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It seems that what the English government wants from their health service workers in order to earn them a rise in pay, is more productivity.


More productivity from people who, over the last 2 years plus, bust their guts to keep hospitals working while everything around them (including the actual buildings) was falling into ruins.

They were heroes back then. Remember?

But just like the military heroes that get a couple of hours of the government’s precious time on one Sunday every November and are promptly forgotten about, the NHS got a 2 minutes’ clap once a week, and now that COVID is no longer a big story, they too have been forgotten.

Doctors, ambulance drivers, caterers, cleaners, nurses, porters, technicians and administrators, working long shifts to deal with the massive increase in patients during the pandemic at a time when they are desperately short of staff and still working so hard to try to ease the backlog that a pandemic necessarily creates. Staff levels depleted farther by Brexit and the Home Secretary’s botched job of sorting citizenship for EU staff.

Heaven knows how many lives these people saved while sometimes losing their own lives, and too often losing their own health.

And Panda Paws drew to our attention, the story of the man who died lying on the floor in Accident and Emergency in a hospital in Northern England.

And they want more productivity????

Pardon my language, Munguin, but… the second word is OFF.



Rod Liddle’s impressions on discovering he is around 75% Scottish.

As disappointed as Mr Liddle is, it pales into insignificance when I think about how disappointed (nah, that’s not strong enough, let’s go with dismayed and disgusted, distraught even?) I am at the news.


Quite so.




32 thoughts on “Random Thoughts”

  1. More productivity?

    The shapps says he’supports treatment in portocabins, other manufacrurers are available, wigwams.

    Brest laugh of today, deliberate.

    Damian Green has be made the chairman of the culture committee, the same green that lost the deputy pm job for wayching pornography on his works computer, the one we funded.
    Your feet wouldn’t touch on your way out the door.

    The Amazon facility in Gourock was built for IBM to assemble laptops, taken over by Murrey Holdings to assemble Lenovo computers, shut down then taken on by Amazon.
    Probably their cheap rates deal is over.

    Sky news visits a company that has donated £300,000 to tory mps, only to find it’s an empty building, an address that a further 6 companies have as their registered address on Companies House.
    All related to a johnston pal elevated to the lords.

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    1. I suppose anything will do for the peasants.

      They’ll be doing garden sheds next.

      The was a guy in a place I worked in who took a laptop home one night.

      A few weeks later the boss took the same laptop home to work on something in the evening.

      Her husband, a bit of a computer buff, had a look at it and discovered a load of porn had been watched on it.

      The boss opened an investigation and in the end found out who had done it. He lost his job.

      He should have cleared the browsing history and didn’t.

      The bloke who was watching tractor porn in the Commons lost his job. He must have been unpopular because the once that appear to have been accused of sexual misconduct as far back as last summer appear to still have their jobs.

      A case of who you know… or what you know about them?

      Fancy an empty shell of a company that gives lots of money to the Tories in return for a blue blood transfusion.

      Global Britain right enough. Leading the world in sleaze.

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  2. Extra productivity?

    The staff will have to talk like some of the radio adverts where they speal at 300 words a minute.
    You know the terms and conditions at the end,

    So fast you can’t understand what is said.

    That will help only if you can learn to run at the same speed.

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  3. Had a look at the Westminster Accounts.

    David Davis was given £150,000 by Two German companies!!!!!

    In geoffery Cox’s income of £2.1 million he claimed £2,000 from a legal entity, must have been a call to the speaking clock of old.

    Biggest surprises are the half million pounds each for so many labour socialists.

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      1. Rebecca long-bailley, who I hear you say.

        Half a million plus mp’s salary and expenses.

        Corbyn , quarter of a million plus salary.

        Ian Blackford seems to have let out his croft and earns from a company, £200k

        Mhari Black, £150 an article for the national every fortnight.

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        1. You do indeed hear that.

