But, please note, it is not a U-turn, it’s a change of direction… Yeah, me neither.

Good old Lee. Always good for a belly laugh.



Without prejudice.

Thank you for my energy statement.

I note you are still imposing the standing charges on my account, standing charges which I am disputing because they contain a punitive element based on costs associated with transferring customers from other private energy firms which went bust.

If anything, the increased standing charges should be applied to the customers transferred. I have still not had a satisfactory reply to my request for a standing charge holiday while we are in dispute nor to my position that Scottish customers should be getting a discount because of the proportion of energy produced by renewable sources here.

I would like you to escalate this complaint within your organisation to a level where a decision can be made on either or both of these points, also, since you advised me that you merely impose these charges on behalf of a third party I would ask you to CEASE and DESIST  from doing this until the dispute on standing charges of this account are resolved.

If you are unable to resolve this dispute please advise me of this so I can take the matter up with other organisations. I would expect a standing charge holiday to be applied regardless

Meantime I will be paying the electricity and gas charges as billed to this account on or before the due date and expect no penalties to be applied for taking this action.

Gerry P

Lies from Truss are being clarified by the company. You can pay more than £2,500.


Labour, having modified its attitude to more powers for the Scottish parliament, is being challenged (if that’s the word) by the Tory’s head lightweight in Scotland (Ⓒ Jacob Rees Mogg, MP for 1720).

In the aftermath of the 2014 referendum, in the Smith Commission, Labour voted for almost no new powers to go to the Scottish parliament, indeed even fewer than the Tories.

Now after election after election returning SNP or SNP/ Greens) government in Scotland and a majority of SNP seats in the parliament in England, Labour appears to have altered its view. I say appears, because Gordon Brown is at the helm on this and his proposals have not been published, surprise, surprise. But we all know that Dr Brown’s idea of the most powerful devolved parliament in the world was to allow us idiot Scots to change road signs within the parameters of internationally agreements.

However, Douglas Ross is against any more change, presumably because he has been told that he is by other “lightweights” with the power to award knighthoods. (Note: This may be a rather fluid situation, as those knighthood awarders are not unknown to do a complete reversal of policy within a few days.)

“For me and the Scottish Conservatives, there is a line in the sand,” he said. (Actually quite amusing, since lines in sand are usually washed away with the changing tide… twice a day. Very appropriate to his English masters’ MO.)

“We absolutely want to ensure that Holyrood works to its maximum, delivers for people and communities across Scotland with the potential it has as one of the most powerful devolved administrations anywhere in the world. (I see they are still lying about that. Honestly, have they never been farther than Calais? They need to try to see the world a bit more)

“But Labour’s plans to add more and more powers is simply the wrong route to take and the Scottish Conservatives are saying let’s use these powers, let’s use the powers we have right now, a line in the sand, no further powers need to be devolved. We just need to get the Government working properly and getting the right priorities.” (Seems to be spluttering out of control there, but I assume he means Tory/Fascist priorities which appear to change on a daily basis and which are perhaps suited to England, but not to Scotland.)

The “line in the sand” remark echoed the same statement by ex Scots Tory leader Ruth Davidson, who u-turned by supporting extra powers after the independence referendum. (Actually the Noble and Gallant, not to mention Right Honorable Lady U-turned because Cameron U-turned just before the referendum when he thought he was going to lose.)

Ross added: “If Labour think the answer to the problems of the Nationalists wanting to divide us all over again is simply devolve more powers then they have got that completely wrong”. (Given that the Tories are the most divided party in the UK, possibly Europe, he would know about divisions but might be well advised to steer clear of that word in public.)

Incidentally, Ross initially backed the chancellor’s budget tax cuts, as did his finance spokeswoman, and now backs the chancellors U-turn. So basically he’s a lightweight to whom they give a script to and and instruct him to read it. He actually believes in nothing.


Thanks to Gerry for sharing his letter.

Also thanks to the Tories for being so utterly contemptibly pathetic and, whilst causing much pain to many people, also giving us a bit of a laugh at their incredible ineptitude.

60 thoughts on “RANDOM THOUGHTS”

  1. “If anything, the increased standing charges should be applied to the customers transferred.”

    Err no! People who ended up being transferred because their supplier went bust through no fault of their own, and onto much higher rates at that, shouldn’t also need to pay for the lack of regulation in the energy market and complete failure of OFGEM in its role. That failure needs to be covered by government since they were the ones allowing the market failure in the first place via their lassi faire economics!

    I doubt Gerry would be happy with the suggestion if his company had been one of the ones that had gone under!

