Many people, for various reasons like high inflation and low wage increases, if any, will be looking forward to a rather reduced Xmas celebration this year. And having worked in some of the poorer areas of Dundee, I know how much pressure is on parents at this time of the year to provide their kids with the best that they can afford. This year it may not be much.

Fortunately, however, our beloved royal family will not be among the scrimpers and savers.

Windsor Castle, for example, is clearly unbothered by the cost of electricity and although Snarles has reduced the staff, it appears they have sufficient people on hand to do the work.

Christmas tree No 1.

And Christmas Tree No. 2.

The heating must be on in the castle because these servants are hardly dressed for the cold.

Munguin will just have a vase of flowers on the table.

And of course there will only be one member of staff… guess who.

It’s good to know that while many of his subjects will sit down to rather poor fare for Christmas lunch, if indeed any at all, our gracious sovereign and his charming and HUGE family of hanger on benefit recipients will enjoy nothing but the best. How generous of his loyal proletariat to provide so generously for him.

I wonder it Airmiles the Unprotected will be invited this year now that Mummy’s no longer there.


Bulls and Bears outside the Frankfurt Börse.

Brenda sent me this story as yet another Brexit bonus hits at the heart of the London economy. (London is a remainer city.)

As the UK is no longer an EU member, the bloc has set out plans to shift processing trillions of euros of derivative transactions from London to Frankfurt as London faces competition from EU financial centres in Paris and Frankfurt.

It seems that, in fact, you can’t actually have your cake and eat it as was suggested by the Boris.

Bonne chance, Paris! Viel Glück Deutschland!


UK is Germany’s third export market, but we are concerned that trade between Germany and the UK has continuously declined since the Brexit referendum. Britain has traditionally been Germany’s fifth largest trading partner. In 2022 UK will drop out of the list of the TOP 10 (blue line), says the German Ambassador to Britain.

Some more cake just gone stale?


Embarrassingly, this is on GB News, the Brexit lovers’ channel. As we watched it, more cake went mouldy before we even ate it the first time.


And to cheer you up, from BLP and Brenda.

And a final laugh…

47 thoughts on “MORE RANDOM THOUGHTS”

  1. “I wonder it Airmiles the Unprotected will be invited this year now that Mummy’s no longer there.”

    Rumoured that not only will Airmiles be at the family Christmas but also Fergie for the first time since the toe sucking scandal. Philip refused to have her anywhere near him and the only exceptions he made were her daughters’ weddings.

    Anyhoo good funnies. And from our favourite Dutchman

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  2. Fairly horrified by the Royal Christnas excesses, imagine their electricity bills with all those lights and rooms with such high ceilings will take a lot of heating.
    Loved the crocodiles failing the orchestra audion.

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    1. That’s what I thought.

      Imagine how much electricity they waste.

      Still as it’s one of the state properties, we pay for the electricity.

      I was told by someone who worked at Balmoral, that the place was always cold because she had to pay for the electricity herself.

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      1. Sorry bit iam not finding these funny, I am just getting so angry at the injustice of rich people having so many choices that are denied the majority of us, thank you for trying to cheer us up but I am too angry for it to work.

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        1. Well, the idea was to make some points about these greedy self satisfying parliamentarians, and then, at the end, try to cheer you up a bit with some Scottish scenery, a joke, and my friend Bertie the Blackbird.

          I’m sorry if I didn’t quite get there.



              1. If it makes anyone feel any better, I am adapting the food bank book and the nurse’s comment and the menu into two home made leaflets for posting through the door of the Scottish Conservative and Unionist Party HQ which is quite near me.
                I do this about once a week. I am waiting for somebody to jump out at me some day. I just hope some home truths get through the thick heads, hearts and skins in the HQ. Even if they don’t there is always the possibility someone puts their back out bending down to pick up my leaflets.

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  3. By internet reports, Windsor Castle has “over” 1,000 rooms, while the White House has only 132. And I’m counting THREE people decorating Christmas tree #2……TWO!!!!…….at the castle.

