LOL. You are a wag, Tris.

Thank you, Mr Sunak. How kind.

But, in the run up to the Brexit referendum, we were promised that funding from GREAT Britain would be better than funding from LESSER foreigners in Brussels.

And, by my reckoning, this isn’t better at all.

Or do I need to do one of your Sunak Special maths courses?

It appears that we are not only NOT getting more, we are getting a very great deal less.

So unthank you, Mr Sunak. How typically unkind.

Our Employment Minister, Richard Lochhead said Scotland was suffering from a 60% shortfall in financial help.

The UK Government promised its UK Shared Prosperity Fund would replace in full ALLEU funding lost to Scotland after Brexit. 

However, the UK has only allocated £212 million to Scotland over a three-year period, as opposed to the £549 million that would have been made available from EU funding over the same period.

This means that they have cheated us out of £337 million.

Furthermore, the EU fund was sent direct to Scotland to distribute in accordance with their rules, as OUR government and local authorities saw fit.

Whereas, the UK will distribute this fund as IT sees fit, and this will bypass our parliament, the one closest to Scotland which might have more of an idea about what funds were needed where.

Talking of which, even the Tory Times says that levelling up is to be done largely in the South East of England and the Guardian points out that Sunak’s rich Tory constituency has done very well.

As David, on Twitter said:

Let me see if I’ve got this right … £177M for Scotland for 2.76M voters is £64 per voter £20M for Sunak’s own RICH constituency is £230.16 per voter. He even boasted it was going to happen.…

I suspect the same thing is happening with other funds that we used to get from the EU… eg:

Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) is by far the largest source of EU funds. Over £500 million a year comes to Scotland from the CAP in the form of direct payments to farm businesses and rural development funding. Following Brexit, short-term guarantees have been provided by the UK Government to replace most CAP funds until 2022, but no commitments have yet been made to replace CAP funding in the long term.

Oh well, farmers tended to vote for Brexit (although I know that not all did), so you could say, tough luck.

But it will be tough luck on us when small farms go out of business and we are forced to pay the far higher prices that the remaining larger corporate farms will charge, or buy alternative much lower quality imported produce from one of Truss’s terrible trade deals.

Pardon the vulgarity, but…


As today’s cheer up, he’s a cartoon AndiMac did specially to commemorate the demise of the Britishvolt factory, so necessary for the production of electrical car batteries for all the electric cars we are to be building in the UK… and yet for which no one managed to find any levelling up funds.

(Hint to management: You should have made a generous donation to the Tory Party or to some senior minister thereof, and the funds would almost certainly have fallen from that magic money tree that they keep secreted for such purposes.)

Thanks Andi.


  1. It gets worse and worse. Where will this end?
    Beginning to lose hope. What is the Scottish Government doing to help?
    Oh, yes, they are setting up a fight with HM Govt in London about, wait for it, the seriously flawed GRR! I dont think that will help!
    Goes to bang head on wall……..Ouch!

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  2. The English government are levelling down. It hardly bears thinking about, the consequences of England’s Brexit on Scotland. English ‘devolution’ is a huge con and an English government ploy to undermine Scottish devolution, by equating regions in England, economically and politically, with the country of Scotland, as if there is no difference. It’s a sort of assimilation, whereby Scotland is quietly being cancelled as an actual nation in its own right. I find it all a bit scary.

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    1. I’m not sure that devolution in England will happen.

      There is so little to devolve. Counties can’t really change anything much that they couldn’t change before because English law is English law… so when it was put to a vote, it was defeated. It was like that in Wales to begin with, because they couldn’t introduce any new laws.

      That had to be put right before devolution in Wales would work.

      But I agree that the idea of doing this is to downgrade the devolution settlements of Wales and Scotland and, I suppose, to an extent, the North of Ireland.

      Like everything else these fools try to introduce, it won’t work.


        1. So it’s a diversion.

          We’re going to offer you local democracy because you live in a state with an unelected king; a house of donors, a FPTP system which in no way presents the votes of all the constituents, only the predominant ones in each constituency (but delivers majorities of 80 on 44% of the vote), and at that there is a way to bypass all that by using Orders in Counsel.

          But you have have regional government which you don’t want, and which won;t have any power or any funding.

          We just need you to forget that you are hungry, cold and tired and enjoy the freedoms that Brexit brought. Look there’s a pint glass with a crown on it…

          So let’s not be talking about the PPE scandal, the Russia Report; the ongoing Party gate saga, Princess Moan, the ripping up of your rights; the 4000 pieces of legislation that we haven’t examined but we’re going to scrap anyway, because they are lefty woke nonsense from eugh… Brussels.

          Sounds like the Tories to me.