          What does she sell for half a million?
          From Wiki:
          Long-Bailey said it was “simply staggering that income from wealth continues to be taxed at a lower rate than income from work” and wants what she sees as unfairness to end. Long-Bailey wants “a wealth tax on the super-rich” together with further wealth redistribution to pay for public services as well as raised windfall taxes on “the super-profits of oil and gas companies”.[71]


          I suppose that if you are in London you can hardly milk the cows or make sure the sheep are ok when it snows, so I can understand that he lets out his croft.

          And I suppose Mhari’s £75 a week looks small next to Mrs May’s income.

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  4. Lobbying should be outlawed and funds for electioneering strictly limited and publicly funded.
    Other than that the only income MPs should be allowed to receive is their salary from the public purse.
    They should also not be allowed to hold second or third jobs while being in public service and that should be clearly understood before standing for election.

    No doubt this proposal would be met with the usual bleeting about not attracting the right sort of calibre of person but judging by some of the people infesting Westminster,I don’t agree.

    Anyone caught breaking these rules should be automatically disqualified from public service for ever.
    Far too many Westminster MPs regard public service as being self service and only pay lip service to rules around income sourcing.

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    1. I think it was Starmer who said that people shouldn’t have second jobs unless they were jobs (like doctors) where you have to continue to work to retain your registration.

      But a number of his shadow cabinet have second jobs.

      I can see that where there is a real need… in the case of a doctor or surgeon.. for ewxample, that should be allowed.

      Other than that, I’m dubious about it.

      I’d like to think that my MP or MSP was there to represent me, all the time.

      Not when he or she can fit it in between other things.

      If they use the excuse that people get experience of the outside world by doing these jobs, I’d suggest they stick to working in a voluntary capacity in a hospital or old folks home.

      They get £84,000 a year and a lot of perks. If that’s not enough for them to live on, how the hell do they imagine folk manage on £15,000 or pensioners manage on under £10,000?

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      1. “I can see that where there is a real need”

        I think if there’s a professional requirement to have so many hours of practise a year to continue registration then that’s fine and that might include lawyers and similar. Do your hours (roughly) but not more unless there’s an emergency. Some MPs and MSPs worked during Covid in medicine, nursing, social care and I have no problems with that. I call that humanitarian aid.

        However, hedge funds, lobbying firms, directorships et al – NO! I call that feathering your nest.

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        1. Exactly.

          If your profession requires you to work in it, in order to continue your registration fair enough.

          Otherwise, no.

          And if you feel you need to be out and about in your community learning what it feels like to be a worker, I’m sure there are part time posts available, even if only for expenses.

          We’ve already seen that people like Douglas Ross miss important debates in order to do their second/third jobs.

          This is 100% not on.

          Imagine phoning Tesco and saying “I won’t be in today. I’m running the line in Luxembourg. I’ll be back on Monday. Tell the customers at the checkout to hang around till I get back.”


    1. I’m not at all happy with this motion.

      “reaffirms its belief…” should have had the words “its belief” omitted.

      “believes that the United Kingdom should be a voluntary association…” would have been better stated as ” that the United Kingdom is a voluntary association…” and that “it should be open to any of its parts…” be amended to read ” it is open to any of its parts…”

      While we’re at it, “calls on the UK Government to respect…” is just a tad too craven for my taste, we are not supplicants in this matter, we are sovereign.

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  5. Last night my utter contempt for the unionists was confirmed.

    In our parliament.

    Marra said we should be happy with what we’ve got.

    Jackass said that we have to wait 30 years for another referendum.

    Some nutter from Ayr said that we should be concentrating on the day job.

    The fancy suited old joe sole spoke of nothing.

    We pay these people well and they respond by playing political games, self serviving idiots, with no respect for the position.

    Jackass told lies about the Edinburgh agreement. His local success was the closing of the local Post Offices.

    The barking Barkley said in westmonster that 9000 people were in english hospitals so he’s arranged for 1500 care home beds to be booked, job done. He said they knew in the summer that flu would be a big problem. What did they do?
    Put in truss as PM after 6 weeks of doing nothing.
    Maybe the rich cynic is correct, our parliament needs an O grade in arithmetic as an entry qualification.

    Utter contempt.

