Liz Truss keeps telling journalists there was no Office for Budget Responsibility independent assessment of the disastrous ‘mini Budget’ because one couldn’t be ready on time.

But it’s not true.

Here’s what the OBR told the SNP Treasury team.


Then the chancellor blamed the queen’s death for the mess he made of the budget. Now, I imagine that, like many other people, he must have been very upset by it.

But wait, if he was so upset that he couldn’t do his job, why didn’t he take a few days off from wrecking the economy? Also, why was he laughing at her funeral?


Conference must have been riveting. But, as Braverman says, there are far too many lazy people in England. You need to get jobs.

Incidentally, the aforementioned Braverman, who makes Patel look almost human, says that it is her dream to see, on the front page of the Telegraph, photos of planeloads of asylum seekers heading for Rwanda.

My dream would be to see a photo of the entire Tory government heading off in a plane. I don’t care where they go, just as long as they GO.


Ian Hamilton.

Scottish Independence hero, Ian Hamilton, has died aged 97.

The BBC said he was the man who “stole” the Stone of Destiny” from Westminster Abbey. This went down rather badly on Twitter, as you might imagine. The stone was Scottish and was stolen by Edward I of England in 1296. Ian and his friends repatriated it.

There is a film based on the story which is well worth watching if you can find a copy.

I have to say that one of my proudest moments as a blogger was when Ian, then writing a blog of his own, maybe 10 years or more ago, picked up on one of my articles and recommended it on his blog. I kinda felt I’d arrived.

Rest in Peace, Ian.


Charlie is my darling in Scotland

Apparently Charlie Windsor has poked his nose into legislation banning rent increases for the next 6 months. The legislation was put forward by the government to try to help people cope with the cost of living crisis.

Charlie can claim exemptions under Crown Consent rules. He has similar powers in Wales and England. The respective governments have little choice but to accept his interventions.

With the Sovereign grant and income from the Duchy of Lancaster (around £20 million pa) and all the money from farms and stables on private estates at Sandringham and Balmoral, you’d have thought that a person who is housed by the state free of charge in The Palace of Holyrood House, Buckingham Palace and Windsor Castle might have been prepared to forgo rent rises for his tenants for 6 months.

But then you should never underestimate the greed of the rich…


43 thoughts on “MORE RANDOM THOUGHTS”

  1. says that it is her dream to see, on the front page of the Telegraph, photos of planeloads of asylum seekers heading for Rwanda…

    That’s the twisted psychology which
    Ended up creating the gates at auschwitz .

    And the Tory’s all cheered 🤷‍♂️

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          1. signed it a couple of days ago.
            quite interesting to look at the map of where the petitioners are from.

            The numbers, of course, won’t drive the government to do anything… and numbers sub 1% certainly won’t .

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  2. The problem with Braverman and Kwasi and all the other ethnics doing their Tory masters bidding…

    They can never be white and so will never ascend the Peacock Throne .

    The Tory’s will always see them as no more and no less than well trained monkeys …

    Now that’s irony 🤷‍♂️

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    1. Plan B is dead in the water anyway-Plan B excludes all 16 and 17 year olds plus EU citizens because it would be a UK general election not a Scottish one. That comes to about 500,000 lost voters, ones that would be voting independence. It will have to be Plan C. Dissolve the Scottish Parl. and hold an election using it as a referendum, but I doubt that our present SNP Govt. would be that courageous.


      1. Once again, dissolving the Scottish parliament isn’t within the remit of the Scottish parliament.

        What they could do is resign en masse and see what would happen.

        Would the English parliament announce a Scottish election or would the Tories, Labour and the other lot join together to run a minority government?

        And where would that lead?


        1. Tris…….As soon as I saw it, I immediately remembered the time when he recommended your blog article on his own blog.

          I watched the film that you referenced and Marcia posted. I’d forgotten that they repaired the broken stone while they had it. BTW, national historical treasures are even more interesting after they’re broken. 🙂

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          1. I was proud that day, Danny. I expect I probably bragged muchly about it!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

            I see that Taco Bell (or Tacky Bell) used it in what turned out to be an April Fool joke.