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  3. They lied.
    No surprises.
    As far as Scotland goes and their intent to take back control of us,all they can do to justify the indefensible is lie and deceive.
    Should come naturally to England’s Tory party.
    I don’t mention the “Scottish” Tory party.
    Just because Volkswagen have dealerships in Scotland,doesn’t make them a Scottish company.
    However,should Volkswagen try to sell their product in the same way as the UK government,they would soon be out of business in Scotland.

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  4. Love the levelling up picture from North West englandland with the leadership of the tories.

    Note the peeling paint on the window frame.

    Wee hidden fact, you had to pay to enter the leveling up competition.

    A Falcon jet was used to fly the boy to Blackpool then Durham then home, used because the trains are so unpredictable but we’re spending huge money not to run them due to striking workers, minister says it would be cheaper to pay a decent pay rise butt.

    The very clever pm gets filmed in a moving vehicle without a seat belt, against the law for us plebs, no mention of the camera operator who must have done the same going by the camera angle.

    More Important, happy Penguin Day, a big Penguin colony has been found, unknown before.

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    1. Yes… and the money all has to be spent by a certain date or it is forfeit. I’d imagine that that’s hard to do on a project of any size, given problems with supplies, labour and weather to mention but 3.

      Rich Sunak seems to like flying in his personal jet at our expense.

      There’s always an excuse. A packed schedule of business. A possible train strike. A “Y” at the end of the day.

      I suppose he’ll get off with being in a car without a seat belt. (At least it wasn’t a private plane.) Otherwise his criminal record is going to look like that of the Kray twins.

      I expect his defence will be that he had such a busy schedule that putting on and taking off a seat belt would have meant he missed an important debate on telling lies about the EU or Scotland or something else.

      It’s good news about the Emperor Penguin colony, although overall the Penguin story is sad.

      Most Emperors will never see a human in their lives, but what we do determines their existence.

      Antarctica is melting at an alarming rate and it is said that by the end of the century we will have lost 90% of penguins, as Antarctic water laps upon our doorsteps.

      Still, big business, eh?

      Where’s the snow, mummy?


  5. Saw a t shirt with

    Fossil fuel is a bridge to nowhere.

    We are burning oil and gas and have no plans to of how we are to continue to live on the planet’s Northern and Southern Hemispheres.

    Strange that people are moving from the Equator zones when we should be moving to there.

    Just like Brexit, no plans to deal with the consquences.

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    1. Yeah, but profits, more money, lots more money, money they could never spend if they outlasted the planet… must haves.

      David Attenborough… national treasure.

      But he says we must do something…. national embarrassment.


      1. Setting fire to oil, coal, forests and gas is very short term.

        The unionist told us that Scotland’s oil and gas would be finished by now, seems not.
        They carefully avoid the West of Shetland fields that they are plundering by direct shipment to englandland.

        Yes we need to recover the materials but to use them for their usefulness as re-usables, not destroyed by burning, they are not replacable then.

        Yes, Attenborough has seen the light, destroying the planet is as sensible as setting fire to your cave because a window is broken.

        The next inhabitants of the planet might manage to live in the atmosphere we leave them.

        Love the rich cynic’s play on the leveling up by head of population shows how much he cares about Auchtermurchty, their getting £1000 a head compared to London’s £200 a head.
        He’s a salesman pushing the ‘would you let a penny a day stop your wife from getting a payout on your death’.

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          1. See the social housing group is going to destroy 4 high rise blocks in Glasgow.
            600 apartments that are graded at level C for energy, they could be modernised.
            There is a shortage of low cost properties, and the Ukraine asylum seekers are on a cruise ship.

            Wheatley used to be run by the council but are now a not for profit organisation with other names.

            Certainly they say they will build low level housing on the site but what waste.
            In Greenock some older tenement properties are modernised and sought after as good housing.

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  6. Straight from the daily hail.
    Kay,lee anderson’s assistant

    Rents a room at £775 a month
    £120 a month on travel to work
    £30k a year.
    Has Student debt, but doesn’t pay anything back as yet.
    Father is CEO of York minster
    Mother id CE of a charity in York
    School fees were £30k a year.

    Doesn’t need to use foodbanks

    That’s a relief as she’s just your ordinary working girl.

    Obviously a 30p a meal advocate.

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      1. I wonder if he asked her permission to disclose all her details.

        Ig she gave permission, she’s as daft as he is. We have no idea if it was discussed and she said, “well, Mr Anderson, I only earn… blah blah blah, but you don’t see me going to the foodbank”.

        If she did., well, it’s on her. If not she should take the matter to the police. I’m not sure you are allowed, as an employer, to discuss your employees personal business.


        1. Somebody who would even think of asking an employee to do this is beyond help. The power imbalance means that she may have have felt powerless to refuse.

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          1. Yes of course, particularly if he’s the kind of bully that one imagines him to be (ref the assaulting the disabled campaigner at the party conference).

