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      1. I thought for a moment it was the one at Cadillac Kustomz on Bute when you said that but its the wrong model (Fleetwood) although the right era (1959 – when it was shipped to Scotland).

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    1. 15 – Ralph DePalma, Italian-born winner of Indy500 in 1915.
      Along with onboard engineer “who checked the oil pressure and let the driver know when traffic was coming ”
      Slightly different nowadays.

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  1. Aye Derek, Pic1 is a Cadillac, an Eldorado from 1958, the first year twin headlamps were fitted to the model.
    Pretty in pink…

    Pic2 is a Kübelwagen assembly line, a military vehicle based on the Volkwagen chassis and running gear. This photo is probably post-war as a limited number were produced for a short time during the occupation period.

    Pic10 is the interior of a Morris/Austin/BMC FG lorry dating from between 1959 and 1980.
    With the engine right next to the driver, the perfect thing to drive in the hot weather like we’re having now…
    The only way to get any air in the cab was to have the doors – which opened backwards – flat against the rear body while driving along.

    Pic5 The great atom scientist Max Born’s granddaughter.

    Pic12 is some old geezer and his darling Clementine.

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    1. Apparently she quite liked Winston. Hard to imagine why.

      I had no idea that Olivia Newton John had a famous granddad.

      I can’t imagine what it would be like to drive that lorry on a hot day… No air conditioning!!!


      1. She obviously had a soft spot for the old curmudgeon.
        After he died, Clemmy had his 1954 portrait by Graham Sutherland consigned to the bonfire.
        A 1,000 guineas gift from the Houses of Parliament to mark his 80th birthday, they both silently hated it.
        It was her subtle hint that it wasn’t her favourite work of art.
        A tough critic indeed…

        ONJ’s nickname as I remember was Olivia Neutron Bomb, so maybe someone had researched her family history to come up with that one…
        Wikipedia listed the lovely Debbie McGhee as Born’s great-granddaughter, but I wondered at that one and sure enough, it disappeared soon after.
        A hoax, set to fool the lazy journalist, methinks.
        It happens on Wiki…

        Pic7 Love the poster.
        “Scandinavia between Breakfast and Tea”.
        Early breakfast, late tea…
        De Havilland Express DH86 of the mid 1930s, cruising speed 140 MPH.
        The last of the stringbag canvas and wood airliners, it would have been quicker than the ferries but that’s about it.
        Unpressurised so a low ceiling and a bumpy ride…
        Only 62 built and they’re all gone now.

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        1. Think, I’d have gone by boat. That sounds pretty grim…

          Yes. Very good nickname for her.

          I think no one messed with Darling Clementine. Fearsome, she was!


      1. VW produced an updated version of the Kübelwagen in the 1960s, the Type 181, originally for the army but later civilianised and known as The Trekker in UK and The Thing in the US.
        Out of production in the 1980s, it has since become a cult car and is much sought after, much like the Mini Moke.
        Only 2-wheel drive and so not really suited to farm work, sadly.
        VW do make their own 4WD range today of course and very good they are…


    2. I used to drive a pal’s Standard Atlas, with the engine between the seats, but was never aware of it as a a source of heat. But the heater unit (recirculating) in my 1963 Riley Elf had to be switched off under the bonnet during summer months as the unit was still hot when the (on -off – no gradations) fan switch was off.

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      1. The engine in the FG was much bigger than that of the Atlas, Cairnallochy – 5.7 litre as opposed to the little petrol 950cc unit or the 2.1 diesel, and produced a lot of heat from around the exhaust.
        Another problem in the FG was the amount of glass area in the cab, designed for good vision.
        Nicknamed the goldfish bowl, they let a lot of sunlight in during hot weather.
        Most engine-in-cab lorries were uncomfortable in summer but cosy in winter!

        I had the opposite problem to your Elf situation with my Mini heater, which resolutely refused to supply any heat at all until I had to strip the matrix out and flush it through in both directions.
        It was stapped with gunk, but once clear it was as warm as toast…

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  2. Pic 5 – “Banks of the Ohio”, she was a walking goddess to us pubescent youths back in the day. Still hard to believe she was in her seventies!! RIP.

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    1. “If Not For You” for me, part of mental soundtrack to a long summer in Iceland in 71.
      Olivia was a 29 year old school student in Grease – presumably the film didn’t feature any 22 year old teachers straight out of college…….
      Thought she was Australian born but left England at age 5. So she was a “repatriate” – there’s my contribution to the next edition of the OED.
      I used to feel depressed – or rather disbelieving- that I was older than Anne Widdicombe. But cheered up to realise Olivia was nearly as old as I am.
      RIP lovely lady with the lovely voice.

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      1. Yes… the magic of the movies. John Travolta is about 4 years her junior, so he was pushing it a bit to be at school at 25!

