1. Don’t expect a smile this early in the morning. Now where did I put my baccy?

    2. I was listening to Les Baker’s “Have you got any news of the iceberg” when I was looking for photos. (see yesterday’s post from Nigel).

    3. Yorkshire, England.

    4. Well, do you think that’s fair? Damned cats!

    5. We can be friends, if you like.

    6. We’re gonna be making sandcastles.

    7. Sandcastles? Is that something very small kangaroos can play?

    8. This Garter Snake is all dressed up and no where much to go.

    9. Hoy, Cat? You wanna come up here and play?

    10. No, idiot Bear. We are not amused by playing.

    11. It’s all in a day’s work on this farm.

    12. Dogs has got to do something for their living. Rescuing little lambs seems like a good idea to us..

    13. And after the sandcastles you have to get cleaned up.

    14. Rice Walls, Vietnam.

    15. My mum said I should get my hair cut before appearing on Soppy Sunday, but I’m a rebel, so here I is!!!

    16. Munguin wants to live there. Blue Jacaranda.

    17. Munguin: There are insufficient cats this week. Do something.

    18. There are never enough swans.

    19. In a world where species are disappearing with frightening rapidity, it’s great news that some are found not to be extinct.

    20. Floods are bad enough in Scotland, but in Australia they sometimes mean less than welcome visitors.

    21. OK, you get the gig.

    22. Cappadocia, Turkey.

    23. I’m a tiger so you better watch out. GRRRR.

    24. What kept ya? Munguin, would you put up with this from Tristan?

    25. No wonder I have a smile on my face. Mummy brought home dinner.

    Tristan and Munguin wanted me to say thank you to Kay, Nicky and Quokka.

    22 thoughts on “SOPPY SUNDAY”

    1. That’s not Ben Ledi in Pic 18, so I’m going with Mount Fuji.
      I’m not usually a fan of snakes, but that garter snake is a beaut.


        1. They’re not poisonous and they don’t attack humans… so Munguin was wondering if one of them would be cheaper to keep as a gardener than Tris.

          It was pointed out to him that Garter snakes, while they are good with garden pests (ie they eat them) can’t go to the shops, purchase top brands, nor can they prepare and serve cordon bleu meals, or wash dishes. Their computer skills are limited too.

          So he decided, after some advice from the gardening team (Robbie), to stick with Tris. Not as decorative, but a bit more useful.

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    2. Awhhh what a lovely selection this week. Loved the gorilla and human babies greeting one another and the poor dog evicted from their bed. No23 was a Bengal cat I think. I loved the expression on the face of No 1 – she looks a bit bemused and in need of a break. Very much a balm for the soul and indeed life re-affirming.


      1. No 1 says… “Break? Break you say? You should try working for Munguin and see how many breaks you get!!!”.

        Talking of life affirmation, where’s Ed?


      1. Still an MP though.
        Still one of the richest MPs in parliament.
        How long does he have to sit on the naughty step until all is forgiven and he gets re-appointed?
        Seat in the Lords delayed a bit, I dare say…


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      1. What a beauty.

        But, watch out, little buddy… there’s probably a Tory about looking to make a collar out of you. My advice would be to bite the bugger really, really hard.


    3. I see there are pictures of CATS….well I am not even going to mention that ‘Shhh you know who’ LOVED Cats….ooops I just have…kinda …but not by HIS name… I am absolved from being seen as a JM bore…well in MY head I am…others may care to differ on that…..LOL

      Have a lovely evening everyone


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        1. LOL…..a list you say…..that does NOT have a connection to JM…..impossible… such list can exist….as long as I live and breathe….to be sure…to be sure….( that’s also a connection to the time he was acting in the Gate Theatre in Dublin when he was younger…as in starting out as an actor….as tis a well known fact that all Irish people always say ‘to be sure… to be sure’ at the end of ALL of their sentences)…..

          Hmm….I think as far as I am concerned ….. ALL things ….have a ‘connection’ …..or rather to rephrase that…..I will always FIND a connection… ‘Shhh you know who’ with ALL things….LOL

          It’s in me DNA….self imposed.


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