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    1. SorryPP but I disagree. People who opted to transfer to fly-by night free market retailers of energy that neither produce nor distribute have to accept the risk inherent in what was their decision. They’ve had the benefits of reduced energy bills by comparing their meerkats. They have already pocketed those savings. I don’t see why I should have to pay extra because the spivs they opted to contract with have gone bust.

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  2. Click on date and scroll to the top.

    Must read. Hilarious and chilling à la fois.

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  3. A measure of what benefit did their lower rates give them has to be measured.

    The point is the whole system is a money making machine that had no hope of working, I think Gerry’s point is neither he or the people being ripped off should be paying for a subscription for connections to grids we bought and paid for and were sold off.

    A bit more careful wording might help.

    The point is that we have 6 major companies who own the means and many energy traders who buy at a discount and then bill you.

    Take someone living in Inverness who uses an energy trader from Essex. Their energy comes from the old Hydro Board network, now SSE. They send their readings to Essex who collect the money, they then tell SSE how many units were consumed.
    The SSE then send Essex an invoice for payment with the discount applied.
    Plenty of accounts flying around the system, plenty of work.
    Somewhere the meters will be balanced out if SSE has to import energy from Scottish Power and invoices generated between them, add in the other energy traders and big generators, then add in Gas distribution.

    These are the main transmission costs for electricity, note how much Scottish users are paying a part of.
    Throw in area, district and local costs to get electricity to your meter.

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    1. To quote the great u-turner:


      Nationalise the whole thing.

      Power (like water) is FAR too important to be a means of making profit.

      Actually I think rail and bus transport is in the same situation, as, of course, is health.

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  4. Agree, these essentials of modern living should be owned by the population and run for their welfare, hopefully we get a modern government and state, indy is essential.

    The cancer has said there will be no changes to the 2020 budget allocation, Austerity is planned but he won’t tell you about it until his statement with the wee card, merry xmas to all who survive.

    Energy companies saying there’s a possibility of gas shortages. Reduced gas means reduced electricity, the choice is domestic of manufacturing, his stated aim is to grow the GDP, how he does it without people is anybody’s guess, maybe he’s ordered the new Tesla robots that are due to be released as long as musk doesn’t need to buy the internet company he offered to buy.

    Have they finished picking the potatoes yet?, we all might be going to get busy.
    Turkey for xmas? seems they are a bit sick like the circus parrot.

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    1. I saw them commenting on the Turkey situation, because England has a really bad epidemic of bird flu.

      Everyone was worried sick about what they were going to do at Christmas. I seemed to be the only one who was worried about the birds.

      Any bird getting a disease that will kill it is terrible, but my garden birds could get it and I could lose wee Robbie and Bertie and Mabel.

      And all these idiots were worrying about was what to eat on xmas day.


      Still the BritNat government are on it, so I’m sure all will be…. disastrous.

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      1. Ah, bird flu hadn’t considered that when I saw a pigeon other day seemed very unwell but could still fly if needed. They nest in the holes of a wall along the local river. Anyway, I considered calling SSPCA, as I have done a few times re birds being ill or injured etc, but thought again because they are so busy, it was evening and getting dark and I hoped she/he would survive the night. Yesterday, about 3 days after, I saw a dead pigeon by the river bank, and thought it is probably same one. RIP little pigeon, it may well have died of bird flu. 😦

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        1. You can’t help them all, Hetty.

          I was just surprised that, hit with the idea of birds dying all some greedy selfish b******s thought about was Christmas dinner.

          Have a cheese sandwich, you thoughtless asses.

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            1. Contracts are between parties, party A and party B. If Party B cannot perform and owes party A money, then Party A can resolve this in Court. If instead Party A “sells” the Debt to Party C, then Party A has accepted an alternative amount on the contract and this fulfils the contract. No further payment is required by Party B.
              Party C is trying to coerce Party B to pay the “amount owing to Party A”. This is unlawful as in effect Party C has paid off the debt. Party B should just say thankyou to Party C for paying its debt, and walk away. Simples but most people have no idea that this is what is happening under contract law; there is No contract between Party B and Party C. End of.

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      2. I think bird flu is a problem in East lothian, SSPCA said a wee while ago (when I called them to rescue an injured wee bird) and they are very busy because of the outbreak.
        Not good at all.

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    2. Why does reduced gas imports result in electricity shortages? We are currently ( sorry!) paying wind turbine electricity producers to turn off their supply in favour of using others forms of generation.

      see here, for example, https://kennymacaskillmp.scot/macaskill-exposes-the-great-energy-switch-off-as-wind-farm-costs-approach-1-billion

      More importantly though, why are we paying money to energy generators to stop producing energy while at the same time we have people sitting cold in their houses frightened to switch on a one bar electric fire?

