go online to your account and make one off or regular payments to these payees.
    I’m not registering for biometric security I don’t trust banks to care for it properly.
    OK I will no longer just get a security text from my bank to enter on websites where I want to pay my electricity bill phone bill or gas bill I will instead have to register them as payees and pay them direct from my bank account rather on the electricity gas or phone company app , this is a change that will take a few minutes more but it’s worth it in my opinion.
    I think Westminster wants to have the masses all working part time like clones on part time wages who knows one day your bills for electricity gas phone council tax rent mortgage etc might be deducted from your pay before you get it, it’s the way it’s heading.
    I remember in the sixties and seventies we talked about robots computers modernisation and how great it would be for people , more free time shorter working weeks with the same pay , fewer of us would be required to work , the word on the street was that government would reduce the retirement age and subsidise part time pay hugely giving us all so much free time and the money needed to enjoy it but what we are getting instead is keeping people working til they are 68 or older to avoid huge unemployment , except the rich of course who don’t actually work , they just skim off the profits from the robotic efficiencies.


    1. Thanks, Jake.

      Interesting that they think that she just did what she did too soon and without enough backing.

      People quoted in the FT called it “moronic”… and the thing is that she knew it was dangerous and that it would never get past either the top civil servants in the Treasury. And as a result, she didn’t let them see it. She also managed to get the permanent secretary at the Treasury sacked. How has yet to me made clear.

      I wonder in what world it is considered a good policy to give massive tax cuts to the rich while people doing jobs like nursing, and teaching, are having to use food banks. No matter what your politics, that seems to be a strange policy, even if you believe that trickle down works.

      “I’m sorry, nurses, we don’t have the money to give you a pay rise. By the way bankers, you can go back to massive bonuses and anyone on more that £250,000 a year… here’s a massive tax cut, because we have far too much money.

      Berry is right though. His party has failed over a period of time.

      It seems that the excessive number of ex-prime ministers who appear to have more support in the USA Republican Party than they do here, manage to fly off to America with ease and with absolutely no regard for the fact that are paid £85,000 to represent their constituents in Westminster.

      Who pays for all this?

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  2. On the matter of pre-payment meters being forcibly installed , I saw one wag on twitter suggesting that HMRC should adopt this for people found to have delinquent in paying their income tax.

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    1. Some of us have had effecyively the same system for many years. It’s ca;;ed PAYE and the money is talen out of your pay , automatically before you get what’s left.
      Of course that only applies to people who have a proper job, like council workers, teachers, railway staff and so on.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Seen on twitter

    “Fall behind on your gas bill and they break in to fit a prepayment meter. Fall behind on your £3.7m tax bill and they make you chancellor of the exchequer”

    Liked by 4 people

    1. Ahhhh, that’s nothing, Moany.

      Munguin just told me that Moses lived in Munguin towers, all those years ago, although, to be fair, back then he called it Moses Towers.

      I thought she lived in Mayfair. She did a photoshoot there too, I seem to remember.

      But then, bless her, she got a new rich husband and off to Douglas, on Man.

      She never stays long anywhere. Do you think the neighbours complain?


      Talking about meeting with people who are dead, I’m sure I heard Munguin in the Great Hall in conversation with the aforementioned Moses… something about tablets of stone…

      Liked by 2 people

      1. LOL.
        I also hope that Mr. Munguin might have taken the opportunity to converse with Dr. Einstein when he was in Scotland. 🙂

        As the only theoretical physicist to ever achieve rock star-like celebrity status, I wonder if Dr. Einstein (who once listed his occupation as “photographer’s model”) ever regretted the time (on 14 March, 1951) when he stuck his tongue out at a United Press International photographer.


        In 1933, Einstein visited the University of Glasgow, where he received an honorary degree and delivered a lecture: (I hope that he paid homage to the River Kelvin while he was there.)

        “Einstein, the author of arguably the world’s most famous equation in E = mc2, traveled from his homeland to the city in June of 1933 to receive an honorary degree from the university for his role in the evolution of 20th Century physics.
        While there, he delivered a lecture titled ‘About the Origins of the General Theory of Relativity’ to a packed Bute Hall of 1500 people.”

        In 2016, scientists first detected and measured gravitational waves in spacetime, which were theoretically predicted a century earlier by Einstein in his General Theory of Relativity.


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        1. Hmmm. I suspect he didn’t regret it, or ever give it another thought.

          Maybe his mind was ‘relatively’ more occupied on other ‘relatively’ more pressing matters, like, for example how to do up Mrs Moan’s house for her in suitable colours and where to obtain a stair carpet she could lie back on like a proper duchess, or something.

          There are the relative merits of red cushions… and baby grands as opposed to convert grands, in the salon.

          Busy man, was Einstein. So busy he couldn’t make it to Dundee to live in Munguin, or rather Einstein, Towers.

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    1. As a commenter says:

      borrows money from a rich Russian (sort of double his MP salary).

      -does not declare it to Parliament.

      -writes letter to Financial Conduct Authority to say Russian is a fine fellow even though the FCA says he’s not

      -FCA now says no action needed, this was not lobbying.

      -meanwhile MP sits with white powder at a table with a young person “he met through politics”

      -no news of police involved, no resignation from this MP, no sense of shame or unworthiness

      Also although he has not resigned, he has stayed away from parliament.

      Is he one of the ones that Tories look down upon because he’s working from home…even though he’s a Tory?

      Why are we paying all these politicians NOT to do their jobs?

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    2. Sunak has made Tory donor Stephen Massey temp chairman of party after sacking Zahawi over tax dodging scandal. Massey works for a firm that helps rich avoid taxes & in 2007 was himself found by HMRC to have tried to avoid tax on £5m he got in bonuses.

      Tory treasurer Graham Edwards has been found to have used a tax avoidance scheme

      Liked by 3 people

      1. It gets dafter by the day.

        There just isn’t anyone lefty who isn’t a crook.

        And I just heard that Tobias Ellwood wants us to go to war with Russia.

        Liked by 1 person

    1. Jeez….

      Totally true.

      It was bad enough in the days when clearly some of them were close friends with tv and radioa presenters.

      Now they are not just friends, they could be sitting next to each other in parliament (if they ever bothered to turn up).

      I’ve said before that there is no democracy in the British system (also see the video about from Sandi).

      Where’s the democracy?

      Some limited in Wales, Scotland and the North of Ireland. None in England.

      Liked by 1 person

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