Poor Old Post Office Boss Thompson

Working hard for his massive bonus

Only Tory ministers are allowed to lie through their teeth to parliament.

Every animal deserves the opportunity to live a happy life; to be able to look up at the sky and dream.

11 thoughts on “Poor Old Post Office Boss Thompson”

  1. Hm, I paid a ton to send a wee parcel to family in Australia ten days ago, tracked and signed for, via ‘Royal mail’. No sign of it, might have left the UK they tell me, mind you who wouldn’t if they had half a chance. Do not send parcels internationally right now is the info, because they have had a cyber glitch or something. Has that been reported in the news, haven’t seen anything about it. It definitely seems that BritNat politicians are avid liars and do not care because they face no consequences for their actions.

    The piglet, what a total sweetheart. Yes re the message too, good organisation called compassion in world farming, CIWF, I’ve donated to them for a few years now.

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    1. To be honest, I’m not a fan of the “royal” Mail, but for letters, there isn’t anyone else.

      Odd that we aren’t hearing about the parcels problem.

      How’s your son, Hetty?

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      1. It is strange re parcels, it arrived there yesterday maybe it was a temp glitch.
        My son is recovering well, thank you Tris, the hospital called to see how he’s doing, which is good. There’s always something to deal with, son no2 has DWP interrogation coming up for pip, private company, in my experience they aren’t in it to help those with autism, and it is more interrogation than ‘consultation’. Stress levels at about 8/10. I hope you and Munguin are well and keeping warm. I can’t find bird seed anywhere locally, so gave the wee souls our sunflower seeds, and crushed oatcakes. Feel sorry for the birds in the freezing cold.
        All the best, H.:-)

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        1. Good news there, Hetty and marvellous that the hospital phoned to check up.

          I thought that in Scotland they had stopped interrogating people who have non changing conditions. Maybe PIP is still administered by England.

          I hope he has someone going with him. I’ve gone to a few of these things in the past with people and invariably the people who do the interviews have no idea what they are doing.

          I think the idea was originally that it should be doctors that did the examinations. But of course they can’t afford doctors and there aren’t enough of them.

          Now there aren’t enough nurses so I don’t know who they use.

          A friend of mine has a son who is autistic, and who gets really stressed about anything like that. She and her husband are both lawyers and they go with him and intervene.

          If you have a Home Bargains nearby, they do a lot of good bird food and it is comparatively cheap.

          Mind you the way my lot go through it, it doesn’t work out that way. Munguin is going to have to spend some of his second hand gold soon.


      2. Same, maybe I should look into alternatives for sending things abroad in future, ‘royal mail’ is a bit of a rip off and seems to use the slowest airplanes that circumnavigate the planet at least twice in order to deliver a wee parcel. πŸ™‚

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  2. Further down the twitter link someone has posted a clip where the RM CEO is asked about his Β£140000 bonus. It’s very good. Especially the MPs quip at the end πŸ˜‚

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    1. That’s a great one. Tatu.

      He comes across as a most unlikeable little man. Lovely that that was broadcast so widely on social media, because it made him look like an ass.

      I’m assuming that they press for parcels to have priority because there is competition in the growing parcels market, and none in the diminishing letters market.

      Gotta get that bonus next year somehow.

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  3. Saw the piece where a post office workplace notice was produced, an official notice with PO logo.

    It said that parcels had to be priority and HALF of the letters for each route.

    The bold Thomson said it wasn’t their policy.

    He wasn’t asked about the policy of removing kettles from the staff rest areas as the company couln’t afford the energy cost, no tea breaks for the posties.

    See the media are reporting a 0.2% fall in the inflation rate, pity the food alone rate is 17% BUTT humans and mammals don’t need food to survive or have a warm cave.

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    1. If the inflation for food and gas is high, then that affects the poorest.

      The fact that the price of fois gras and luxury lamps or Β£800 a roll wallpaper has come down a little won’t be of any interest to old Mrs McTavish sitting with a blanket round her or staying in bed all day to keep warm and not use any personal energy.

      I wonder if they are not heating all the rooms in Windsor Castle there days.

      I also hope very much that the CEO of the post office is also denied his war beverage but I doubt it.

      If I’d been out all day delivering in the wet or cold, I think the least the company could do was let me have a hot drink.

      Be nice to your posty.

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  4. Interesting take on the Murphy blog about the effects of 10% plus inflation, it means that the tax take on our spending goes up and the treasury has more income.

    So what is happening is that rich cynic is paying bankers more by paying interest on money that he deposited through bonds. Instead of paying non inflationary income to essential services, income that he will get 40% back in the year.

    Interesting wee response of a story about a half million new house with the family living in one room , eating with outdoor clothing on and the heating off.
    By the way the inflation rate was calculated down due to the price of petrol reducing and the energy help.
    Food inflation nearer 20% for basics but Champers reduced in the post xmas sales.

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    1. Hunt just admitted that food inflation was 16%.

      Yes, VAT increases the cost and rakes in more money for them to waste on useless projects and fine dining.

      We all remember how Truss paid a fortune for a lunch in an exclusive Tory donor owned restaurant, and now we hear that the ex ex prime minister Blojo treated everyone to lunch in New York on the government’s credit card.

      And king whatsit’s big do won;t pay for itself.

      I’m not sure it’s right to take the rate of inflation down due to them handing every household Β£400.

      Inflation is inflation. Social Security handouts are a different thing.

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