1. Morning all. As you can see, I’m quite busy at the moment. But feel free to look around, enjoy the scenery and talk to the animals.
2. Perfect sky.
3. Southern green stink bug (Nezara viridula). Maybe one of the lesser welcome animals in Srem, who decided to call in for the evening drinks session, known to us all now as KKK. It seems John is an easy tap for a drink.
4. Where was Dave?
5. You’ll have to excuse me if I don’t get up. I’ve only just got through with being born…
6. Here’s a wee present for you…
7. They can’t half build bridges in Norway.
8. I’m a Margay, but you can call me Mar.
9. Can I just point out to Munguin that we charge a fee for sitting for pictures?
10. Another Bulgarian cat, this time from Yambol.
11. The handydog about the house: just what Munguin was looking for.
12. It’s that time again.
13. If, at first, you thought it was a wicker chair, think on. It is a spider’s web, caught rather neatly by Kay.
14. Rescue is at hand as cousin saves cousin from a rather muddy looking river.
15. If you want to know about my secret life… it’s all here. No, Munguin, it’s not x-rated…although!!!
16. I’m endangered. Can you believe something as beautiful as me is in danger of disappearing?
17. Lava Canyon, Washington State.
18. I’ve got a poor leg! Send treats, please.
19. I’m a Cassowary, but you can call me Cass…just not Mama Cass.
20. Gotta feed the animals. That’s my job around here…
21. Can you believe it? I did “he haw” and I got lifted by the Poileas.
22. You heard of Café René, well this is Café Renard!!
23. And where, I’d like to know, is Café Chat?
24. Kuala Lumpur.
25. Kids, huh? What can you do with them? I told him to combe his hair but did he listen?

So thank you to Quokka, Kay (and Martin), Dave and John.

Bonus pic:

Oooops. Not even the cat likes her. I feel sorry for the Danish Prime Minister.

And, John just sent me this. Another pic of the Yambol kitten:

If anyone is interested in my opinion, there are far far too many cats in today’s Soppy Sunday and a lack of nice, handsome, sweet, adorable dogs like moi. Get it sorted Tristan, or you’ll be reported to Munguin and you’ll be peeling tatties all next week!

29 thoughts on “SOPPY SUNDAY”

  1. # 17 Lava Canyon, Washington State……..This tells how TWO eruptions of Mount St. Helens, one 3500 years ago and the one in 1980, produced Lava Canyon as we see it today. The video is not outstandingly scenic, (everyplace can’t be Yosemite,) but clearly the trail, following the poorly named “Muddy River,” is wild, difficult and treacherous; and BTW the suspension bridge is closed due to “cable defects.” 🙂

    The pictures are pretty though.

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  2. The Margay cat is beautiful. I did a google search and found they pretty much live up in the trees. Eating birds and monkeys mainly. And it can turn its ankles up to 180 degrees, so it can grasp branches equally well with its fore and hind paws. Isn’t mother nature clever

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    1. That was my thought, DonDon. Somewhere over Cowstrandburn maybe, with Loch Glow visible and Loch Leven further back. But it’s a cheat as it wasn’t taken last week!

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  3. Well that was a balm for the soul and very much needed as we deal with life in the unlit shitlands of Tory rule. Some lovely cats today and as for the complaining dog – look you’re cute but there are lots of ailurophiles in MNR so Tris is only responding to demand. Though I venture that orangutans have more fans. Speaking of which, today’s were splendid.

    For those looking for licence-free entertainment, C5 OD has Bettany Hughes in France and later in Italy. She was walking in Annecy and stole my catchphrase! She said it was a balm for the soul though didn’t mention it being life re-affirming. I do like Bettany’s shows though usually she focuses on ancient times. If you ask me this was just a chance to get paid for going on your hols! You could also watch Pam Ayres in the Cotswolds – this week Wells Cathedral – over 1000 years old in places and rather lovely. Plus the oldest street in Europe (allegedly).

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    1. I hope you sent her a copyright bill, PP. That’s taking liberties!!

      I like Pam Ayres… and the Cotswolds are beautiful so sounds good.

      The dog wants to know if an Ailurophile is… He’s suggesting that it’s a dog that wants to be free to go on holidays to Europe with his peoples and who also likes a drop of ale while he’s there.


    2. I agree, PP. I barely managed a smile from today’s Just for a laugh; which is unusual but the dog door here made me really laugh out loud, despite the desperate state are all in. I think it was partly the concept and partly the innocent look on the innocent look on dog’s face.


