For those tempted to believe Andrew Bridgen (few, I suspect, for various reasons, not least of which that he was recently called a proven liar by an English High Court judge) on the subject of Covid Vaccines. Here’s some other evidence on Covid from the USA and England.

Mr Bridgen spoke to a nearly empty House of Commons.


Integrity: Set of lying, cheating, bullying low life.

Accountability: Not accountable. Elected with an 80 majority on 44% of the vote. No legitimacy at all in Scotland, Wales or the North or Ireland, yet backed up by a totally unelected second house which Johnson stuffed full of his personal and party donors, including the son of a KGB spy.

Professionalism: Really, where do you start? I’m trying to think of a more third-rate bunch of amateurs in my lifetime and I’m failing dismally to find one.


So, the question of the day might be “which one of them is lying?”.

Boris Johnson, well known liar, sacked from several positions for lying about everything from bananas to extramarital affairs and abortions with Petronella, says that Putin threatened to kill him with missiles.

Putin, about whose veracity, to be fair, I have no particular knowledge, says he did not threaten to kill him.

But here’s Downing Street’s readout of the call when Boris Johnson says Vladimir Putin threatened to kill him in a missile strike.

If Johnson is telling the truth, maybe the people who summarise these calls for the records should try to stay awake during them… of maybe get employ people who speak Russian a bit more fluently. Job for Ed or Lord Siberia?

Maybe the real question of the day is…who cares?



Anyone advise me on where these reductions are being made, because I seem to be shopping in all the wrong places.



I see Munguin is giving a talk today…

28 thoughts on “RANDOM THOUGHTS”

    1. Seems very wrong to me too Robert.

      I suspect these are English figures and probably pretty junior ones at that.

      Tomorrow I must try to find out the current figures for the Scottish services.

      I misy do some

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  1. ‘Brexit will reduce’ food wine and clothes and heating and holidays, human rights workers rights standard of living, and life if it goes really bad is what it should say.

    Johnson cr*p re Putin wanting him assasinated, who must be laughing his socks off right now, brilliant distraction from the corrupt to the core EngGov.

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    1. Certainly it has managed to reduce almost everything, except what Jake suggested it would.

      Most people would be embarrassed by that…

      Sigh is right!


    1. “… and slower even than sanction hit Russia”.

      Proud boast.

      Yesterday’s FT suggested that later this week interest rates will rise again…

      I wonder where Liz Truss has been recently…


  2. Re the MPs salary, it is wrong – in more than one way. They’re actually paid £84,144 not £74k.

    As for woke when it meant appreciating that certain groups where denied the same basic rights as everyone else e.g. gay marriage or black people in US or Apartheid South Africa and that this was very wrong it certainly was those adjectives.

    When woke was appropriated by vicious misogynists who in my birth city standing behind my MP held up banners calling for women they don’t agree with to be cannibalised or executed in the ISIS/French Revolution style, well not so much Tris, not so much.

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  3. I highly recommend Robin McAlpine’s latest piece which inter alia describes how performative wokery has replaced actual social justice.

    “Reset Part One: The rise of the moral elite”

    “Corporations and financial elites absolutely love this stuff – the second they learned that activists would stop asking tricky questions about their use of sweatshop labour so long as they ran a special promotion for Pride Week they were all in.”



  4. Lovely to see Helen “Giggles” Whateley being wheeled out again. She must be very low in the Tory food chain.
    Her most memorable performances were during the height of the pandemic when she giggled about old people dying in care homes in England. Then denied laughing.
    Pity she doesn’t have her own show. Maybe GB TV haven’t witnessed her skills.

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  5. What we see now in their UK, via the media, is the same old same old (as per previous PM’s)…..that is a weak Tory PM sending out an assortment of Tory YES men and women to give an interview on TV to try and excuse the succession of bad Tory policies, Tory incompetence, multitude of Tory scandals and too the disaster that is Tory Brexit….ALL generated via HIS TORY party and HIS TORY government…….

    But the Tory YES men and women are directed by Tory HQ to place blame upon OTHERS and also upon other FACTORS that are NOT connected to the ACTUAL issue in order to deflect attention AWAY from them , the Tories, as the REAL culprits who are responsible for , yet again, THE latest MESS in their UK ……textbook stuff…as in a constant regurgitation of all that is within the Tory handbook called ‘Playing Politics’…..

    Or…. as nikostratos …. so succinctly stated above ……they, Tories both individually and as a party, are “Totally amoral lying scum “…..

    Have a nice day everyone


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    1. Labour does it too …

      Jackie Baillie, who it seems to me is just a big barrel of fermenting hate, daily criticises the Scottish health service, and in particular, Humza and Nicola for the undoubted flaws in that service.

      At the same time she completely neglects to mention that the other health services funded under the same financial strictures are worse than the Scottish one.

      In particular, as I pointed out to her the other day, the Welsh heath service and the Welsh Heath Secretary must feel somewhat aggrieved because if Humza is doing a bad job, he is doing a worse job.

      But Jackie just pumps out the hate on a daily basis.

      It’s almost like she doesn’t want to level the criticism at the real reasons… Given that a decision in made in England about what the funding should be, and a proportion of that money is sent to the devolved governments, a lack of funding from the Tories seems like one of the reasons we have shortcomings.

      Another would be the vast numbers of staff who left because of Brexit (which she might remember was forced upon us against our will, by the Tories and her precious union).


    1. It’s clearly the kind of country they want to live in… and that, of course, is their prerogative.

      It’s just unfortunate that, given the comparative sizes of the countries in the UK, they necessarily drag the rest of us, who’d prefer to live under a different regime, with them.


      1. A bit unfair.

        It’s their country. If they like that kind of governance it isn’t our business, but it’s a pity we have to share it.

        I doubt there will be much difference with Starmer.


  6. Moggy and snowflake’s Charles More 🤮 and woke ….
    There is nuffin more pathetic than elderly men trying use the patois of teenagers…
    Wot next pics of them on skateboard or electric scooters 🛴 sad and pathetic.. but they are Scum attempting to be relevant

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  7. In an otherwise depressed and anxious Tory party, there was one Conservative MP who appeared last Wednesday to be enjoying life at Westminster again. Liz Truss was back in parliament.
    Several politicians, Labour and Conservative, who passed her in the corridors said how relaxed she appeared, with one colleague noting that she looked 10 years younger.
    A Conservative MP who is leaving at the next election remarked that it was good that Truss seemed to have recovered some of her outward cheeriness..

    Yeah I seen that in patients in lunatic asylums .. probably in a upswing of her bi- polar I just wonder wot her family might say .
    Mums happy just murdered the cat 🐱

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    1. It must take a special kind of mind to be a politician.

      Truss completely crashed the already dodgy economy in a way that someone in the FT called “lunatic”. And yet after taking a few months off, she’s back smiling and looking younger.

      Maybe she was off to that clinic that Queen Mrs Parker Bowles goes to in India (although, looking at the visage of Her Majesty [LOL] I’m not sure that works).

      And the tax dodger is back today after being sacked for fiddling taxes and lying over and over about it… looking like nothing has happened.

      In either of these cases, you would never see me in public again… weird.


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