The Earl Marshall, that’s the prat in fancy dress (above) was caught driving while using his phone. A lawyer for the duke, who claims to be a descendant of Queen Elizabeth I (the virgin queen???) and believed to be worth £100m, told magistrates on Monday that losing his licence would lead to “exceptional hardship”. Awwww.

He has just organised the funeral of the queen, and is now charged with organising the crowing of prince Grumpy Face, and said it would be very hard for him to do that without a licence. Encore Awwww!

Even though the case was heard in private (why?), the judge obviously didn’t give a damn. Six months ban. Ha ha ha!

Munguin suggests that the pompous self-important old fool should do what Munguin does and get himself a chauffeur. On £100 million, and with the latest budget bringing in an estimated extra £55,000 a year, that shouldn’t be beyond even his blue-blood-impaired intellect.

Either that or don’t bother crowning big ears. Who actually cares?


Trickle Down

I wonder what Jacob Rees Mogg has to say to that.


So 1922 in 2022.

It seems that poor old Graham Brady never gets much of a break from Tories being discontent with their prime minister (do you wonder?). Having had to deal with letters about Johnson, it seems that already, within a couple of weeks of her appointment, letters are going in to the 1922 committee, calling for Truss to resign.

Embarrassing much?

To make it worse, Truss has just announced that she intends (as Dave mentioned yesterday) to increase immigration… No, really!

The vote for Brexit was, I imagine, largely won in England, on the promise that “foreigners won’t be able to come here and take our jobs, places in our schools and hospitals or claim our benefits and speak foreign in our shops”.

I seriously doubt that anyone thought much about the freedom of movement of finance, services or goods. It was, I suspect, “them foreigners” that caused the problems for vast numbers of English, despite the rather obvious need that they had for them.

Nigel Farage and the hard right wing press hate foreigners and spared no effort to do them down during the campaign.

The Mail, Express, obsessed with foreigners, royals, “celebrities”.

Unfortunately the four freedoms come as a block. Get rid of one, you get rid of them all. So we’re left with no freedoms.

Also unfortunately, Britain needed these people to work in our hospitals, care homes, farms, shops and so on.

So now dumb Truss will be issuing visas for people to come and work in the UK (if anyone is desperate enough to do so). Only this time they won’t be Europeans. And, I’d make a guess that if there’s one thing the hard right hates more that European immigrants, it’s African and Asian immigrants.

But hey, them’s the breaks when you talk on a job that is 25 levels above your competence.

Also, unfortunately, her Home Secretary, the incredibly unpleasant Braverman, who seems to hate absolutely everyone with passion, but most especially foreigners, disagrees.

Resignation of Braverman soon? Or will Truss be the first to go?




52 thoughts on “RANDOM THOUGHTS”

  1. “Even though the case was heard in private (why?),”

    It was for national security reasons as he will be organising the coronation. No, me neither.

    “Braverman, who seems to hate absolutely everyone with passion, but most especially foreigners,”

    She must have had fun growing up given her parents came from Kenya and Mauritius!

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    1. Yes, it’s like we don;t get to know how much money security for Liz’s brood costs, because, if that was public knowledge, “them foreigners” could work out how to circumvent said security.

      And if we found how why he was phoning and driving at the same time, it would almost undoubtedly put the hole coronation in danger…

      Or maybe he thinks that we lower orders have no business poking our snotty noses into the business of the likes of him.

      Ha ha… At least his tax rebates will help him pay his increased insurance premium.


      1. From what I read, it appears that this Earl Marshall Duke of Norfolk fella drove through a red light, cutting in front of a police car, all this while on the phone to his wife. I also read that he has a bit of previous with regard to road traffic regulations and had accumulated a tally of six points on his license.

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        1. I imagine, given that he is one of only two truly hereditary peers ( along with Prince William, girlfriend’s husband), he probably thinks that regulations and red lights are for lesser beings.

          I wonder if, when they caught him, he didn’t remind them who he was and point out that he was a personal friend of the chief constable.

          Pity they didn’t put him in the pokey.

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  2. You have to give those old etonians a mess to play with.