        1. Sorry, I did not mean to put your pay in jeappardy! The fault is with me, or rather with the dreadful situation various governments have put us in, which is very depressing.
          However the doggie was very cute/

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          1. It’s OK, Munguin has been celebrating this morning and didn’t notice… Liz’s embarrassment. Good start to the conference, eh?

            Glad you liked the dog… I’ll pass that on to him. 🙂


  4. 22 – The foxes feel safe there as there are statues of foxes in the garden.

    There are some good people in the world that rescue animals.


  5. Great pics as per ….

    Animals and nature…..both give pleasure in times when all else seems so very very bad.

    As does the love of a good man…or woman…., children, family and also finding and keeping friends who are kindred spirits.

    Comedy too…..and seeking and finding an escape via watching a good film , reading a good book, listening to music and going to concerts, going to the theatre and going to an exhibition and looking at a painting that you connect with and marvel at the creativity and talent that produced it…..indeed all who are creative and share their talent with us should be applauded as the pleasure they give far outweighs the misery others inflict…like say SOME politicians and their policies…….and other selfish sources obsessed with THEIR opportunities to HAVE MORE while targeting those who HAVE LESS and indeed which sees them also targeting nature and animals too for their own pleasure in seeing their destruction (and extinction).

    I think that is what makes this site unique among others… time and space to share thoughts to consider what is truly MORE important in life and what is sadly being forgotten by many of those who in this fake disunited non country prefer to focus on just SOME of their own species while destroying all others (as in the wealthy becoming more enriched while the poorest must perish and with some LESS wealthy peeps aka some of the working class seemingly endorsing it as a fair and just situation and system )….while nature and indeed even the Earth is , for them , worth risking to gain in the here and now….it seems the future be damned and too those they consider as lesser (human) beings….and nature and animals must it seems perish too……

    I know where MY priorities and concerns are focused….and those who would label me with FAKE names such as “Woke” and who accuse me of supporting contrived , by them, FAKE causes such as “Cancel Culture” are, I know , only doing so in order to continue their FAKE contrived so called ‘war’ that they want to continue to fight to allow those who pull their strings to reap the benefits that sees them sustain their power and money……..while all else is expendable.

    I , and others, see it for what is….totally fake and a means for them to platform their supposed ‘lost’ freedoms (on behalf of their masters as in the wealthy ones who hide behind the mounthpieces they use to promote their message)….the same supposed ‘lost’ freedoms that they surprisingly do not want others to have as in to allow others to say what they want, do what they want and ultimately they seek to cancel those of us who will not conform to and support their skewed (non) vision and selfish ideology….supposed freedoms that see the extinction of some animals, nature destroyed , the climate suffer with continued use of fossil fuels and support for fracking, policies that allows money to be made by some via disaster capitalism and where money and the gaining of more of it is presented as more important than all else in life…….while the poorest must continue to suffer to sustain the lifestyle of those who are wealthy……….not an appealing vision but more a selfish society idealogy…..not sustainable or worth conforming to…is it.

    There endeth me SOPPY sermon…..more pleasure please via , creativity , nature and animals and less S*** (rhymes with Pit … in despair) as in what we have via the Here and Now in the UKnotOK…..

    Soppy Sunday …..LOVELY .

    Have a nice day everyone


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    1. ‘Twas my friend, John from the Western Isles, who called it Soppy Sunday, a good ten years + ago… and it stuck. Thanks, John.

      I dunno what Munguin’s Republic is really for. It started in September 2009 as a platform that was all about independence, urged on as I was by another friend I made here, called Omar… The Spook of Leith. Another great guy.

      But there’s only so much you can write about independence without getting really boring… so we branched out a bit and, surprisingly really, people stayed around and became like old friends.

      So instead of a campaigning blog, it’s become a sort of meeting place where old pals (and new) can ponder over the events of the day and anyone can bring up a new subject because I certainly don’t have a monopoly on what’s important. It’s a bit like going down the pub. And one of the things I’ve noticed is how much talent and knowledge there is here… Someone always knows.

      So it’s memories, nature, politics, Scotland, EU… whatever.

      I’m glad it brings pleasure.

      And thank you all for hanging around…

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  6. Story from Graham in South Africa:


    A PIGGY has switched species. A herd of cattle in Germany have adopted a wild boar piglet. It has been spotted with the herd by farmer Friedrich Stapel in the Brevoerde district of central Germany, according to Associated Press.

    He believes the piglet must have lost contact with its own group when they crossed a nearby river.

    He says he knows what damage wild boars can cause, but can’t bring himself to chase this one away.

    Local hunters have been told not to shoot the piglet — nicknamed Frieda — and in winter Stapel plans to put her in the shed with the mother cows.

    Frieda, it seems, has got it made.

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