“The PM’s announcement of funding for better mental health services is excellent news for my constituents and will help cut NHS waiting times.”

Nadhim Zahawi (Twitter)

Dear Mr Nahawi,

May I respectfully suggest that you instruct whichever factotum is currently writing Twitter messages on your behalf (and on our tax money), that it might be an idea to steer clear of boasting in any way about public expenditure.

Because, you see, you’re leaving an open goal for people to ridicule you.

As Dr Andy Grayson (Author) tweeted back to your factotum, “Funding for mental health services relies on everyone contributing what they owe in taxes. If only people (especially fabulously wealthy people) would do that instead of trying to avoid paying their fair share. That would REALLY benefit your constituents.”

And Shoaib M Khan (Human Rights Lawyer)said: “What would actually help cut NHS waiting times is if multimillionaires and billionaires all paid the full tax due, so there was more money available for the NHS. And what would vastly improve people’s mental health is knowing that they aren’t being ruled over by immoral, corrupt weasels.”

And that’s only two of the vast number of comments left on your post.

You see, if you have grossly embarrassed yourself by, at one and the same time, being a Cabinet Minister and trying to avoid millions of pounds in tax, and you don’t have the decency to resign, you should probably keep as low a profile as is possible in the circumstances.

In failing to do that, you are simply facilitating the continuing pile on by giving the impression that not paying tax is no big deal, while your government sanctions poor people for being 2 minutes late to an appointment with the DWP, even if they have a totally understandable reason for their apparent tardiness. (We don’t all have chauffeur driven limos provided free by the government to get us to our appointments on time, and public transport in your country notoriously unreliable.)

However, you may well decide not to take my advice. After all, there’s a feeling that you may have to go before PMQs this week. It is hard to imagine that Sunak will be able to find a reason to keep you in cabinet if Starmer and Flynn decide to lead with you and your, um tax affairs. (On the bright side, I suppose it makes a change from the other kind of affairs so prevalent in Westminster.)

You will, I’m assured, be remembered for your service to Britain, in particular for how kind you were to your horses, keeping them warm and comfortable in your heated stables, even if you passed the bill for that heat to the taxpayer.

We are, after all a society of animal lovers.

May I wish take this opportunity to you the best of luck in your next career.

Yours sincerely


PS. To cheer up you, look at this beauty:

I’ve got my eye on you…

27 thoughts on “LETTER FROM MUNGUIN”

    1. Its difficult to critical of Iraqi tax collection arrangements when our own are as robust as they might be

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      1. Enough is Enough
        Here you go.

        1: https://taxpolicy.org.uk/2022/05/27/crs-evasion/

        2: http://taxresearch.org.uk/Documents/TaxHavenCostTRLLP.pdf

        3: https://lse.ac.uk/News/Latest-news-from-LSE/2022/i-September-22/Abolishing-the-non-dom-regime-would-raise-more-than-3.2-billion-each-year-finds-new-report

        Someone on the tread asked for sources. There they are.

        No wonder they desperately wanted away form the EU before it made offshoring illegal. Never mind all the problems caused.

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    1. On several occasions, thadochasann.
      Back in the days of Mesopotamia, and more recently when Blair decided that evidence or none, he wasn’t going to risk upsetting DubYa. (And to be fair it worked. He got his Congressional medal.)

      But they screwed Iraq and Iraqis.

      It wouldn’t have been my idea of heaven to live there, but I did know an Iraqi who had told me that under Sadam it was a reasonable place to live. Pretty free. Women were allowed to wear whatever, own businesses, work…

      And you could have a beer of an evening by the river…

      And just look what the West did to them, and all for WMDs, which after 15 years they never found, despite having seen them on the satellite, so clearly…

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    1. OT……but a continuation of previous discussions, and perhaps even worth a chuckle. The VERY latest….from an hour or so ago…….about the Washington classified documents scandal:

      Classified documents have now been found at (former Vice President) Mike Pence’s home in Indiana.

      It just gets better and better. 🙂 🙂


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      1. LOL LOL LOL LOL

        Ummm… can I ask if there are any confidential documents in the White House vaults?