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      1. Total mystery to me, Jake.

        I heard today that there may be shortages of gas in the winter and that either companies will have to go without or private homes will.

        I know that the Tories got rid of the gas storage…sold it off, I think. But surely these private companies that take the gas out of Scottish North Sea could increase their take?

        Oil and gas rich country having shortages of gas?

        Only a government of this level of incompetence could manage that.

        I expect that none of them or their king and his Mrs will be cold.

        If it was up to me I’d turn off all the heating in the House of Lords and most of it in the commons. Let them sit with coats on and see how they like it.

        As for royal palaces, apparently every room has to be kept warm for the art treasures.

        Time the art treasures were in storage somewhere that they can be preserved. and the palaces made over for some more useful purpose.

        I’m sure there are sufficient rooms in Windsor castle 1000) for the “royal” family, most of whom now do nothing for their amazingly luxurious keep, to be accommodated comfortably.

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      2. As to question 1) the issue is that the wind doesn’t always blow, and we can’t store significant electricity. When the wind doesn’t blow, they turn on the gas-powered generators.

        As to question 2), I suspect that the two things “happening at the same time” are happening in the same week, but not at the same time. There’s also a secondary problem, which is that the wires (principally those between Scotland and England), are to thin. This needs to be fixed – but there’s a cost involved.

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        1. Yes Robert,
          The grid security of supply is a neat balancing trick.
          A large steam generator can’t pick up load quickly if another source trips off.
          Gas turbines can start up and be on full load in minutes but they are run at partial load to respond in seconds.
          The idea is called ‘Spinning Reserve’.
          Have a look at the grid status websites and you’ll see that at present CCGT systems are run at between 25% and 55% of the demand all day.
          For 2 months now we have been burning Coal everyday, 24 hours a day, the media don’t trumpet that, they do when it’s a day without,
          We burn ‘Bio Fuel’, this is cat litter pellets imported all the way from Canada.
          The ‘Solar’ provision only works during daylight hours, hard to believe, that’s a truth.
          The grid does pay Windfarms NOT to generate if they don’t have enough spinning reserve to cover the wind stopping and the windmills dropping out.
          We import DC power from Norway, Belgium, Netherlands and France and the Irish link is used 2 way, sometimes we receive, sometimes we send.

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          1. “We burn ‘Bio Fuel’, this is cat litter pellets imported all the way from Canada.”

            There was a story on the news the other day; Drax are involved in the felling of mature stands of trees in Canada. “pellets made from offcuts” my arse!

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  5. The utube video of morgan taking the chancer to task when he was business secretary, March 2021, was worth a look.

    he was pretty poor on the test and trace that couldn’t find a boat person that they had let out of a hostel.
    Didn’t seem that bothered as it was only one.

    Didn’t come across as a tory superhuman, miss truss and him were reported again today as more than friends.

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      1. The quality of the man is further down the twitter feed.

        He owes the tax man £500,000 in unpaid workers taxes and NI.

        Crashed a company he set up and didn’t pay back trainees subs that they had paid in advance,

        Has lots of property in the uk but owned by a trust based in the middle east???

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  6. Seeing we’re on random thoughts, a digression is into horse-racing..

    Noticed somewhere that the Cesarewitch will be run on Saturday. Long known the name, but never thought about its origins till now. Caesar? Tsar? What’s the connection, if any? Especially with would-be Tsar Vlad invading Ukraine.

    The omniscient Mr G was quick with the answer. Cesarewitch is an anglicised version of Tsesarevich, the title of the heir to the throne in Imperial Russia. The race was named in honour of Tsesarevich Alexander (later Tsar Alexander II), after he donated £300 to the Jockey Club (about £34,500 today). The Cesarewitch was established and first run in 1839.

    What’s this got to do with MNR? Just a surprising coincidence, and one that could make Munguinites a bit richer next Saturday if you fancy an attractive ‘mug’s bet’. One of our regular – and most vocal contributors – styles herself Not My Real Name. And guess what? A Cesarewitch joint favourite is called… Ahorsewithnoname. (Not a typo, that’s how it appears on the race card.)

    I know it got ridden through the desert about 50 years ago but at 5-1 now, still good for a gallop it would seem. NMRN and MNR should take advantage of the nomenclature similarity and risk a spare £. The psychologist/philosopher Carl Gustav Jung called that ‘synchronicity’. No thanks needed. Just raise a glass Srem-wards as you enjoy the winnings.

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    1. I see that Brit institutions were accepting dosh from the Russian even then. Nothing much changes, huh?