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    1. I hear they are putting (re bed blocking situation) people into hotels in England, because they don’t have anywhere else, like care homes to look after them. I wonder who owns these hotels, they’ll be making lots of dosh no doubt.
      The English government cabal are wrecking public services, I wonder how many
      have connections to private companies, vultures, waiting in the wings to buy up councils and public services on the cheap and replace them with their horrific Charter cities.
      The Uk is a mess, and Scotland being shackled to England with their extremist so called government, is catastrophic on so many levels, and the Uk becomes more disfunctional each day. It’s hard to feel optimistic, the world’s humans have gone mad, perhaps inevitable, but a bit scary though.

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      1. I’m wondering if the Tories have connections to the people who own these hotels. The idea come from some of their “friends”?

        A handy payback when even more Tory donors going to the House of Lords is starting to look a bit much even for them.


    2. Know your place, Jock plebs.

      The trouble is, Marra, with a far right government in England (that we didn’t vote for) making decisions on finance, like for example, awarding the rich an unfunded tax cut against all economic sense, and crashing the economy costing the country (including Scotland) £70 billion, and breaking the mortgage market, which still isn;t fixed long after the perpetrator had to resign. we can’t spend money on the things that really matter.

      There’s essentially nothing wrong with sharing responsibility for things with other countries. We don it in NATO, UN and we used to do it in the EU.

      The trouble is that the UK is politically so opposite to what Scotland is, added to which the UK government must be one of the most incompetent ever. and we are stuck with them.

      So no, Marra, we should not be happy with what we’ve got. And if you are happy with what you’ve got, an every more right-wing, Fascist government handing out money to the rich and starving kids, then I’d say you should be a Tory.


  6. If the NHS was a bank, money to support would be instantly made available.

    If the NHS was a sales facility for trading gas and electricity, money would be available.

    If the NHS was a pub , money would be available through the eat out to help out idea.

    If the NHS was a private school , well they are getting money.

    Have we got the message?

    The cabal are deliberately wrecking their precious union, the union they tell us is so great, the greatest political entity ever envisioned.

    Do they wish to be a Colony of the USA?

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    1. True.

      Someone needs to ask them what happened to the £350 million a WEEK they get for not being in the EU.

      I suspect the NHS will soon be a private company. Just like the care homes. And when they went boke because of bad business practices, what happened to them?

      Yep, they got bailed out.


  7. Reading brigend has lost the whip.

    Anybody keeping track of the numbers that are in invisibility mode?

    Strange media that had the starmer beer drink on front page everyday seem to have forgotten sex , drugs and money laundering, but only in the tory party.

    See elfricke, the wife, gets £85k a year from a house builder.
    Where is the sex pest now?

    Meantime in the english media, all the uk are suffering from ambulance drivers strikes.

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    1. He’s not having the best of years is old Bridgend.

      You just have to read his Wikipedia page.

      It’s hilarious. A catalogue of idiotic positions.

      I really don’t know why he was a Conservative. He tried to get Cameron sacked; he tried to get rid of May; he tried to get rid of Johnson and now Sunak has got rid of him.

      I think he sounds more like he belongs in whatever they are calling Farage’s party these days.



  8. Congratulations to Scotland tonight.

    Our electricity generation is 96% from renewables.

    So all of your electricity charge is subsidising englandland.

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  9. Apparently, in Scotland, according to the soon to be Noble Lord Alister Jackboots, there is no desire in Scotland to rejoin the European Union.

    Union Jackboots is, of course, based in England and the only Scots he meets are, his deputy that bought his seat in the Lords having failed to be elected to parliament, Offord, that Labour MP that turned turtle and went to work for the Tories, surprising no one, that Lament bloke, Michael Gove and DRoss, so this may have affected his perception of how real Scots people actually feel.

    I can honestly say, I cannot remember meeting one ordinary Scot who thinks Brexit was a good idea, including some who originally voted for it.


    1. I suppose 69% for is not a majority in the view of the governor general.

      Maybe he should enrol of one of Rick Sunak’s maths courses.


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