    The BoE say the will not hesitate to take any action on fiscal matters, that includes doing Nothing.

    No hurry kwasi will wait until after the holidays to do any planning.

    The brexiteers want trade deals with the Pacific countries, the same countries that had the pound at £1.04 to the dollar overnight.

    Good job that we Scots have the professionalism of the brand new truss government, only 3 weeks in office already.


    1. She’s done some stuff that will go down in history.

      She was the last person outside Liz’s circle of servants and family to see her alive.

      She’s brought the pound to its lowest level ever.

      Three weeks in she’s split the right wing of the Tory Party and letters are going into Brady to demand her resignation.

      I think she’s an attention seeker.

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  3. I think it was George Bush senior who described Reagan’s trickle down theory as “Voodoo economics”.
    Good to see Biden taking the same line.
    When it comes down to it,political decisions determine economic outcomes and not the other way round,despite what some economists may claim.

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    1. Dave Lawrence on Twitter says:

      Essentially for the 630k who earn £150k plus getting a £10k plus tax break you could have provided a £1000 uplift for a year for 6,300,000 people – that would have immediately been spent in the economy


      If you give a few thousand to a person who has everything, what do they do with it? Nothing.

      If you give it to someone living a reasonably middle class life, they were maybe save some, but they will spend the rest… update, modernise.

      If you give it to someone who is poor they will spend it all… so they can eat, heat and clothe themselves.

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  4. Posted this earkier at the tail of JFAL, not realising that Random Thoughts had taken over. Forgive me if I’m inflicting the same story again and it didn’t even appeal the first time…

    Kwarteng and Truss have inspired a new word: ‘Econoclasts’. Iconoclasm is defined as ‘The action of attacking or assertively rejecting cherished beliefs and institutions or established values and practices.’ By rejecting all classic and conventional economic teachings – Smith, Marx, Keynes et al – Truss and Kwarteng must surely qualify as ‘econoclasts’. Just remember, you read it here first…

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  5. Nick Fletcher
    (Don Valley) (Con)
    Share this specific contribution

    I congratulate my right hon. Friend on her position as Prime Minister, but I would also like to thank her for her support for my campaign to keep Doncaster Sheffield airport open. Will she now help further by writing to South Yorkshire Mayor Oliver Coppard and Peel Holdings chairman John Whittaker to remind them of their powers, duties and responsibilities to the people of South Yorkshire and beyond? Will she use the full weight of her office on these decision makers to keep our Doncaster Sheffield airport open?
    The Prime Minister
    Share this specific contribution

    Regional airports, including Doncaster Sheffield airport, are a vital part of our economic growth. I will make sure that the new Secretary of State for Transport is immediately on the issue.

    The do nothing government, The airport is to close

    The transport secretary has said nothing. So it appears correct, ditch anything that was cpnsidered sensible and do nothing.

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      1. The race for growth, starts soon.

        Heard the taxpayer alliance say that the ‘Plan’ will increase GDP by £100billion in Ten Years, current GDP is said to be £2.2 trillion so in arithmetic terms NIL.

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  6. Cheshire Russ, as usual, does an excellent summary of the government’s first few days in office. A long thread but well worth the read, for anyone who hasn’t had the chance;

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  7. True story…

    Once when on holiday on one of the Scottish islands…cannot even remember which one….however not that relevant to story….we, hubby & I, were driving around the island and we passed a farm and on the outside it had a sign …..a sign which shocked me….as it seemed to me…to have a kinda Deliverance vibe about it re the type of person who would write such a sign….

    Hubby was driving and focusing on the road but I turned round to him and asked him “Did you see what was written on that sign” ?…..

    He said ” What sign ” ?…..which to me meant that obvs NO he had NOT seen it…I am so quick I am….

    “Well” said I….”Back there a sign said Sh*te for Sale”

    My hubby then said “What ” ?…..like he thought I was having a meltdown ….or it was a mirage brought on by seeing too many sheep…and counting them.