    So let me just say that we Americans clearly have the edge on Christmas decorations. I went to the White House website to see how the Bidens did it this year, but the best pictures were (of course) in the Daily Mail.

    The theme this year (“Christmas” itself is not enough of a holiday decorating theme presumably,) is “We The People” (the first three words of the constitution.) And then each room seems to have a sub-theme.

    This year there are a total of 77……yes……SEVENTY SEVEN…….Christmas trees arranged in the 132 rooms. (An increase from last year’s 41.) The White House says that more than 150 volunteers came together to decorate the building over the course of a week. So the help is unpaid and presumably the materials are donated by Christmas tree growers, corporate holiday decoration interests, etc. 🙂

    The “official” White House Christmas tree is located in the Blue Room, and this year includes decorations showing the state birds of the 50 states. (The funny looking wooden spikes around the base symbolically represents a bird’s nest.)

    White House website:

    Daily Mail:

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    1. The White House looks a bit like a theme park. Presumably people can go in and see this?

      Windsor Castle is, of course, closed.

      At Munguin Towers there is nothing bar once piece of tinsel which will go up on Christmas morning, about 9 am and come down at 9.15.

      And, of course, no riff raff is allowed in to see it.


      Yep 1000 rooms for one old king and one old queen.

      While there are over a quarter of a million people homeless in England alone.

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        1. Dr Biden and her team certainly did a lot of work on it.

          Personally I loathe Christmas decoration, but for those that like that sort of thing, it’s quite tasteful this year.

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          1. Tris……Not something I would want to do, but supervising the (unpaid) holiday decoration staff is a traditional responsibility of the first lady. It’s about six months in the planning; then an army of volunteers (150 this year) descend on the White House at Thanksgiving and decorate the rooms almost overnight. All the states, school children, and all sorts of charitable and philanthropic organizations get involved.

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  4. Another Saxe-Coburg ‘tradition’, popularised as recently as V&A. Americans should know better, Danny. For the rest of us, time to cast off all the commercial trappings and exploitation of a minority faith-based ‘pretendy’ occasion. Yes, ‘Bah humbug!’ time again, if I may repeat my favourite Dickens quote.

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    1. You’re absolutely right, John.

      Christmas, which is supposed to be the commemoration of the birth of a lad in Judea 2000+ years ago, has been turned into a festival of greed and gluttony which starts earlier every year and makes business vast amounts of profit.

      It forces people to spend money they don’t have on things that people often don’t want. And for the people who live on “just enough” it forces them into debt, because they “can’t be seen not to give”.

      It worst for kids who see other kids getting things they can’t have. I had a colleague who bragged that she’d spent over £1000 on her son’s Christmas.

      What about kids whose parents have nothing?

      I’ve seen people despairing when December comes around because they haven’t quite paid off the loan thy took out to pay for last year’s spend festival.

      Call it ‘bah humbug’ if you will, but it’s one of the least Christian things I can imagine.

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    2. That reminds me of something i saw recently, though can’t remember where.
      It said we should remember the true spirit of Christmas at this time of year which is of very rich people being woken in the night frightened by a ghost telling them to pay their staff more.
      i could sign up to that, not that i have any staff, but not sure about Munguin. he might have reservations.

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  5. If you want to see how the other half live” you could do now better than watch the show with that title on Channel 5 on demand. Brian Cox doc outlining the increasing gap between rich and poor. He visits New York, Miami, London and Dundee! No I didn’t see Munguin but perhaps he would recognise some of the places.

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  6. Having watched Royal Mob, it reminded me, as if I needed any reminding, why this bunch of inbreeds disgust me. According to the programme, there were at least 20 million deaths in W.W.1, just so these disgusting people could hold on to power. Unfortunately, our so-called Royal family remained in place. Pity.

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    1. Yes. Unfortunate that.

      The Russian royals went; the German ones; the Austrian and Hungarian ones… and the Saxe Coburg Gotha mob remain, although at that point they were pretty much all Germans.

      Odd that.