            “On April 1, 1996, Taco Bell announced via ads and press releases that it had purchased the Liberty Bell and changed its name to the Taco Liberty Bell. The bell, the ads related, would henceforth spend half the year at Taco Bell corporate headquarters in Irvine, California. Outraged calls flooded Independence National Historical Park, and Park Service officials hastily called a press conference to deny that the bell had been sold. After several hours, Taco Bell admitted that it was an April Fools’ Day joke. Despite the protests, company sales of tacos, enchiladas, and burritos rose by more than a half million dollars that week.[116]


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            1. Tris……I immediately remembered his recognition of your blog article, and it was quite a few years ago. 🙂

              Hahaha……Funny about the Taco Bell April Fool joke. And a good ad gimmick as it turned out. 😉


    1. It’s such an excellent film. must watch again. We had to get a copy from Sweden a few years back, not available in the UK, weird eh.

      Also the book, ‘The Flag in the Wind;The Story of the National movement in Scotland’ by John MacCormick, with a foreward written by Ian Hamilton. An excellent read and if I remember rightly includes a detailed account of the repatriating of Scotland’s Stone. I must buy it if poss as I gave my copy away to a Labour no voter to try to help them come to their senses. I suspect they did not.

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  3. Thanks, Jake, for ‘quasi’ comment on previous post. The ‘reply’ button below comments no longer recognises me so I have to do it here on the main reply section. Another WP oddity. In my South African days, a 750ml bottle of beer was known as a quart and a ‘pint’was only 44oml. Presumed that was a hangover from pre-metrication, but the measures were still way short. Never did find out the cause of the discrepancy.

    Sad to learn of Ian Hamilton’s death. His blog was always a must-read in days that now seemlong gone. As for Bverman/Patel, the Rwanda project is far from dead. Just taken a new twist. Countries are now to be invited to bid for hosting deportees – and excess jail population that will be decanted. The full story’s on the website of Torydeas, the think-tank that advises Truss on strategic policy development. There’s also a new piece on how taking crypto-currency leadership will transform the UK economy.

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  4. The report that Charles Windsor is using his position as Head of State to manipulate a Law in his favour is disgusting. His mother did it also. A very rich man is avoiding the law that applies to everyone in the country in order to boost his private wealth. This is completely unacceptable. The victims in this are people who are in rented accommodation on his private estate. Given the Royal Family’s poor record in dealing with their staff in terms of pay, conditions and the abrupt serving of notice I have no doubt that there will be scant regard paid to the individual circumstances of the tenants.
    Any other Head of State, apart from the unelected kind, would be subject to charges of corruption for perverting the law in their favour in this way.

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    1. Totally agreed, Grouser.

      That he has the brass neck to do it still astounds me.

      “Rules about treating people with a measure of compassion? In an emergency? Me, the king?

      “No chance. If I wish to put rents up and refuse to do repairs, I shall. For I waited 74 years for this. I may not have long to enjoy it, but I’m going to live the kingly life to the full.

      “Out of my way peasants.”

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    2. Thing I always think about is, it’s not their land they just took it, not as if they bought it. These estates shouold belong to the state, not private individuals who just stole massive chunks of our land. The ‘royals’ have been exposed for what they are, massively wealthy benefits recipients living lives of sheer luxury, meddling in political affairs and living on the backs of the people. It’s got to end and soon.

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      1. Dear Arty, I hope that I am not being repetitively boring, but Tom Johnston’s “Our Noble Families” is a real ‘page turner’ describing how and who stole our land. There is an english equivalent, but can’t be bothered to look it up.

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  5. Looking at the slogan they’re using – Getting Britain Moving – makes me think they’ve pinched it from an advertising campaign for laxatives.
    Costive living crisis?

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    1. LOL

      Well, they themselves and Truss in particular (eeek, that accent), are a splendid emetic.

      So if you want to clean out the whole system, I guess an laxative might be an idea.


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    Fair article, although I see they can’t get their heads around the fact that many prime ministers went top state schools. Excusable given that CNN is unlikely to understand the school systems in the UK.

    Some were comprehensive, some grammar schools(before comprehensives were introduced) and Gordon Brown to the Scottish equivalent of a grammar school.

    But it is the bulk of prime ministers over the last 50 years that were state educated (Callaghan, Wilson, Heath, Thatcher, Major, Brown, May) and a minority that went to posh private schools. (Blair, Cameron, Johnson.)


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