1. I find it’s better to get up early in the morning and feed the birds. Even if it means I have to work earlier than a sleepy orangutan. Maybe Munguin will give me a bonus.

2. Oi. Time you were up and at it, orange boy.

3. Not you, the other orange boy. This is Duke of Srem, and in typical aristo fashion, when he wants something, he wants it!

4. A bit like this fellow, to whom probably no one ever says no!

5. They don’t call me Anthony Armstrong Fox for nothing.

6. If you’re from the Tory Party, there’s no one in except a very sharp beak.

7. Abandoned Viking village in Iceland.

8. You silly peoples. How could I come when my new friend is lying on my legs?

9. Stay still for the photographer, you silly little elephant.

10. We drove past this the other day in Fife, and met a very friendly sheep and two goats at the same time.

11. I can think of much better ball games.

12. I’m a Pygmy Titi. I bet you’ve never heard of me.

13. OK, I know, but it’s very cold in Bulgaria at this time of the year. If you visit you’ll find out and , no, you can’t borrow my coat.

14. Quokka sent me this video. Imagine the devastation.

15. You might think that I was just a drifting branch, but I’m a dragon. Obviously I don’t breathe fire underwater though, so you’re safe enough.

16. Intifada, Claire’s winning horse, enjoying Bulgarian sun.

17. What time’s lunch?

18. When Texas has a storm, it certainly has a storm.

19. Mum, smile …we’re gonna be on Munguin’s Republic.

20. Out for a walk we discovered this Christmas tree abandoned and half dead. So we did what any decent person would do, we got secateurs and trimmed all the dead bits, then planted him in the earth in a forest, where he’ll be happy.

21. Walking tail in tail… awww.

22. You promised more dogs this week, Munguin!!!

23. What’s on the carry out menu today, please?

24. Hósvík, Færeyjar

25. I’m in the bad books, it seems. Munguin expects 24 x 7 work… and little animals like me need their beauty sleep. (I think Tris could do with some of that too, just between you and me.)

Anyway, Munguin’s thanks to Kay, Claire, Chloe, Quokka.

46 thoughts on “SOPPY SUNDAY”

  1. The flooding in Kimberley is terrible, poor people
    I love the one of you rescuing a Christmas tree
    Another great selection of dogs, cats, wolf, heilan coos to cheer us up on a Sunday.

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    1. LOL Munguin is a big softy when it comes to living things that have been abandoned. It was a sad looking thing, but hopefully it will be ok when we have planted it. We went out with plant feed to make sure it got a good start.

      I can’t imagine loosing everything to a flood like that… and with expectations that it could all happen again next year.


  2. I was going to ask “who carries secateurs about with them on a walk?” but apparently the answer is Tris does 🙂

    No I’d not hea(r)d of a Pygmy Titi though in my defence there are over 400 primate species – can’t know them all.

    As for No2, a hard lesson baby, but if you snooze you lose… Both orangutans but particularly the last pic were very much a balm for the soul. The two cats walking close together with tails entwined were rather touching – geddit!

    And finally I have to say that the Vikings know how to build to last!

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    1. Thanks for the subtle correction there PP. 🙂

      Yes. Of course I carry secateurs on trips in the country. Who doesn’t? You never know what plants may need rescued. It really started off when we came upon a load of little saplings growing under a big tree, but being completely shaded from the sun. So implements were sought,and some overhanging branches were cut back allowing the sun in and encouraging growth. Sometimes, though, it is necessary to employ a saw. And for that we are obliged to return to the Towers and start all over again.

      I’ll get to go to tree heaven when I pop my clogs.

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  3. The photos and video cheer you up on a cold winter’s morning. 15 looks like it is nervous and has gone to pieces.

    A soppy video.


    1. Lovely thread there, Marcia. Loads of heart warming videos.

      I think that wee dragon in 15 is a corker.

      I wonder if he fancies a billet at Munguin Towers.


  4. O/t Ah Missouri the gift that never stops giving

    “Missouri Republicans passed new rules:
    1. Women lawmakers are banned from showing their bare arms.
    2. Women lawmakers are required to cover their dress with a “second layer”.

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      1. Panda Paws……Yes, the Missouri GOP is as crazy as it gets. Sadly, there just aren’t enough Democrats in Kansas City and St. Louis to outvote the Trump-loving Republican MAGA rednecks from the countryside. 😦


        1. OOPS……PP……sorry for the duplicate post. (See far below.)

          Actually, here in Missouri, I hadn’t heard about the new rules for women’s attire. PP is plugged into Missouri politics for sure!

