Goodness me, Mr Redmond, when do you find time to eat? Or tweet.

Do you do it while you are driving an ambulance or a train?

Being a nurse and an ambulance driver at the same time is a seriously hard call, but ‘struth, driving a train while you are doing it… Chapeau, as they say in France.

On thing I was wondering about though. At £225,000 a year, when do you ever have time to spend any money? And can Munguin or I be of any assistance? We’re rather good at it.

On further investigation, though, I find that Ciaran lives in Dublin, presumably works as a nurse and an ambulance driver in an Irish hospital, and one imagines, drives an Irish train.

So now we know the Irish are better paid than the Brits.

On the other hand, here’s a day on the life of a real English nurse. How could she fit in train driving, I ask myself.

I’m betting that, because she only works one job (lazy sod) she’s on a lot less than £225,000 plus overtime.

What do you think?

Ciaran also has this on his Twitter page:

We’ve hit our NHS waitlist targets!


Over 22,500 patients treated – virtually eliminating the longest waits, thanks to the hard work of amazing NHS staff.

That, on August the 9th, 2022, from the Rt Hon Andrew Stephenson (nah, nor me), but he’s a Lord Commissioner of the Treasure no less.

However, the BMA seems to disagree with these “facts”. Indeed they suggest that the situation has never been worse.

Surely a Rt Hon Lord Commissioner of the Treasury wouldn’t tell lies, for that would make him Rt Dishon, would not it? But equally certainly the BMA wouldn’t be that economical with the truth, particularly when they have all the research to back up their statements. (And Stephenson is a Tory, after all.)


41 thoughts on “BUSY, BUSY, BUSY!!!”

  1. The yoons must think we’re daft. Specially this character!
    He’s left all these jobs so is effectively unemployed now?
    Oh dear, wait until Braverman finds out he’s now on the rock n roll! 🤣

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    1. Sad person that I am, I looked him up. He has also worked in banking, small business adviser, Housing Association, Social Security, self-employed, now semi-retired earning 90k, in addition to being a postie, driving trains, ambulances and nursing. It is small wonder that he only has time to cut and paste his posts.
      Not sure if he is really in Ireland, although he supports the Irish Freedom Party that works for Irexit, Farige? Thankfully he has few followers.

      The now Rt Hon Andrew (never seen him in my life) Stephenson used to be part of the Levelling Up team before his shift to treasury. No wonder he is looking smug.

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      1. What a busy man and so many skills. Maybe he should be king or something… then he’d get even more money.

        I thought his profile page said he was in Dublin, but maybe I was wrong.


    1. Munguin will bring you a glass of champagne and some petit fours if you are standing on the picket lines… He, of course will not be doing that. It’s too cold, even for Munguin.

      I think we have to tell them, the government(s) that they really can’t waste billions and billions on contracts for rubbish from their mates and members of the Lords, subject us to Brexit (which WE didn’t vote for) and then tell us WE have to tighten our belts, and some of us sit in the cold and manage on one meal a day, which IS happening, when there is absolutely no sign at all that any of them are doing that. Indeed they can now claim their Christmas part on expenses. Jeez.

      What privations are MPs and Lords making? And what about the royals?

      From the pictures of the Christmas trees in Windsor Castle where no one actually lives, they are hardly stinting themselves.

      Nope. Something must be done.

      I’m excluding the Welsh and Scottish government from this because they don;t have the ability to find money for these things. Presumably the government in the North of Ireland is in the same situation.

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      1. There’s no govt (Assembly) in the North of Ireland. The Unionist DUP are refusing to participate, thus blocking power-sharing – ostensibly because of the Northern Ireland Protocol, probably because Sinn Fein won the last election and Unionists are no longer top dogs!

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        1. I’;ve no doubt it is about that, ben.

          They never thought it could happen that a DUP minister would have to be subordinate to a SF first minister.

          The place to protest the NI Agreement is in the House of Commons in England. Not in Northern Ireland which has no power over Brexit arrangements.

          So much for democracy. It’s ok as long as the DUP is in charge regardless of how the public voted.

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  2. Looks like a fraud all round really. As if nurses would be striking if they were on £75k+ a year. What I do see is people like Peter Stephanovich who talks about nurses having their ‘bursaries removed’ when training, makes no distinction re Scotland having retained the nurses bursary. I like his Ytube channel, but the UK is one country all for one and one for all type of thing, where Scotland is ignored.

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    1. Yes. The bulk of people in England don’t know that we have separate laws and separate conditions. When I lived there I found that England and Britain were as one.