            He got such a rough time on Twitter as a result of this, he’s said he’s taking a break from it.

            Well, he says he is…


        1. And who would subsequently employ her if she did?

          This whole thing is revolting because it depends on a power imbalance between an MP and their junior employee.

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          1. To be honest, given how incredibly foul his ask was, I think there are probably people who would happily give her a job.

            He’s an unpleasant man with a history of unpleasant actions, not only in the Tory party but in Labour too.

            Talking of unpleasant men, the repulsive “dreams” of the repugnant Clarkson are sent up beautifully by this talented family.


      2. Have I Got News For You
        Jan 19
        LinkedIn updates list of worst places to work:

        3. Offshore oil rig
        2. Sewage processing plant
        1. Office of Lee Anderson MP


    1. LOL,

      It certain helps if Mummy and Daddy can help out with a few thousand here and there.

      Anderson is such a fool.

      Leaves himself open every time.


  7. Has he just broken the Data Protection Act?

    Strange that he considers her Private information can be released to the public but zahari’s tax information deal with HMRC is private.

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  8. Maths applied as per your post Tris is not what PM wanted, a few more examples like that and he may withdraw his maths advice.
    Andimac’s cartoon is very good.

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    1. Yes. It’s the photo that they used in their publicity.

      Andi’s comment is superb.

      I fear we may shortly be told that all students will now have to follow a course of English until they are 50 in the hopes that some may pick up some knowledge.



  9. Sunak has been given a fixed penalty notice by the police from being in a car without a seat belt.

    He got one for being at a party during lockdown.

    The Brit prime Minister is a serial criminal.

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    1. And in other corrupt and criminal news:

      New development. Guardian reporting Zahawi paid the tax plus interest, plus a 30% penalty – over £5m.

      30% is at the lower end of what I’d expect. But the obvious point: people whose taxes are “fully up to date” don’t pay 30% penalties to HMRC.

      That’s quite a big fiddle . Haven’t people done time for this sort of thing? Boris Becker?

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      1. Oh and talking of Boris:

        Last week Christopher Harborne gave £1m to Boris Johnson.

        This week QinetiQ – the UK defence company whose biggest shareholder is, wait for it…. Harborne – won an £80m government contract…

        Great scoop from
        (also in morning’s Politico London playbook)

        Fork out a million quid, get an 80 million quid contract.

        They aren’t even trying to keep the corruption secret now.


      2. I wonder just what deal was struck with HMRC.
        Does it mean that investigations into his tax affairs are now closed?
        It might be thought a price worth paying.

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  10. Dan Carden MP
    My constituency of Liverpool Walton is the most deprived in England.

    It has not received a penny of the Levelling Up Fund.

    Of the 80 successful bids in England, only half are in the 100 most deprived areas.

    The Prime Minister’s affluent constituency, however, received £19m.


  11. Not quite off topic, more an augmentation to tory dealings.
    Christopher Harborne gave a £1m donation to Boris Johnson Ltd and, by coincidence, the defence company that Christopher Harborne is the major shareholder of has won a £80m defence contract.

    I don’t know this defence company, perhaps they are superbly set up and efficient. However I know the other company, BJ Ltd, and ask myself why a superb and efficient company would give, not loan, £1m to such a lying, lawbreaking company?

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    1. There is, unfortunately, an automatic assumption that anything connected with Johnson will be corrupt and deviant.

      And that now is spreading through what is left of the Tories.

      Because, in fairness, most of the decent ones are long since gone.


      1. True Tris.
        Below follows on from a discussion here on the GRA/RR.

        After the discussion on here about the GRR bill, I realised that whilst almost all are suspicious of the cosiness enjoyed by Westminster and the MSM, when it comes to hot, or made hot topics the trenches are dug. Many times deep enough so that light has difficulty penetrating.

        I have had suspicions that the whole GRA was being whipped up by Westminster to damage Nicola Sturgeon and SNP/Greens. But it was just that suspicions, nothing to go on.

        Until, I was reading a post in Talking Up Scotland by Stewartb. It is very good, quite long, but with authoritative links. Basically Westminster was heading for the same bill as Scotland, maybe reaching the passing quicker. It enjoyed all party support, well perhaps not the DUP, until the end of Sept. 2020 when the government announced a dramatic U turn. Consternation and anger erupted from tory and labour MPs asking for an explanation. Talking Up Scotland, the link;

        I then turned to the polls for 2020, to see if independence was a possible reason. Bingo, consistent wins for Yes.

        Sorry for taking up your time Tris, I was sorting these links, getting them ready for posting on our local group and out it poured. Almost tourette like.

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        1. LOL. Actually, I’ve read the article on Talking Up Scotland.

          The duplicity of the Brits shouldn’t surprise me, but, in a way it still does.

          You never “take up” my time, Alan.


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