    I repeated it…..and then he said ” Are you sure it said that ” ?…….then doubts started to form and I started to wonder why people would buy Sh*te.(and why people would sell it…I’m a city girl so give me a break here and this seemed kinda mental to not just SELL it but to ADVERTISE it too )….and so I started to mentally form a list…with Manure being the obvious reason….and obvs the assumption that it had derived from an actual animal and not an actual person…..unless Deliverance type of person that is…..I am so very naïve and have lived a sheltered life obvs…..

    Then my husband said ” Are you sure it did not say SITE for sale ” ?

    There was a wee moment of silence…and I then conceded that may have been actually what the sign COULD have said…..we didn’t drive back to see if that WAS what the sign said….as it was not THAT significant to us….and really we both knew his version of what the sign said was probably what it actually said…….(secretly I would have preferred it was MY version….as seemed so random and to me a tad INSANE to have a sign promoting it)

    Anyway the the point of this story is that it could be a regarded as something the Tories are actually doing in their UK…..as in selling Sh*te to ordinary peeps…while selling SITES to wealthy (foreign) investors.

    I rest my case M’lud….if I had went to Specsavers the above story would NEVER have been told….bet you all wish I HAD went to Specsavers and saved you wasting your time reading this S**** (rhymes with Kite) from ME…..that’s seconds of your life you will never get back….scroll by me from now on as outta site…sorry sight…outta mind….or perhaps outta site was apt….. as in outta THIS site for the likes of ME as I should be BANNED with my bad stories…..though I think I redeemed myself with the TORY equation….pretty please.

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    1. Lol. It might have been sh*te for sale, good stuff for fertiliser is like gold. Yes a good analogy to how the Tory cabal are mismanaging the economy, and Truss is making a mess of everything she touches. Ewww.

      They might as well have just held an auction or car boot sale. UK nations for sale, get them while you can, buy one get the rest free, must buy now, when it’s gone it’s gone! Terms and conditions do not apply.

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    2. At least your husband was watching the road, not like some folk who seem to think it’s not necessary. Btw a wee gripe of mine, is it just me or are there some extremely bad drivers now, can’t believe some I’ve seen lately in Edinburgh. Quite scary.

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      1. I blame it on my age A.H. I’ve been driving for 65yrs, but I agree there seems to me to be a lot of carelessness, at the very least. Of course, there has been a huge increase in the number of vehicles on the roads, but I still believe there has been a drop in driving standards over the years. And courtesy.

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        1. A lot of it is to do with technology. Instead of a bunch of switches, you have a touchscreen to negotiate to adjust the heating, radio volume and so on. There’s also the phone – hands-free, but folk have BOTH earbuds in, whilst having a conversation. You have no idea how much information that denies you; I tried it once (minidisc) in a hire van with a broken radio and didn’t manage 10 minutes. I see a lot of this; I still ride a motorbike almost every day (despite being old enough to know better*) and make progress through traffic, as I was taught to do. People just aren’t aware of bikes. And don’t get me started on bikes sitting in traffic queues….

          My pet dislike is folk running reds. Someone coming through on amber I can cope with, but it’s the two that follow them through as the other light’s going to red/amber . I’ve been moving on a green and had to brake for late late red-jumpers. If I were in the van, I’d chicken them out, but not on the bike.

          *I had to do some work to the bike and it was unusable for a couple of weeks so I went to work in the van. The day I got back on the bike, my commute felt like I was dancing to work. It’s that good. I love riding bikes.

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      2. Indeed ArtyHetty….my husband and I both drive and live in Edinburgh and we see it all the time…speed seems to be a problem for many of them….obviously they must be in a awfy hurry to end up in a hospital …..also I have lost count of the times I have been sitting in my car behind someone who ,when the cars in front of them move, they remain static….as too busy looking DOWN at something…as in you know what…….

        I think many of them think :

        Accident via speeding ?…never happen to me……

        Looking at mobile phone while driving and getting caught by Police or cause an accident….never happen to me…..