          (I like the Second Amendment implication. 🙂 )

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          1. I’d seen it an an American-Scots twitter and thought “that’s where Danny lives” so posted given your connection to MNR.
            I’m not really plugged into Missouri politics. It’s just they do quite newsworthy things!!!

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            1. PP………Yes the rural MAGA Republicans who dominate the Missouri legislature in Jefferson City are always doing something newsworthy, and usually outrageous. 🙂

              BTW, the capital city of Missouri is one of the least known of the American state capitals. One that relatively few Americans outside of Missouri can name. It has a pretty location on the Missouri River however.


                1. The current capitol building was dedicated in 1924. It’s the third Missouri capitol, the two previous buildings having been destroyed by fires.
                  Jefferson City is a pleasant looking small town, with a population a little over 40,000. Situated near the geographic center of the state, it’s almost midway between Kansas City and St. Louis. It’s only about a third the population of Columbia, about 30 miles across the river to the north, where the main campus of the University of Missouri is located.

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    1. Oh! Are men lawmakers banned from showing their arms?

      To be fair, though, I’ve looked around the House of Commons on a hot summer day and noticed that they men are all in suits and shirts and ties and jackets, and some of the women look as if they are off to so some sun bathing or a garden party.

      Business attire works for both genders.

      I had the same situation once in work. I was in charge while the manager was out and one of the lads was starting to look overheated and quite ill, red and blotchy!
      I told him to go and sit outside in the shade for a while till he cooled down and take his tie off and undo his top button.

      The female manager came back a while later and pulled him up about his lack of proper attire. He directed her to me.

      She challenged me on it… I pointed out that she was wearing a blouse with no sleeves, and light cotton skirt with bluebells printed on it, no tights and open sandals and that at that, she looked overheated.

      He, on the other hand, was wearing heavy shoes, socks, long black trousers and a shirt and tie. Did she, I asked, see any inequality there?

      I absolutely believe in equality. But to live up to its name, it has to work both ways.

      If people don’t want to look at arms, let’s ensure that NO arms are seen, and if jackets are required for one gender, they must be for both genders.

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      1. It should be the same for both sexes, I agree. And I also think there should be differing dress standards when it’s roasting. I’m not talking jeans and t shirt but there must be hot weather smart casual clothing surely?

        Anyway thon canine complained there weren’t enough dogs so –

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        1. It hadn’t occurred to her that she looked like she was off for a day at the beach and Stuart was sweltering in formal wear.

          As I said, I had no issues with her at work in a holiday costume. I failed to see, though, why we couldn’t all be like that.

          By the same token, in the winter, men had exactly the same “uniform”, often pretty chilly, whereas women could wear fluffy sweaters with their trousers.

          Equality is absolutely great, but it has to be equal equality!!!

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    2. Panda Paws……Yes, the Missouri GOP is as crazy as it gets. Sadly, there just aren’t enough Democrats in Kansas City and St. Louis to outvote the Trump-loving Republican MAGA rednecks from the countryside. 😦

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  5. re. 20: About a hundred yards or so up the side road from me, there’s a low cliff (no more than about 50′ high) with houses near the top of it and a mass of brambles and what-‘ave-yew at the bottom.

    About twenty years ago, a small stand of fir/spruce trees sprang up at the bottom. It wasn’t difficult to figure out how it happened; the people in the houses at the top dumping their old Christmas trees over the edge. The trees are now all well over 15-20’ tall and thriving.

    Nature is insurmountable; the best one can hope to do is negotiate with it.

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  6. I had set aside part of this day to complete my tax return, before the deadline. Managed to lock myself out of my account, grrr.
    Thanks to SS I feel calm and zen like again.
    2) He looks so comfortable, I was envious.
    3) Don’t mess with Duke, those points are sharp.
    7) Iceland, another place I’ve never been. Looks alluring, would like to sail there before I get too crocky.
    9) One to give birth, a community to rear. Elephants are superb.
    15) When something has that amount of camouflage, it is either very tasty or a very clever predator.

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    1. Oh lord. I hope you can get in again.

      Can’t be doing the Crown out of their tax. How else is the snarly one and his bit of stuff gonna get crowned


    2. Duke’s a beauty.

      Iceland is a wonderful country; lovely people; great fun and awesomely beautiful.

      I think Reykjavik is my favourite city in the world, although Dublin comes a close second.

      I think the wee dragon is just very clever.

      I’m not sure I fancy him on toast… but by the same token, I’m sure he doesn’t much fancy me on toast, or with chips for that matter.

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        1. As Gran would say… what’s good tae gie’s no ill tae tak.

          He’s got as much right to preferences as I have, and if I can turn up my nose, I expect he can turn up a gill or too.


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