    2. Heard a paramedic on the radio who said he was lucky that he got the bursary, now his area can’t get new trainees because the bursary has been removed.
      Who would take on the job to be left owing £30k after completion.
      Another was a man on dialysis who’s house use equipment was failing to start, he was told the kit needed to be at 20 degrees to start. he cant afford to heat the room let alone the house to that temp.

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      1. I have an English mate who is now a doctor. He studied here in Dundee, but because he isn’t Scottish he had to pay the fees per year.

        I think it was £9000 at the time for 5 years. Obviously he also had to find and pay for accommodation and food, and probably a few books too.

        Because the course is pretty intensive and because at some times, you are actually working on wards, you really can’t, as many students do, take on bar work to pay your way though.

        He was honest about it. His dad is a doctor; his grandad on one side a professor of medicine; his other grandad a lawyer and his two grandmothers were also doctors.

        There was plenty of money to pay for his £45,000 fees without him taking a student loan.

        But clearly, if your mum worked in Tewsco and your dad drove a delivery van for Amazon, that would not be an option.

        And he said had they not all stumped up, he wouldn’t have done the degree.

        Nurses and paramedics earn a lot less that a doctor and much of their training is on the job.

        So they pay fees and work for the hospital and then on a small salary have to start paying back the money.

        No wonder there is a shortage.

        Jeez, I hope someone has done something about that. 20 degrees is quite warm.

        I’d gladly chip in some money so he can afford to put his heating on.
        The course

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        1. He was on the radio, I didn’t get details.
          He’s returned to the hospital for emergency dialysis he said.
          The NHS has said they will cover the extra costs for energy but it will take time.

          Meantime the rich synic says there are no supply issues with antibiotics, now local chemists are saying not true.

          The baroness moan is off to \honduras for a wee while to recover from having to sell the castle and the luxury yacht.

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          1. Is she allowed to go off to Honduras while she is under suspicion of a serious crim.

            I’m sure if she was juts an ordinary wee weedgie , she would be allowed to leave his home area.

            Glad to hear he’s getting treatment and someone is going to pay his electricity.

            What a bin of a country.


              1. They are welcome to her.

                If you vote to leave the UK I’ll go and live in England….

                OK bye sweetie.

                And then because she’s so dependable, she leaves England and goes to live in the Isle of Man.

                If you proceed with charges against me, I’ll go and live in Honduras”

                Buh bye.


                    1. You may have read this insight on the ferries, it won’t take long if you haven’t. It appears in Talking up Scotland and is by Bob Lamont.


                      All this bedtime reading, remember the cautionary words from Kahlil Gibran, “Avoid vexations to the spirit, especially at bedtime.” If he didn’t say it, he should have. 😊

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                    2. Fair enough, I know zippo about how contract law works although, because it was the BBC and the Tories/Labour, I automatically disbelieved their line and they were caught out not having researched it properly.

                      Clearly they were trying to distract form the many many complete messes they themselves were responsible for, boats, tanks, PPE, etc etc…

                      But I’ve saved that page and will refer to it every time it com,es up.

                      I’m assuming that it’s 100% trustworthy.


    1. I don’t suppose it’ll be long till Baroness Mone makes an appearance on At Home With The Hewitts on Netflix.
      George Galloway and Nadine Dorries might pop up there too to reassure themselves they’re famous.


  3. Morning all – or nocturn(all) – at coming up 05:00 here. Some days ago, Tris described MNR as a ‘community centre’, and that’s stuck with me. How true. Keeping irregular hours as I do, MNR is always part of the prowl,whatever time of day or night. ‘Friends’ I’ve never met but got to know, exchaning thoughts – and knowledge (!).

    Yes, we have a commonality in being Independence supporters but so much more – AOY, SS, JFAl, and of course that exchange of knowledge (!) that means never leaving here without learning s0mething new.

    I remember a poster somewhere fromy Scottish youth: ‘A day without wine is like a day without sunshine.’ Now, ‘A day without MNR…’ is even more appropiate. Wine and sunshine having become much more plentiful since leaving Scotland all these decasdes ago.

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    1. Munguin is flattered by your kind words, John.

      But a pay rise is out of the question. Times being hard and yachts not getting any cheaper.

      Seriously thank you. The thing is that it’s all about readers and what they contribute… So much knowledge.

      Munguin considers himself to be a lucky animal as does the factotum.


  4. Loved the minister’s response to a question from the SNP yesterday on PPE.

    The questioner has misled the house with his assertion that we are paying Chinese Storage facilities £700,000 a DAY for storing ppe.

    The actual figure is £400,000 a Day.

    That’s only £150,000,000 a year, might be easier just to donate it to the company.

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      1. Burning it already but I don’t think burning plastics to produce heat to drive a steam turbine would help reduce emissions but then we’re burning coal and cat litter to keep the grid up.

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