        To be honest, I had no idea how old Widdecombe was, but just looked it up. 74.

        Without wishing to be rude, I’d have thought she was in her mid to late 80s…

        It just shows what bitterness does to you… that and working with Nigel Farage.


        1. I think she has always been that age.

          Something tells me she was in some Commons’ Committee looking at SEXUAL stuff and was the Head of it.

          Known forever as the non playing Captain.

          Is 16 Eartha Kitt?

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      1. What a great cover of “Banks of the Ohio”! I’d never heard her version of the murder ballad song that’s been covered by pretty much every Country and Folk Music performer on earth.


        I searched for a Carter Family version, but found none. There’s a later version on YouTube by Mother Maybelle and the Carter Sisters with Johnny Cash (who spoiled the effort.) It’s just not his kind of material.

        YouTube has both of the 1927 recordings by Red Patterson’s Piedmont Log Rollers, and by Grayson and Whitter.


          1. No Tris, this isn’t the Carter Sisters cut I referred to. This almost sounds like an unreleased rehearsal cut.

            Anyway, this is the one I was referring to, with Cash’s vocal generally less prominent, sometimes singing low bass. I don’t think he adds much to the Carter Family harmony.

            Murder ballad songs always strike me as creepy, but they were popular in their time I guess, and apparently have a British tradition.

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  3. No 3 also reminds me of a young temp from NZ who was with me for a few months in mid – 80’s and who was referred to by other staff as “my Kiwi girl”. Had to issue a disclaimer that she did not have to polish my motor-bike boots.

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  4. Oh aye, forgot to say the the round red thing in the front window of the bus is a big red plastic “@”. I have no idea as to its purpose…

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  5. Pic 6 – re Pepsodent. When ITV started in the 1950s and carried adverts, these became popular items in themselves, especially ones with catchy ditties. We often sang them in the primary school playground. Pepsodent had a song, “You’ll wonder where the yellow went when you brush your teeth with Pepsodent!”. One of my pals created a parody: “You’ll wonder where your gnashes went, if you brushed your teeth with yellow cement!”. I should point out to would be cynics that the boy was only 8.

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  6. Picture 19 what what ex Tory MP Neil parish SAID he was looking at in the HOC but in reality picture 20 was what he was REALLY looking act…..minus clothes…..

    I rest (yet another) case M’lud.

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    1. * REALLY looking act

      REALLY looking AT…..

      Mind you he was ACTing….when initially CAUGHT OUT….ACTing the VICTIM ….so could be apt to use act….or just blame spellcheck…..he could have done that too…..as in said he was looking up TRACTORS and up came ATTRACTORS under the category of Women……..

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      1. Actually, he said it appeared by accident (not once but twice)… but what I wondered was, if you were Googling tractors or farm machinery, what kind of spelling error would bring up steamy sex scenes…

        Anyone know. Obviously I’m asking for a friend.


  7. The Cadillac has for long been a star attraction in our remote corner of Bulgaria, parked outside the hotel in central Elhovo, our nearest town of any consequence (pop 10,000) about 20 minutes up the road from Srem, our village. It’s been there since we first arrived in Bulgaria seven years ago but I’ve never seen it in action. Weddings maybe, and we’ve nver been there at the right time. Just sits in the same place, but always kept clean and shiny.

    The ‘Elvis’ on the number plate must be a fake (or it came with the car?) as it does not conform to any Bulgarski reg combination that I know of. None of the older hands in Srem can tell me anything of its history or provenance or how it came to be in Elhovo. I’m supposed to be a reporter (or used to be) so I should just go inside the hotel and start asking questions. Stand by for update…

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      1. LOL definitely not my cup of tea.

        Interesting that his first one had a break lining failure and was destroyed in a roadside fire.

        Presumably Elvis was not in it at the time.

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    1. Sounds a lot like the one on Bute although that one has provenance apparently – shipped direct from the production line to Scotland in January 1959. Gets used for weddings at Mount Stuart, which seems to be the only/main reason anyone goes to Rothesay/Bute these days.

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        1. Cadillac Kustomz is a wierd sort of guest house/bar/”diner” in Port Ballantyne.

          Used to be a bar/restaurant back in the 00s then got turned into, well a somewhat surprising enterprise for the area.

          They got on the holy grail of “guesthouse TV programmes” (Four in a bed) and then rapidly put the place up for sale at a somewhat “ambitious” price IMHO. No idea if they sold or not, 2021 streetview footage suggests not.

          Worth a look online if only for how bizarre it looks in the local area.

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  8. 9 & 11 both appear to be Belfast. The trolleybus fleet no. appears to be no.112 (FZ7897) which is preserved..

    A 1948 Harkness bodied Guy BTX 6-wheeler.

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