26 thoughts on “EMBARRASSING PROBLEM?”

  1. At the very end “…a made up problem”. That’s it, in my opinion, the press, with the help from the Royal offices, have made this problem. Not sure why, maybe to lead us from the, very real, Andrew problem. Or because Meghan was getting much more positive response than Waity Katie was happy about. Or both. And more.

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    1. Yes, I think to a fair extent, it is to distract attention from other, probably more serious matters. Prince Andrew might be one, but there was the issue of the cash in suitcases to the, then, Prince Charles. It could also be that HM Government is happy for it to be pushing the dire economic and social issues off the front pages, as well as off the corruption of things like PPE, etc.

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      1. True Alasdair. I can see someone in Downing Street hinting at newspapers that and the likes of GBNews that coverage of this story (favourable for Charles and Willie) is not just a boost to the king, but a welcome distraction from strikes, poverty, hunger, cold and a resurgent COVID that they can’t do anything about because ERG!

        Like everything else, I suspect that they have that mostly wrong.

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    2. It’s true that while they are talking about Harry, they aren’t talking about Andrew bunging ยฃ12m to a woman he never met to stop her telling about the sex they never had.

      And Kate thought she was Diana mark II till Meghan came along.

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  2. So chas the turd isn’t surrounded by yes media.

    My old Mum would say ‘keep our dirty washing in the house’, no need for the neighbours to get material for rumours.

    People are having trouble getting medical help and shapps says they will offer a pay deal if they improve their productivity. The ambulance drivers are to improve their waiting times after speeding to the hospitals.
    Oh and new high technology to be used, doesn’t he know new tech costs money, money his government hasn’t provided.

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      1. He’ll sell you a quick rich scheme BUTT of course it’s him that is to get rich.

        Why is it that the Gas price has fallen but we are still paying higher prices? His answer, ‘It takes time for these changes to take effect but UI’ve written to ofgen to investigate’.

        Now it’s ‘Lets dump patients into Care Homes’, who have spare capacity that is needed to be filled for increased profits.

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        1. Two things to remember:

          The last time we put patients into care homes, it caused a bit of a rumpus.

          The last time that care homes had a shortage of patients, we had to step in and bale them out.

          It’s funny how it takes time from prices to come down but no time at all for them to go up.

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  3. I’ve got no real interest in the royal family but I do resent the use of them as a diversionary tactic. Therefore, I fervently hope that the merry-go-round with the Hewitt prince and his wife will continue and help to achieve the end not only of the attention-seeking pair of reality TV celebs themselves but the whole gang of spongers and misfits.

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    1. Yep. fair comment.

      I think both Harry and William had a tough time when Charlie openly conducted an affair with Mrs Parker Bowles while married to Diana.

      But in the end, loads of kids have that sort of thing happen to them, but without the luxury of many homes and servants available to provide whatever they want at a snap of the fingers.

      If it brings down the mediaeval monarchy, Bring it on.

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    1. I suppose it was bound to happen.

      And now they are telling us something must be done.

      And that something is that we should definitely have a non government insurance scheme (because we have a government insurance scheme and like everything else they touch, it doesn’t work).

      Although it would be fair to say that it worked pretty well up to the last 12 years.

      It looks like the folk like Raab who wanted rid of a national health service, are going to get their way.

      I can’t imagine how angry the relatives of that man will be right now.

      But we all should be angry on their behalf.

      Never mind about maths; never mind about space rockets.


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