The Tories and Health and Welfare safe in our hands…



Especially when he has a perfectly good, if a tad pretentious, coat and scarf at home.


The Prime Monster spoke to his people today. I tried to watch it but I couldn’t. There seemed little point. He’s patronising, he lying, he’s wooden and insincere and most of all he’s a Tory…but feel free.

However, the send up is much more watchable.

And much more likely to contain facts.


Ummm… well, now yes. I got some lickspittle SPAD in Downing Street to register me with an NHS doctor yesterday. Now that Coffey isn’t anything to do with it, it should be a bit safer.

Obviously I won’t use him, but yes, I’m registered, as is my billionaire wife.


This is what is happening to people in our country.



Comic relief :

44 thoughts on “The Tories and Health and Welfare safe in our hands…”

  1. Well, Tris, I bit the bullet and watched Richboy Sunak’s broadcast to the nation. If anyone had been tasked with producing a spoof political broadcast where a nonentity spouts platitudes and empty slogans they couldn’t have done better than this. 3 mins 40 of utter guff delivered by a speaker who would make a puppet look like a great orator. I would laugh if it wasn’t for the fact that this self-seeking, uncaring, lying, immoral (in short, Tory) posh boy is the ‘leader’ of our ‘great British’ disaster.

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    1. Jeeez, Andi. I’m impressed. I was starting to feel nauseous after his first sentence and by the end of the second one, I was reaching for a bucket.

      Thanks though for the summary: “Nonentity spouts platitudes and empty slogans. This self-seeking, uncaring, lying, immoral (in short, Tory) posh boy is the ‘leader’ of our ‘great British’ disaster.”

      All I needed to know.

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    2. Sheesh Andi, that’s taking one for the team. I heard one or to excerpts, thankfully I couldn’t see him and I could easily move out of earshot. I am sure he practices facial contortions in front of the mirror, to imitate what the plebs do. His sincerity is on a par with, “You have a nice day” or his levelling up campaign.

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      1. Excellent article.

        If the problems are lack of staff and lack of investment, and Labour refuse to take short term action to rectify these issues, then it seems to me, they don’t have the answer.

        In fact using the private sector at great expense would seem to be the opposite of a plan, taking money away from the hard pressed public sector.

        As the article points out, the staffing situation, at least as far as doctors are concerned, will hardly be affected by the plan as NHS doctors are moonlighting in private sector work anyway.

        And even if the Home Office began to act like human beings, the tabloid press has made “foreigners” out as villains (to get their Brexit vote), and now far fewer people, even if the visas were sorted, would want to work in the sour atmosphere in the UK.

        I remember a doctor (actually an Iraqi) recounting the tale of an elderly woman who had fallen and hurt her leg and was waiting in casualty for treatment, on the day after the referendum.

        This doctor went into her cubicle and the first thing she said was “what are you doing here. we voted yesterday to get rid of you lot”.

        None of these problems, despite what Jackie Baillie and the scrubs-wearing forest walker say, are as bad in Scotland as they are elsewhere in the UK, but they are still real problems.

        We put a bit more money into the SNHS; our Covid figures were marginally better than in England and we were less reliant on EU doctors and nurses.

        Thanks for that, Jake.

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    1. Yep, I watched this from Democracy Now, yesterday. The part about CEO’s raking in the money and private hospitals not paying tax is truly sickening.
      Also US Companies taking unions to court, the English government are using this sort of thing as a blueprint in the UK.
      Worth a watch.

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      1. Saw a utube video of a hospital that took nurses to court to stop them leaving the hospital to go and work for another hospital that were paying better wages.

        After an appeal they were allowed to change employer.
        The appeal judge asked for the details of how much the first hospital were paying for lawyers and asked the question ‘ Why not pay your staff that money?’

        Talk about slavery.

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  2. The photos of emaciated victims of this government remind me of the puctures of survivors of Japanese POW camps in WW2. Except, of course, that I am comparing them to people who actually survived.

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    1. Isn’t it sickening, Cairnallochy?

      And these are only two examples of this.