      Munguin wonders about risking some of his second hand gold on the punt…



  7. When they think they are too clever.

    The blue/green screen facilitates computer generation of graphics, leaving them open to worse things than the maybots falling letters.

    love this one, saw another on the new open cities, locking down from the attack by the chancer.

    There are people out there that can use powerful software, the latest films use computer generation for cheapness, you don’t need an F35b flying around.

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    1. Ok.
      so, you me and my dog all know that the “blue background” can be manipulated in this way.
      so, was the “comms” for the Conservative Party Conference supervised by the idiot child of a party donor who needed a gig for their cv?
      or, was this a deliberate and calculated way of distracting from the content ( or lack there of) of the speech itself?

      Cock-up or conspiracy?

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    1. Think the wee linesman should consider his position.

      Reading the above, he’s in the wrong political party, maybe the farmers labourers party would be a better fit.
      He’s worried that his children won’t get ahead in Moray, again the party he’s leader of has had the responsibility for 300 years and he’s still worried.

      Maybe he’s just a distraction event.

      miss truss won’t answer the triple lock question.

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  8. Another Brexit dividend! Litre = quasi quart (English). Now, after mini-budget U-turn we’re back to a genuine English two-pinter: Kwasi Kwart(eng). How it ought to be! Well done, the chancer. That’s a job-keeper for sure. For those of post-imperial measures era, No 11 = 5.5 kwarts. That’s a gallon and three-eighths. Good for quite a few miles yet – if driving a vehicle with Great British fuel iconomy.

    After the ‘econoclasm’ and ‘econoclasts’ inspiration by the chancer/Truss last week with their iconoclastic rejection of economic orthodoxy, kwasi-economics was the logical progression and now we’re seeing the results.


    1. Brilliant, I love it!

      many, many years ago I used to work in the whisky industry and a “bottle” of whisky was referred to as a “reputed quart”. It was a term that served well enough despite the mystery of its devious inexactitude. I’m fair tickled by the notion of a quasi-quart.

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  9. A random thought about trouble in the state of Denmark, which a new King might consider when he starts thinking about downsizing a royal family.

    When Queen Margrethe II stripped her grandchildren of their princely titles, it seems not to have occurred to her to mention it to their father. Prince Joachim is pissed off, and public apologies are flying.

    Queen Margrethe: “I have underestimated the extent to which much my younger son and his family feel affected.” Oh really?! 🙂

    In 1917, George V limited the number of Windsor family princes and princesses, and managed to do it without a public family squabble. But now, out in California, the status of Harry’s children (American citizens who are heirs to the throne) is in doubt. There was a recent article about it in the Washington Post.




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    1. Well I guess she might have been a little tactful and let them know in advance, but I’m 100% with the stripping of titles.

      Why old Liz wouldn’t take Airmiles’ titles from him I have no idea..except he was her favourite.

      I have no idea why, although clearly anyone would be more acceptable than Charlie.

      Bu it is worth noting that Andrew looks a bit like the queen and nothing like his brothers and sister who look like Phil.

      I rest my case.

      As for people being upset that they are only counts…. Jeeez. Give it up.

      Mummy Mummy, I got teased at school because I’m not going to be a prince in a few months time. Two words for you, kid, and the second one is ‘off’.

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    2. The name change was to save face. Germans were the enemy.

      So German that he was, he changed his name to Windsor and became English except of course he was actually German/Danish.

      I’m not sure but I doubt there was any English in him at all.

      The royals everywhere need to be downsized.

      We have a string of them that are old and do nothing, yet we pay them money and keep them in apartments in various palaces and mansions. Pensioners in other trades and without titles get a meagre pension.

      They are all royal highnesses. Some of them did do work when they were younger, some didn’t bother, and some spend a lot of time trying to wangle money from their position. Eh “Prince” Michael?

      Then there are the younger ones.

      I’m not sure what Eddy does for all the money we give him; Andrew of course, does nothing except …well, we know what he does.

      His daughters have only rarely appeared at Ascot or at weddings, and are best known for being on holiday and wearing ridiculous hats. All at our expense.
      Now Willie’s got three (after lecturing us to stick to two) children with titles.

      They’ll all require to be kept and housed.

      If there has to be a royal head of state (and I think that there should not) it should be him or her and their partner and an heir and a spare.

      I imagine that Charlie will not give Harry’s kids the titles because they won’t be working royals. So he’d be right not to give them titles.

      I’m 100% behind Harry leaving that ghastly family but he should lose his titles too.

      Likewise the odious sweaty nonce.

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      1. Harry’s kids are far away from the throne in line of succession. But imagine what the British establishment would make of an American King or Queen born in California. 🙂

        The first official portrait of the King was notably lacking Harry and Meghan. They are known to have been in England for the funeral when it was made.

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