Ewww, we’re really scared, Mr Moralising Jenrick.

Is this article in the Independent you a couple of years ago, by the way? Was that when you were, or after you were  Exchequer Secretary to the Treasury?

Ministerial code, eh?

“In April 2020, The Sunday Times reported Jenrick had charged taxpayers more than £100,000 for “a third home” in his constituency of Newark, that he appeared to use only rarely.” (Wikipedia)

Ministerial, what did you say?

In November 2020, the Public Accounts Committee concluded that Jenrick’s constituency had been awarded funding by his department as part of a process that was opaque and not impartial. (Wikipedia)

What code again, Mr Jenrick?

Then there is all this, from Wikipedia.

In April 2020, after Jenrick repeatedly urged the public at televised press briefings to stay at home during the lockdown to curb the spread of coronavirus, the Daily Mail claimed on 10 April[28][29] that he had twice flouted Government restrictions after they were announced: first by travelling 150 miles (240 km) from London to a second home in HerefordshireEye Manor, where he was now living with his family, and then by travelling 40 miles (64 km) to see his parents near Shrewsbury in Shropshire.[30][31] He was accused by Anna Soubry of “selfish arrogance”.[32] Jenrick defended the former trip, reiterating he was travelling to his family home, where his family were before any restrictions on travel were announced.[33] He also defended the latter trip, stating his parents had asked him to deliver some essentials, including medicines, and he had not entered the house.[34] This position was supported by the emeritus director of Public Health England.[33]

Previously, on 22 March 2020, he had written an article for The Mail on Sunday arguing that rather than relatives travelling, local communities should help out.[35][36] Jenrick’s primary residence was his townhouse in Central London, where his wife worked and his three children attended school. Senior MPs[who?] called for Jenrick to consider his position, given his high-profile role in Downing Street’s campaign to keep the British public inside during the outbreak, including the ban on travelling to second homes.[37]

Ministerial rubbish, I’d say.

The whole page is a catalogue of um, “missteps” shall we say.

22 thoughts on “THIS IS FUNNY TOO…”

  1. He is shifty, but he also looks shifty, eyes darting off, unless there was someone in with him off camera. Yeh, that’s it, someone off camera. He is a fine up standing member, what a prick.

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    1. He really is. There’s not a scandal he hasn’t been involved in.

      How he’s a minister… Still i suppose we’ve had all sorts now.

      The incredibly thick, the incredibly bent, the incredibly fascist.

      Your summation is accurate, I reckon.


    1. He or she is absolutely adorable.

      I may have spoiled my relationship with Bertie Blackbird. He’s been coming up to the window to get food over the last week or so.

      Yesterday he got bolder and came inside, and then thought better of it and couldn’t get out.

      What a job I had to grab him as he tried to get through the glass.

      Eventually I did and he flew away, but he’s not been back, and he was decidedly distant with me in the garden.

      How can I explain I was only try to help him… not cook him in a pie with 3 and 20 of his mates?

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      1. I was wondering how you’re relationship with Bertie was progressing. That will have set things back but he may associate the danger with being inside, rather than you and may be get back to the former stage over time.

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        1. I hope so. At least it hasn’t spoiled his appetite.

          I wonder how long their memories last. I’d built real trust with him. It’s disappointing that he now won’t come near me.

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            1. Indeed there is a buffet of generous proportion in the garden.

              Bathing facilities, sundry drinking facilities, fat balls, fat pellets with berries and with meal worms, separate meal worms, peanuts and bread.

              Who could ask for more.

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          1. We used to put out bird seed and fatty balls for the birds during Winter months but that seemed to attract rodents as well,so we stopped.
            Unfortunately,now little sign of blackbirds or tits which we used to love seeing.
            Hope your friend returns.

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            1. We have mice in the shed, but nothing else like that.

              To get the tits (and sparrows) back have you thought about putting out nuts or fat balls in hanging containers?


              That should keep the rodents away, unless you have VERY messy birds that drop stuff all over. The blackbirds will happily peck up any that they drop.

              Bertie hasn’t actually gone away. He sits in the tree watching me put out food and then comes down for it when I’ve gone back indoors.

              I’m sure he’ll get over himself soon.

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                  1. During university, I lived in a place that had squirrels everywhere. Inventive little creatures! I was told by a neighbor that they had even defeated his cleverly designed hanging bird feeder.

                    One winter evening, just after sundown in the dim light, I went out to start the car, and it was dead. I popped the hood and came face to face (about six inches away from my face) with a sharp toothed squirrel. Hard to know who jumped farther in the winter gloom… or the squirrel.
                    He had found a place for a new nest. He had chewed off all the sparkplug wires and shredded much of the hood insulation to form a nice soft nest near the engine, where the sparkplug wires had been. About $800 damage, paid by insurance as wildlife damage. Squirrels can make considerable nuisances of themselves. 🙂

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                    1. Ouch, Danny… but the poor wee soul was cold… and engine bays are nice warm places, added to which, I suspect he or she didn’t know that it was an inconvenience to you.


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                    2. Yes, I forgive him.
                      He had surely started building his nest hours earlier when the engine compartment was still nice and warm. 😉

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    1. Aww magic, DonDon.

      I’d never actually seen one, despite spending a lot of time in the country, until a few years ago, on the outskirts of a lovely wee village called Lundie.

      The hedges there were full of them. They are so tiny, but fast.

      (Incidentally, the church in Lundie was being converted into housing and a few weeks ago, it burned down.

      Admiral Duncan’s grave is still there.


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