      I read about a woman whose kid was sick and she had to take it to the doctors. She phoned to make another appointment and was suspended for 6 weeks. How cold she feed herself and her kid?

      Another one who was late for an appointment with DWP because of a bus cancellation and was cut off. She went home, got her kid and jumped out of the window to their death.

      I reckon they have targets to stop benefits.

      Given some of the people in charge of the DWP you can imagine that.

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      1. They get perks for sanctioning people. I met a woman a few years back who’d worked at the DWP, basically she said she had to leave because the staff were so cruel, they’d sanction people for nothing, and laugh as the poor person left knowing they’d have nothing to live on for weeks. She described them as akin to Nazis, so sadists then. There are some extremely evil people in positions of power.

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        1. Between contracts, I worked for 9 months for the DWP in a recruitment capacity, filling vacancies for companies with no HR department, which meant the Jobcentre could claim the placements.

          Everything was about targets. Nothing else mattered. And there were targets for everything.

          I was away from most of that not even working in the same office as people “signed on”, but targets consumed most of the management and the staff. There were, unfortunately no quality targets, only numerical ones.

          It was a sickening experience, fortunately for me, short lived.

          I hated every moment of it. Luckily I was offered another job and dropped them like a ton of hot coal.


  3. Looked up the Dr Killpeople msp.

    He earns £35000 a year from working One Day a Week as a self employed GP.

    We were lucky to catch him dressed in his blues.

    Throw in his one hour a week as MSP at £80k plus expenses, he’s doing okay, no worries about heating or eating.

    Interesting sponsor for Keegan the government minister, £80k from a church group.

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    1. What on earth does he do the rest of the time?

      1 day a week in private healthcare and presumably a list MSP so he doesn’t have constituents?

      Maybe he goes for long walks with his stethoscope?

      Imagine a church group giving money to a Tory?

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      1. Tris, I suspect that Dr Sadness (oops – Sandesh) Gulhane is pictured so often in scrubs with a stethoscope is that he wants to gull folks into thinking he’s a top consultant or hard-working doc battling away uncomplainingly in an NHS hospital instead of being a (very) part-time GP who’s doing quite well, thank you very much. Still, you can’t say the chap is not devoted – to self-promotion anyway.

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        1. I can’t help thinking that it’s probably rather unhygienic to go out in your scrubs… but then as he rarely actually sees patients, I suppose it doesn’t make much difference.


  4. Visits the carlton club I suppose, to pick up his question for Thursday’s attack the FM.

    Saw a report from Brighton that One in Twenty over 65’s are going hungry even with food banks.

    The heat or eat problem is cited.
    Just a wee reminder it is usually at least 3 to 5 degrees Warmer in Brighton than it is in the North Britain area. Is there any difference in benefits, NO.
    The problem of Pre-Payment metering is that the supplier doesn’t cut you off, you do it for them, yes there is an emergency button but when you input a new payment it removes that first.
    Automatic disconnection, they used to have to send out a member of staff to do it at the meter.

    This is the uk that is reaping the benefits of brexit.
    The rich cynic says he’s seeing the benefits, can we all have what he’s taking.

    Weak reply in pmqt, yes Alex did a programme for RT, didn’t truss crash the economy?, didn’t Churchill supply aircraft engines to Hitler?.

    More important, didn’t sunak get a fixed penalty for breaking the LAW?

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    1. Fair to say that many people worked on RT as well as Alex.

      A proud record for Global Brexit Britain that 5% of pensioners are going hungry or sitting in the cold, or both.

      A long time ago I did a little exercise.

      Using the figure provided by a broadsheet, I recorded the temperatures in London, Edinburgh and Reykjavik on a daily basis.

      Of course it varied, and there were days when Reykjavik was warmer than London, but as a rule Edinburgh and Reykjavik were similar and London a good deal warmer.

      I dare say Rich Sunak is seeing the benefits of Brexit. The EU has introduced a scheme making it more difficult to avoid paying tax by offshoring.

      So he and his mates will be quids in.