      All wars are evil, but that one kinda took the biscuit.


  7. Lovely quotes about the benefits of Brexit. Interesting that those quoted were widely acclaimed as idiots in fields other than the Brexit exercise in self harm.


    1. Yes.

      The £350 million that they made up and failed to take into account what came back to us from the EU for farmers, technology, science, social funding, etc … or indeed any of the many services that were provided on a community basis.

      In anything like this there are always downsides, (and that includes Scottish Independence). But there should be upsides too them all too… except that this incompetent government has managed not to find any, except, I think, for the super rich.

      I have no idea what gave them the idea that they held most (or as Gove said, ALL) the cards. Any kind of logic would suggest that a medium wealth country with almost no manufacturing industry, like Britain, going up against 30 countries (EU and EEA) including countries as rich or much richer than the UK, wasn’t going to hold many of the cards. UK would even have held fewer cards than Germany alone.

      Call me DOCTOR Fox, seems to have been a little over enthusiastic too. Wasn’t there another one who said the deal could be done in an afternoon over a cup of “tea” (even the beverage had to be British). But 6 years on and still nothing. If it was to be one of the easiest in human history, the people negotiating must be all kinds of useless, because we are still waiting and the tea has gone cold.

      Turkey wasn’t joining. We had a veto on that (as did every other country, including Cyprus and Greece).

      And surely Hannan knew that staying in the single market meant NOT taking back control of borders… at least not in the way that the readers of the Sun, Mail and Express had assumed… ie banning all foreigners “what were takin’ our jobs and our beds in hospitals.” How’s that working out?

      Yep. Idiots? Well, I think that bumming them up.


      1. Maybe “cretin” would be a more accurate technical term, especially in the case of the “cup of tea” gentleman, the low-flying Gerard Batten, leader of UKIP for over a year during 2018 and 2019. Since then he seems to have soared to even greater obscurity.

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        1. Yep. Whatever would likely happen to any other country in these circumstances, would not happen to the UK.

          Some of the things they complain about have been agreed for years… like the 90 day maximum stay, or the visa fee for people outwith the EU/EEA/EFTA.

          Britain was part of that agreement, but still complains now that they took back control.


  8. Unfair to genuine cretins. Rember the word derives from ‘chretien’ 0r christian – in that such persons were so mentally deficient as to be incapable of malign thought or ill-will: therefore true christians, if unwittingly. The meaning has changed, and how many of the cretinous disposition now in charge show a scintilla of gospel christianity in the sense of kindness or humanity?

    On a more cheerful note, happy St Andrew’s Day to one and all!

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    1. It’s been patently obvious, for as long as I can remember, that the royals had a difficult relationship with people who weren’t “like them.”

      Of course this woman wasn’t royal, but she was VERY close to the old queen and had been for 60+ years, and is William’s godmother.

      It was disgraceful and disgusting behaviour at a conference set up to talk about violence towards women. She touched the woman’s hair for heaven’s sake. Not aggressive, but so intrusive and condescending. How would she have reacted had someone touched her like that or the hair of her new boss?

      Last year sometime I read a book by an ex government minister, Norman Baker, “And what do you do?” which looks at the royal family in less respectful light than that to which we’ve all be used.

      He cites examples all the way through the book of various members of that family being racist. The most obvious and disgusting were the Queen Mother and her daughter Margaret.

      The quote from Margaret I remember most was, having been introduced to someone in America, she said of them: “He’s the three things I hate most. He’s black, he’s a Jew and he’s American.”

      And of course very recently Queen Parker Bowles did this

      Did she not want to touch black skin?

      And then there is this:

      The whole thing has done them no favours at all and, as usual, their protestations of horror and statements about how there must be no racism in British life are laughable.

      I imagine there are now more people prepared to look again at the Harry and Meghan story of bias, given her role as mentor to Meghan.

      I’ve no time for any elite family having the power, or rather influence that they have and I object to the way they live above rules at our expense, but if I had to tolerate any of them, Harry and Anne would be my idea of the closest they get to be ordinary.

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