I don’t know but I’m really keen to find out. Let’s get indy asap and relegate the Express to the Foreign Press.

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  2. The Mirror Group.owners of the Daily Record and allegedly pro Labour, owns the Express, which has since Beaverbrook’s day always been rabidly Tory.

    A Father of Chapel for the Daily Record journals union used to live in the same block as me and he always said the Mirror Group’s self proclaimed Labour support was purely a marketing stance. In these pre Blair days, a lot of people voted Labour and were trade union members.

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        1. “Once it was a good paper.”
          When would that have been? The 17th Century??
          My dad (bless him, it turned out we weren’t on the same page politically 😃) was an Express reader. Amongst my earliest memories is sitting on his knee while he read me the comic strips – Rupert Bear, The Gambols, Four D. Jones, Matt Dillon*.
          (I think I’m maybe a day early with this?)
          Then I learned to read for myself and the ‘magic’ wore off, apart maybe from the fitba’, and even there too ‘blue’ for my liking. (John McKenzie, “The Voice of Football”)
          According to a certain online Encyclopaedia circulation peaked at 4mn in the 1940s, recently c.200k.
          Nowadays I don’t know anyone who would be seen dead with the Express, it seems to cater for what might be termed the Princess Di/Madeleine McCann-obsessed demographic, which is quite niche.

          * Gun Law!

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          1. Yes. I think the serious times were before my time.

            I only said that because John McD worked for them for a while before travelling the world (and meeting all these people who send us jokes and cute animals).

            I seriously can’t imagine John working for something so ridiculous as the Express is today.


  3. OT. This buffon, who can’t answer a fair question about how much his energy policies will cost, and replies moaning about the SNP, then makes a twit of himself by assuming that the SNP runs Edinburgh Council. You’d have thought that he would have known that the Lightweight’s party is in collation with Labour and that other lot in Edinburgh.

    What an empty posh (or something like that) vessel.

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    1. Tris……Also OT, talking of buffoons and crazy looking newspaper headlines, this article in the Guardian turns out to be absolutely correct……about Donald Trump, who declared (on FOX “News”)……that he can declassify secret and top secret nuclear weapons documents by the power of thought itself.

      An idea tossed into the trash by a three-judge panel of the federal court of appeals…..along with a previous nutsy court ruling by a friendly Trump-appointed judge in Florida. (Two of the three-judge panel on the federal 11th Circuit Court of Appeals were ALSO appointed by Trump. But they were having none of it.)




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      1. Does he think he’s in Harry Potter now?

        Dear heavens. You can’t declassify something as important as nuclear secrets simply by saying, “These nuclear secrets are no longer secrets… because I thought it to myself.” What a nut. No wonder Putin liked him.

        I wonder though WHY, he took them.

        Blackmail? To sell?

        Or just because he’s a cabbage?

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        1. It does make one wonder about his motive. Knowing Trump, maybe he figured he could make some big money with the documents. That’s a stupid idea beyond words, but this IS Trump we’re dealing with.

          His argument was supernatural simplicity itself. As soon as he sends highly classified documents to Mar-a-Lago, then *poof*…..they’re unclassified. 🙂

          The Sean Hannity interview on FOX was a nice laugh, on a news day that included the Trump judges on the Court of Appeals batting down his challenge to the FBI investigation (and also negating the finding of the friendly Trump judge in Florida who wrote the crazy pro-Trump opinion.)

          Then there was the huge civil lawsuit against him and his family that was announced by New York State.

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          1. PS…..The Circuit Court opinion was not only a victory for the FBI and the Department of Justice, it was a blistering rebuke of Trump, and also of Alleen Cannon, the friendly Trump District Court judge in Florida, who effectively wanted the classified documents reviewed before the FBI could use them in their criminal investigation against Trump.



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            1. Yes, the 250 million dollar lawsuit was big news. Enough money that even Trump would notice.

              It seems like the websites that keep count of the free articles they give you sometimes count the incognito articles too. Happened to me the other day on the New Yorker website I think. But in that case, switching to another browser worked. You never know! 😉

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    1. Crikey, really, some research needs to be done, these people, the Trumps and Smoggs of this world might have been affected by the Covid virus to the point of insanity. It’s obviously an epidemic going on, see how much you can get away with in fooling the people to believe anything, any rubbish, and render them zombified.

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    1. I’m reminded of a Dave Allan sketch, where the communists revolt, and they take over a car that the bosses/politicians in power are driving, chucking the occupants out and so they take the car, a big open top old one, and er, they turn a corner where they are accosted and attacked by another socialist communist mob who see them as oppressors, given they are driving a big open top car, it’s quite funny but perhaps poignant. Power corrupts. Can’t find it on youtube.

      Trying to get my head around what this guy is saying, interesting though, re big business, socialism and where we are at now.

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    1. Who does he think he is? Keir Hardie?

      Uh huh, that was in the manifesto, Gordon. 120 years ago.

      Still waiting… like we are waiting for the most devolved government in the universe.

      By some proper Labour people

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    2. “Gordon Brown calls for the abolition of the House of Lords”.

      Funnily enough many in Scotland ‘call for the abolition of Gordon Brown in Politics, particularly in reference to Scotland, and it’s politics’ as currently he is yet another unelected, past his sell by date and non respected ex politician here – leaked report via journalist from a New New labour newspaper (alleged newspaper)…….as in client journalist of Labour party on Brown’s vision which includes the words ‘IF’ and ‘CONSIDERED’ as in not definite as provisos that include IF Labour win next GE and as yet to be CONSIDERED by Starmer and Labour…….same ones who betrayed Scotland post 2014 in NOT agreeing to all powers being devolved to Scotland….as in the least receptive political party in Smith Commission agreement.

      Seems like, via content, more like offering ENGLAND more devolution with central powers STILL held at WM….than Scotland an actual ‘new’ viable solution that is better than independence…colour me surprised…..

      Same old Labour…..strangely Brexit , as in mention of it, is NOT highlighted in this ‘leak’ in the NON vision of their UK under labour…..via Brown…..as some things best left unsaid and untouched…..for reasons…………

      Brexit THE real vision for their UK….broken by THEM ….and a sticking plaster via Brown as a temporary solution to all money and hope currently and in the future bleeding out from their UKnotOK……Brown the builder of fake hope….Can he fix it…..NO he can’t….but they are not seeking to ‘fix it’ just make it look or rather appear presentable to the gullible and thus it appears as if their UK is habitable for ALL ….when it is blatantly, transparently and clearly etc etc NOT

      If Brown is THE perceived solution then once again the wrong problem in their UK is being presented as the difficulty that needs to be overcome….

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      1. I wonder if they will get rid of the House of Lords in the same way they gave Scotland the most devolved government in the world, or maybe they will do it in the way that Me Hardie did it…

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      1. So if i’ve got this correctly the USA isn’t going to fast track the UK for trade deal and it would take years, and the Epresso has been making out that it already has which they are lying.

        Liked by 2 people

        1. Yes…

          And if Truss tampers with the Northern Ireland protocol in any way and disrupts peace, I suspect that that “years” would become “forever…regardless of who is in the White House.

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  4. This is along similar lines to that other right wing publication,The Telegraph,who have been forecasting the demise of the Euro and by extension the EU for decades.
    The Euro and the EU are still here as is the Telegraph.
    Just shows how deluded their readership is with a limited grasp of reality.

    Liked by 2 people

  5. Which currency should an Independent Scotland use?

    Looking more like the Petro Dollar folks.

    The financial boys are saying Short the Pound Sterling, it’s heading for parity.

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