1. What you mean I’m not supposed to suck my thumb when I’m at work on Soppy Sunday .
2. You’d think you get a break on the first day of your life, but no, not me. I have to go to swimming lessons. It’s a hard life.

3. Brimstone Butterfly, the toughest Butterfly on these islands. Overwinters like this… a bit like a lot of the human population

4. Family outing.

5. Dad’s got me strapped in ready to go on a road trip. I’m quite grown up now, so I can sit in the front like a big dog.

6. Beautiful or what?

7. George from Bulgaria (on the left) and Jeanie, who is from the UAE (but who also lived for a while in Bulgaria) now both living with Rob in the UAE. Well travelled cats. Jeanie is 18, although you’d never guess it. You should sell your secret of eternal youth, Jeanie.

8. And here’s another cat. This time playing mum to an orphaned squirrel.

9. Something you won’t see that often. Three Robins together without bloodshed.

10. You guys have got it all.

11. Little Tabby, another Bulgarian cat who fell on his feet. Fed every day by Linda (the RS to Munguinites).

12. When you can’t afford a fan or air conditioning, you have to manage somehow!

13. I’ve got my eye on you, AndiMac. Don’t even be thinking about BID Duck and wee Duck, right? Unless of course Munguin is paying an appearance fee. Yeah, like that will happen.

14. I don’t know where this is, but I wish I did.

15. Sounds like a Munguinite to me.

16. Bertie turning his back on me, before the Great Schism. He won’t come anywhere near me and although he still gets 3 meals a day, he won’t eat until I’ve gone inside. Nor indeed, will his two brothers, Slightly Chubby Bertie and Black-Beak Bertie. But I’ll make him trust me again… if I can.

17. What, you’ve never seen a handsome animal doing calisthenics before?

18. If you were thinking about trying to eat some of my dinner, may I remind you that, although my horns isn’t very big right now, they’d still feel decidedly uncomfortable if they was butting you in the butt. So think on, Buster.

19. No, I’m not embarrassed, I’m always this colour. I’m a Crimson Finch.

20. Honest, the food in the canteen at Munguin Towers leaves a lot to be desired. I’m bringing my own next week.


21. Jings, Mum, tell me it gets warmer, please.

Thanks to Hetty, Kay, Rob, Quokka and AndiMac.

24 thoughts on “SOPPY SUNDAY”

        1. I think they would do well to remember that they are resident in the Stobie, not Maryfield as some of them seem to think.

          Still, what do I, a mere factotum, know?



  1. Oh such a balm of the soul; lovely animals and vistas. Many many cats – I think the orangs are getting jealous so a wee video might settle them down

    Sorry to hear that Bertie has fallen out with you. However you still get you see him and his brothers and that’s more than many can say.

    Anyway life re-affirmed I’ve off to see what other wonderful wildlife videos are out there – a trip to the Dutchman’s twitter methinks.

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    1. I expecting some dogs to complain to Munguin, but, well, cats can be very cute, especially Globe Trotting ones. It helps if your dad’s an airline pilot.

      I’m lucky that the birds still come, just disappointed I don’t get to look into their eyes any more… But I’m working on it.

      Lovely video. Chiquita is one naughty girl… but adorable nonetheless.

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  2. Also from Quokka. Last week we were talking about the dreadful floods in Western Australia. Here’s his update:

    Weather update

    The Fitzroy River at the crossing in now longer in flood, however the
    system moved across to the east coast on the monsoon trough and dumped
    rain on a large part of north QLD with over 1000mm of rain in the past
    week with medium flooding and some areas cut off.

    I think it was Tatu who hoped that they would not have another flood
    this year. In Lismore a town in north coast of NSW has had at least 5
    flood events in the past 18 months with 2 about 3 weeks apart. They are
    now looking at relocating some properties. The whole of the east coast
    has had major rainfall and flooding from North QLD all the way to
    Tassie, even the Melbourne cup racing carnival was under threat at one
    stage. Even Brisbane & Sydney have had flooded areas with Sydney having
    over 2100mm rain last year.

    We have had a cool start to summer with temps in the mid to high 20’s
    and nights of 15 – 20, we now are going into a week of 35 – 37 and low
    20’s at night classified as a low temp heatwave.


    It looks like Climate change is already meaning some people in Australia having to move out of where they live on a permanent basis.

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  3. Gorgeous pics and films thanks Tris, et al.
    The puppy in the car, soo cute and at least he /she actually wears a seat belt, should maybe be made PM, probs do a better job and be more honest (and would have a conscience) than the current one and his corrupt predecessors.
    I like the T-shirt one, where (I spelt that as wear first, oops) can I buy one of those…lol.
    Have a good week all. πŸ™‚

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    1. Don’t you just want to take him or her inside and let them live in your airing cupboard till it’s a bit warmer…

      Mind, I’m like that with so many animals… even some humans.

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      1. Umteen years ago and several lifetimes, I saw Robin Williamson and Mike Heron perform, must have been after the Incredible String Band split and before reforming, one of their songs was about a caterpillar. The words contrasted the way humans despair over, what they regard as calamitous changes and the changes that the little caterpillar goes through.

        I had a look and this is the closest I could find, you have to appreciate it was a different time;

        I was reading a few months ago that scientists have demonstrated that the soup in the cocoon when the caterpillar pupates to a butterfly can carry memory passed on to the butterfly.

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