2. Grate Britsewer













15. Soon in your area: “Damn, the extension lead is too short.”















30. I no longer eat meat; I get around on a bike and I don’t drink alcohol any more. What? Have you gone Green? No. I’m poor.

Thanks to AndiMac and Brenda.

43 thoughts on “JUST FOR A LAUGH”

    1. Good thread and some good offshoots:


      1. Spectacularly “no blame attaches to me” kind of letter…

        But of course the FT has laid out in detail how much blame does attach to him.

        As for the points in his letter… I think once again he was being a tad economical with the good old veracity:

        I love the country so much, I only tried to diddle it out of £3million I owed in tax. If I hadn’t loved it so much I’d have diddled some more.

        I did a GREAT amount of tax dodging. That’s a thing, isn’t it? Indeed, I dodged three times what you ordinary people pay in a lifetime.


        And I mourned the queen more than Kwarteng, who sat and giggled his way through her funeral.


        I threatened to sue the press for snitching that I was lying through my teeth, and they did it anyway, so clearly, evil is putting it mildly.


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  1. Some gems there for sure, thanks for the laughs Tris.
    Number 21 omg, that’s an excellent description of my cat. The worst scenario being when I can’t get back to sleep while he sleeps so soundly on his cosy blanket atop his hot water bottle kept under the duvet. Sleep well everyone! 😀

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  2. A good few giggles there
    One of our cats chases the robot vacuum, but has never sat on top of it, as in No 18
    No 8…our dogs, and cats, are definitely like that. We are doorman and treat providers 😂.

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    1. Don’t show the cat the cartoon… Although possibly the idea will come all itself.

      When you think about it, we are all servants to our pets… and in my case, garden and forest animals.

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  3. Nice group of funnies. Especially the ones about the White House classified papers scandal. Joe Biden’s FBI briefing is very funny. 🙂

    Munguinites may wish to know that the Kansas City Chiefs have won the American Conference championship of the National Football League (NFL), which means that in two weeks time they will play for the NFL championship of professional American football in the “Super Bowl.” (In the USA, the Super Bowl championship game is the most super colossal sporting event on planet Earth.)

    I find it amusing in this regard that controversy and confusion have once again broken out here in the states about the naming of Kansas City and the state in which the city (and its football team franchise) is located (Missouri,) and NOT the adjoining state of Kansas.

    What happened this time was that the Kansas City Chiefs had to beat the Cincinnati Bengals for the Super Bowl slot, and the Mayor of Cincinnati issued a snarky proclamation which began with the words: “Whereas, Kansas City is named after its neighboring state-which is, you know, just kind of weird.”

    The problem is that that statement is simply not true, and betrays a startling ignorance of history, even for the moron Mayor of Cincinnati, Ohio. Kansas City was NOT named for the adjoining state of Kansas, (in fact the city of Kansas City, Missouri, was named BEFORE the state of Kansas even existed,) and neither one was named for the other. BOTH the city and the state were in fact named after a river……the Kansas……..which was named for the Kanza Indian tribe…….and was therefore literally the “river of the Kanzas.”

    Yes, I realize that I’ve explained all this before, but I’m hoping that the Mayor of Cincinnati may be a reader of Munguins New Republic and will thus be enlightened regarding the matter.


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    1. LOL, Danny. A president (albeit an idiot one, and a mayor, who seemingly has the lack of judgement NOT to read Munguin’s Republic (and yet is still mayor)?

      Someone needs to do something about education in the USA.

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      1. Tris….Indeed!!

        Perhaps Trumpy will remain silent until the Super Bowl outcome is decided. Maybe Joe Biden will too, since he’s probably (liker all sensible former Presidents and Vice-Presidents) distracted these days by the search of their homes, garages, and trash waste bins, for top secret presidential papers which have been spirited away from White House vaults. 🙂

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      1. Tris……I see that the Scottish Handball Association is located in Edinburgh…….which I’m guessing is in Scotland, and that most Scottish political leaders including the First Minister are aware of that fact. 😉

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        1. I’m pretty sure Edinburgh is in Scotland, and I’m supposing that the FM has probably grasped that, Danny, given that she lives there, so she must have that address on her Amazon account. 🙂

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    1. Jim……And from the Wiki link you provided, I see that: “The tournament took place in nine cities (four in Poland and five in Sweden): Kraków, Gdańsk, Katowice, Płock, Stockholm, Malmö, Gothenburg, Jönköping and Kristianstad. The opening game took place in Katowice while the final will take place in Stockholm.”

      ALL those cities and countries involved, and I’ll bet that that there is no confusion and controversy about which named city and country is located where…..and WHY! This being something which eludes the keenest political minds of the USA regarding the name of Kansas City, which state it’s located in, and why!

      Geeeeze! 😉

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      1. Danny

        Sweden and Poland aren’t that far apart, just on opposte sides of the Baltic Sea, maybe a bit like Wisconsin and Michigan on opposite sides of Lake Michigan in the USA. I remember crossing from Gdansk (Poland) to Karlskrona (Sweden) in a ferry that took about 10 or 11 hours. We were home in Copenhagen (Denmark) 2-3 hours later.

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        1. Jim…….Interesting!
          Your Wisconsin and Michigan example BTW poses a confusing piece of US geography that confounds many Americans. The issue is the “Upper Peninsula” of Michigan. The so-called “UP” of Michigan is on the western (Wisconsin side) of Lake Michigan and shares a land border of more than 200 miles with Wisconsin. All it shares with the rest of Michigan (east of Lake Michigan) is a bridge across the Straits of Mackinac.

          So why isn’t the UP of Michigan part of Wisconsin, whose land mass it shares? It has to do with Washington statehood politics and an old land dispute between Michigan and Ohio. 🙂 (See below.)

          Makes the naming of Kansas City in the state of Missouri (and not Kansas) look simple by comparison. 🙂



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            1. Yes, the Upper Peninsula not only shares a land border with Wisconsin, it also has water borders with the Lower Peninsula of Michigan AND with Ontario, Canada. I think that the presence of the British in Canada after the revolution had some effect on he early history of the UP. (At one time, Michigan Territory, before statehood, only included the eastern end of the UP.)

              Cities named Sault Ste. Marie are situated on both sides of the international border between Canada and the UP of Michigan.



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  4. I think number 22 should have asecomd box where the father says
    “On the other hand, it will have to be private. We can’t afford the fees to Eton”.

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  5. I think number 22 should have a second box where the father says
    “On the other hand, it will have to be private. We can’t afford the fees to Eton”.


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