        Do they think those that have been involved in any of the above who then had an accident said ‘It will happen to me’ as in having an accident because they were speeding or using phones while driving ?…nope they probably thought the same as in will not happen to them….prevention better than cure…drive safely and do not speed or be distracted (especially by wives asking you if you read a sign while driving)…read the road….assume some WILL do what is insane to do while driving a car….be patient, considerate and remember you can kill someone with your car….something some people I think tend to forget when they get behind a wheel…..Oh and DO not DRINK and DRIVE…..or partake in drugs and drive…..You know when I think about perhaps TOO deeply…..maybe Cars are not for everyone…why you don’t say……eejits always manage to have access to one though….like yon Earl Marshall …..Do you know who I AM ?

        My fear at night is ever accidentally knocking down a Fox….hence why at night when on country roads I drive slower so that I can react appropriately …as in STOP in time……mind you not everyone is that way inclined as some overtake you at great speed and then disappear into the distance…..wildlife not their concern at night….

        Come the revolution….I’LL SAY who DOES and who does NOT get cars….Do you know who I am ?

        No… because on here I am called (by) Not-My-Real-Name……that is Mrs Not My Real Name….GOOD NAME TO START A REVOLUTION WITH….as in an anonymous source….so they won’t catch me….for sure for sure.

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    3. LOL.

      I must admit that my immediate thought was that there was manure for sale… but obviously, when you mentioned site…

      But you never know.

      Munguin says you are redeemed.


  8. Love the comment that market traders refer to truss as Daggers.
    Explained as Dagenham is two stops after Barking.

    As for the roads, everybody is in a hurry to get to the traffic lights at stop.

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    1. Daggers and Barking, very clever, almost had me dribbling coffee down my nose, got past through my fingers though.
      Sorry, maybe too much info, I’ll go and change my shirt.

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  9. You know I was remembering a story (really sad one) via CNN reporting on the killing of Cecil the Lion’s brother Jericho…..where CNN stated :

    Cecil the lion’s brother, Jericho, ALSO A LION (my emphasis), was killed on Saturday.

    Awful story as was Cecil the Lion being killed by a wealthy American dentist (swine)….however the fact that a journalist felt the need to state that Cecil the LION’S BROTHER was ALSO a LION….kinda makes you see that perhaps with who people VOTE for in America as in some politicians then the NEED to clarify the obvious might be a correct point to make…..also some of them , via an interview, think Joe Biden is dead and that Jim Carrey is impersonating him (true…as in what they think NOT as in tis true obvs) …..plus other conspiracy theories …flawed and incredible ones doing the rounds…..mind you here in the UKnotOK we have OUR fair share of ‘alternate’ thinkers…..do we NOT….that’s ALTERNATE not alternative thinkers….whose understanding is a tad off the main beam so to speak…….

    I mean here , throughout the UK, with some of the voters and their mindset and lack of informed rational thinking I feel churnalists here would probably be better adopting the same strategy…..just to keep those who are obviously CURRENTLY uninformed……fully informed of ALL facts even the obvious ones….mind you I don’t think that is something they as churnalists either do NOW or will EVER do via politics…as ignorance of facts no matter how obvious must be in this UKnotOK either surpressed or spinned to within an inch of it’s life……….

    Crazy world…..crazy people …..many of them made crazy by the media and politicians…..obvs

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    1. Fancy a lion’s brother being a lion… Well, I never.

      Mt fvouritew redneck nut job memory was at the beginning of the pandemic and this woman assuring us that she would goon going to church and sitting next to other worshippers and she would NOT wear a mask… because she had been “touched by the blood of Jesus”.



  10. Liz Truss tweets:

    Congratulations to
    on her party’s success in the Italian elections.

    From supporting Ukraine to addressing global economic challenges, the UK and Italy are close allies. 🇬🇧🇮🇹



  11. Tory MP Andrew Bridgen on BBC Today Programme says he has spoken to Kwasi Kwarteng since Friday & he expects announcements of public spending cuts in the near future.

    So that’s ok then because our public services really are straining under the weight of excess investment. #ClownEconomics

    (from Stewart Wood on Twitter.)


  12. I have thought for some time, that the correct response to an imperious, “Do you know who I am”
    is “Why do you ask… Have you forgotten?”

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