  5. Just been announced that the CEO of Bet365 has been awarded £272,000,000 for last year.
    That’s just the the CEO.
    Bet that is safely deposited outside the uk.

    Think about it that’s £750,000 a day, £31,000 an hour for every hour including sleeping time.

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      1. I imagine the trickle down will be small too, because, well, when and where is she going to spend that in the Uk?

        She may buy a Swiss chalet, or a home in the Caribbean, yacht and an apartment in Monaco, but that won’t trickle down to anyone here.


      2. My father saw me enter the local bookies.

        He didn’t get angry, he taught me how a bookie works.
        Who sets the odds and after his operating costs are accounted for.

        My father wasn’t a mathematics graduate but from his lesson I have never been in a bookies.

        Clydebank have just authorised a Fourth shop, in an area with high unemployment.

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        1. It figures.

          It fits in with Orwell’s comments on how to keep the population happy in “1984”.

          When you are thinking about what’s gonna win the 2.40 at Cheltenham, you aren’t thinking about how you are going to find money for an electricity bill that is 35% of you wage.


        2. Aye, Dave – Clydebank needs another bookies like it needs a cholera outbreak. When I was at school, I was hopeless at maths, even arithmetic. With some of my pals we’d go to the bookies on Saturday and make a few bets. Even in my mathematical ignorance, I soon realised betting was a total mugs game. Never been inside a bookies in decades.

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          1. Never seen a poor bookie, Andi.

            And I have to wonder how all these Las Vegas/Lake Tahoe casinos and night sports could afford to pay the likes of Dean Martin, Sammy Davis, Frank Sinatra and Ella Fitzgerald?

            Pet once said she could earn more there in a month than she could earn doing concerts in Europe in a year.

            Why? Because people were “loosing their bets, on the Roulette, in Las Vegas”.

            Almost never bet on anything myself.


            1. The American wheel has a zero and a double zero, land in either the house takes the stake money.

              Yhe odds of winning are largest against.

              The one arm bandits are set to return a fixed amount.

              A mugs game right enough.

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  6. Laughed at dale on LBC, the government can’t just magic up hospital beds.
    He’ was accused of having no memory, cut off.

    He has forgotten the ‘Nightinggale’ Hospitals, that had beds and some staff but weren’t used, taken down.

    Thankfully he wasn’t elected as a tory mp, his job of gassing the airwaves is as much as he’s fit for

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      1. I avoid his programme as it is just a man who thinks he knows everything but knows little, a pub know it all.
        Only hear him on my way home on a Thursday, fortunately lbc reception in this area has black holes.
        He said that the uk’s gdp has risen after brexit and we’re just remoaners.

        Great news, remember those new supermarkets where you serve yourself?
        Well they’re going back to assistant service.
        As reported elsewhere.

        Tesco are locking up the bacon and sausages fridges due to shoplifting.

        At least maybe a few jobs created.

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          1. Neither do Lidl.

            Seems they are also restricting access to high value meat due to shoplifting.

            Isn’t it grate to live in a banana monarchy?

            Pensioners can’t live on the state pension having to wait on an increase they need now but won’t get until the end of April.

            see chas the turd turn up his nose at out of date food on tv.

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            1. My local Lidl does, Dave.

              And usually ONLY that. They only put a till on if someone has a massive shop.

              Yes, I can see that people would steal to get food if they, or more especially their kids and pets, were hungry.

              In honesty, I would too.

              When it comes to pensioners, you can’t trust this lot to say the same thing two days on the trot.

              They seem to want to get rid of them, but the trouble is that the bulk of the Tory vote is pensioners, so that’s maybe not a good strategy.

              I’m surprised that the old bloke knows what out of date food is.

              Don’t plebs deal with that kind of thing.

              Chick is pretty obviously not very popular. He’s not his mother; he’s a bad tempered old man, but not old enough to have reached the “oh isn’t he wonderful for his age” stage.

              Royals are only popular when they are very young or pretty close to death.

              One way he might be able to gain some measure of popularity with the plebs is if he stood up to the government on their behalf on matters like poverty…

              Risky though.


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