        Or are they all scattered around various and sundry ex president/vice presidents.

        You can bet they’ll be off to search Obama’s, and Bush’s, Cheney’s, Clinton’s, Jimmy’s… I wonder if they’ll go back as far as the ‘potatoe’ man… although, I’m not sure he would have read much…unless it was in latin. 🙂

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        1. LOL LOL…..Good question Tris! No need for very much space in the White House vaults, since the top secret documents are scattered all over the country. 🙂

          I’d say that Jimmy Carter may be clean. Not sure about potatoe man though. All the houses back to Carter at least should be searched…..LOL.


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              1. How many roubles to the dollar these days?

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  1. Munguin looking rather splendid there. Recent research has shown that humans can understand gestures made by our Great Apes cousins. I propose that we sack the Tories and appoint some chimps and/or bonobos to run the country. They couldn’t do worse!


    Ps impressive jaguar there!

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    1. That’s why we think these gestures are so cute, I think. They are almost instinctive to us, although because we have language we don’t need to use them.


  2. Seems to be that under PM Rishi ‘No professionalism, no integrity and no accountability’ Sunak we are witnessing another version of a déjà vu Johnson Tory ‘scandal then attempted cover up’ style of government (INO) ……

    Initially Sunak , on this matter when first raised, said he had ‘Full confidence in Nadhim’ …..then in HOC he told Starmer that this had been dealt with and no further action required …… THEN when obvious it, as a SCANDAL, was NOT going to go away….he , Sunak, then said he did not know that Nadhim Zahawi had paid a penalty to HMRC……which was not the FULL issue/scandal really was it…the millions in unpaid tax was not a problem it seemed…..(only a problem if you or I owe HMRC any tax…as in us the mere mortals aka Plebs)

    So he , Zahawi, must have LIED to Sunak then as in he , Zahawi, omitted this crucial detail re the fine from HMRC that allowed Sunak to initially (wrongly) assume that he could both exonerate and defend him on this …..or more likely Sunak was , like a typical Tory, covering up for Zahawi….get a fine from HMRC tis very BAD shocking according to Sunak….. however in not paying (millions) your taxes on monies earned that was okay and acceptable apparently to Sunak…….that is what Sunak expects us to believe !!!!

    I believe he , Sunak, also used a similar style of excuse re the Michelle Mone PPE scandal where he stated he was ‘“absolutely shocked” by allegations that Tory peer Michelle Mone profiteered from flogging dodgy PPE……even though at the time HE was Chancellor when this happened….initially though on this matter …he was also prepared to defend and ignore it…..like the Good (bad) Tory he is…..party over country always….(party to include party donors too)…..

    NEW Tory boss SAME as previous OLD Tory bosses…..especially the one who was a serial liar and who led a scandal infested party as in one Boris Johnson….seems they have not MOVED ON from being the same kind of party they were via Johnson….rank rotten…..but expect us to as per…once again.. MOVE ON from their continual corruption and bad governance.

    Hence why their Tory branch office in Scotland is desperate to constantly try to make mountains from mole hills against the Scottish government while seemingly not concerned with the mountainous amounts of scandals and corruption via their Tory HQ …..almost as if their ONLY mission at Holyrood was one of deflection from the Tory scandals and corruption at WM……say “almost” but mean CERTAIN…..a rinse and repeat exercise via Tory Branch office …….and an exercise that is now becoming more obvious with the public in Scotland…..and of course tis aided by their helpers in the media in Scotland and at times outwith here too (press and TV)…..something else the Scottish public are seeing and thus are MORE aware of too…..hence why support for Indy is RISING and support for their Union (NON) is FALLING……that makes sense though does it not.

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    1. I think you’re right. The Scottish Branch of the Tory Party, isn’t really an opposition p[arty, if’s here to try to take attention away from how corrupt the head office is.

      They really have no other reason to exist.


  3. I believe the new Lord Ethics man was also a donor to the Tory party – in which case he will simply have to decide how many of the tax £millions it will take for him to brush matters under the carpet for Rish! and the other fellow!!
    Does this make me a ‘sunak’ or a cynic?

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