1. Ah, but ….. Brexit was to ‘slash’ all the ‘useless ‘EU red tape’ that was getting in the way of ‘enterprise. But it is obvious that these foreigners are retaliating out of spite by imposing such additional red tape on plucky Brits trying to sell them our quality produce. It is all to keep our excellent items off the shelves in favour of shoddy French, Spanish and Romanian trash. We, BRITAIN!!!, of course put the necessary checks to stop shoddy foreign muck arriving on our shores.

    Yet Labour thinks it can make Brexit work better than Bozza’s deal does. Think again Starmo! BOZZA! BOZZA!! BOZZA!!! BBB! – bring back BORIS!!!!!

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      1. Everything is much simpler on the funny farm… where life is wonderful all the time and I’ll be happy to see these nice young men in their clean white coats…ah Mr Bowie?

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    1. Really simple answer,

      He’s the Best they have in the mother of parliaments.

      All it appears you need is a short time memory that allows you to trip out last night’s briefing message.

      The ability to analyse the message is NOT required that way you don’t get embarrassed if questioned.

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      1. Yes lack of talent, qualifications for the job are essential in his case. The ‘Scottish’ UK parties’ MP’s are an embarassment, they undermine Scotland with their incompetence. It’s quite deliberate.

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    2. The desperation of a party that got rid of the thinking part of its parliamentary party with its mad hardliner Brexit policies.

      Then with a succession of ever worse leaders controlled by the loonie Fascist section of the party, more and more people with more than an O Level in tile grouting deserted.

      Now there are so few who have any abilities, talents or charm, that even senior positions go to people who would have been sneered at as parks convenors in local councils 20 years ago but now are Home Secretaries and Foreign Secretaries et al

      When it gets down to junior trades minister, status, the main qualification is being able to get out of bed, get dressed, stand and put one foot in front of the other. I fear he may not have all of those qualifications.

      But there simply is no one else.

      They asked Larry the cat but he said no.

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    3. You’ve forgotten that Andrew Bowie is a WW2 hero who escaped from Colditz in a Spitfire, landed on the beaches of Normandy and rescued Alec Guinness and Lady Di from the hell of the Burma railway.
      Then he woke up and realised hus career in the London parliament was over.

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      1. Easy to forget small details in a career so full of achievements.

        Wasn’t he also on the English side at Agincourt in the hundred years war?

        Also in his Spitfire…. or a dragon or something… ?


    1. Aye. However you gild it, it’s still a turd.

      All those who object to the odd rude word may now clutch their pearls – remembering the while that the regime we’re suffering under is offensive almost beyond belief.

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    2. The often get away with it.

      There are people who still believe that they are better off…

      I guess it says so in the Daily Mail and Express… Not at the moment obviously because they are frothing over Meghan, becaused that is the most important thing going on in the UK …

      And there was you thinking it was poverty, hunger and freezing cold…

      It’s not. It’s Harry and Meghan (because her mother is black, you know). Gasp, Clutch pearls…

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    3. I reckon he’s been promised a seat at HOL’s for his duplicity and lies.
      ‘It is difficult to get a man to understand something when his salary depends on his not understanding it’, Upton Sinclair. I think we can change ‘understand’ to, tell the truth!

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  2. I’m scared. I had an email newsletter thing from ‘Byline Supplement’ I think must be connected to Byline Times, don’t remember signing up, but, there is apparently a poll out saying that ‘Labour voters believe that Starmer will REVERSE BREXIT’. Are they mad? It’s that word again, ‘believe’ as if politics is some sort of religion, oh, ah, maybe it is for some folk.

    I believe that the SNP will pave Scotland’s streets with gold from that big gold mine the Aussie’s are extracting our high quality gold from and taking the loot, and I believe the English BBC will say it’s really, really bad. Got to ‘believe in something’, Labour voters, or else you might set up a new social democratic party in England to make sure you are avoid being a one party state.

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    1. I doubt that Starmer will reverse Brexit. He couldn’t if he tried. It’s done.

      If the UK applied to join again it wouldn’t be easy and the deal that they had before would never be reintroduced.

      We don’t have a proper deal with the EU, though and he could try to negotiate something.

      The problem is that it was sold to the tabloid readers as being “take back control of our borders”, which to them meant ‘keep the bloody foreigners out’.

      I doubt he’d risk the voted of people “0oop north” by going back on that.

      He might try to negotiate something better trade wise, but we will always be stuck on the outside of a union where there is total freedom of movement of goods, services, finance and people.

      There must be something better than what the Tories have got, but it won;t be a lot better.

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      1. Absolutely. Given the EU are in no hurry to welcome England back anyway, the idea of reversing Engexit, Brexit, is just ridiculous and arrogant. Typical though worrying people are so easily fooled.

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        1. I think De Gaulle was right when he said that the UK was unsuited to be a member of the EC.

          I think Scotland would be a good member but Britain isn’t suited to being an equal member of anything. It always wants to be at the top table, be important, throw its weight around.


        2. Are the Remainers among the Ruling Classes are quacking on about a “Switzerland-style” agreement with the EU even now?

          To make it quite clear, the Switzerland agreement took years to negotiate, the EU has never been happy with it, and it has on several occasions come within a hair’s breadth of being terminated by the EU over (presumed?) failures by Switzerland to abide by it.

          More pertinent, perhaps, is that the EU has said explicitly that it will not enter into any such agreement with the Westminster regime, nor with any other government, either now or in the future.

          Any UK politician who tries to tell us otherwise is either uninformed or disingenuous, or labouring under the delusion that Johnny Foreigner is going to just roll over and do as he’s told because inflated imperialistic inherent Etonian notions, or even no reason at all.

          It’s how They expect us Scots to behave, after all, and it’s just sheer cheek and badness on our part that we’re no longer instantly kowtowing to the demands of our imperial masters, and then hopping to it, chop chop.

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          1. If the EU finds that relatively sensible, law abiding, decent Switzerland gives them problems with it, what on earth would they expect form a country that breaks international laws or treaties at the drop of a hat and has no respect for any other country, except of course, America, which it needs to keep on side so that it can go on playing the big man.

            Also, Switzerland has to accept the four freedoms.

            Getting rid of the freedom of movement was how the Brits narrowly sold the whole thing to the English.

            They promised they would get rid of “them foreigners what was takin’ our jobs, hospital bed, school rooms, and dole”


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    2. As I am wont to say, Hetty, Scotland needs independence, but England needs a bloody revolution. With or without Madam Guillotine and her backing group, Les Tricoteuses.

      Preferably without. We have outlawed the death penalty here in Schloss Freeman, and urge Prince MBS to do the same in his Kingdom. Princedom. Whatever.

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  3. No shortage of Amoxicillan to treat children.

    Just raised it’s price from 80 pence to Β£18 a treatment.

    Eat or heat or treat.


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