I’d have thought that the greatest privileges of being first minister would be serving the people who elected you, trying to make your country a better place across the board, improving conditions for ALL the people, rich, poor, old, young… protestant, catholic. Get the drift?

Why is your worthless commoner’s head above that of her Britannic Majesty’s royal one?

But for Arlene, sorry DAME Arlene, it was curtseying to a person, or people, who are made of exactly the same material as she is, but who hadn’t had to bother working their way to the elevated position they held, like she did.

They were born to it, or married into it.

Well, there you go.

It’s almost like you consider yourself to be his equal here. Upstart.

Oh, just a thought. Isn’t there something in your bible that says that ‘thou shalt not bow down to graven images’? Do the likes of Liz, Airmiles, Middleton or Money BAGS not count as the same sort of thing as graven images?

A graven image is an idol—an object or image, such as a statue, that is worshiped as the representation of a deity or god. The word graven means “carved” or “sculpted.” Graven image refers to some kind of object or image that has been made to represent a god.

Given that Liz is the head of the Church of England, just like the Pope (oh, did I say that word in front of you, sorry) is the head of the … well, you know… doesn’t she at least count as a sort of graven image?

Sorcha Ní Nia replied to her Ladyship: “she’s 96, Arlene, she’s probably got arthritis, christ give her a break!”


      1. The ones that don;t smoke and drink to excess, or indeed get on the wrong side of the establishment, do seem to live to ripe old ages…

        Her 96, her mother 101, Phil 99, Eddy Kent 86, Alexandra Kent 85, Mick Kent 79, Alice Athlone 97, Alice Gloucester 102, Richard Gloucester (77),

        Last king, who smoked like a lum 56, Margaret, smoked and drank for England, 71, Diana was going to marry a Muslim 36.

        It must be something to do with the best of everything and wanting for nothing, I suspect.

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    1. Looks to me like the Queen could well be executing a head bow to the First Minister.

      From an American perspective, this bowing stuff resonates. So some recent history might shed some light……or not. 😉

      This bowing/curtsying thing is surely a minefield. I suppose that a curtsy is easily distinguished from a head bow, but when did a proper and suitably ostentatious bow from the waist become a “head bow” …….which can be confused with a simple social nod of the head in greeting? And what about tall people who almost always seem to be bending over in some way in the course of social interactions with short people, including of course, short people who may be Kings or Queens?

      As I’ve often pointed out, while Americans are by nature a humble people 😉 , they draw the line at bowing to ANYBODY……especially foreign princes and potentates. (I think the “princes and potentates” thing is in the constitution someplace.) This became an issue in right wing political media during the Obama administration. Barack Obama (who stands 6’ 2” and often interacts with shorter people) had a confusing habit of bobbing and weaving in a way that looked suspiciously like bowing.

      President Obama was charged with serious bowing incidents involving the Emperor of Japan and the King of Saudi Arabia, not to mention a possible head bow to Queen Elizabeth. However, there’s some evidence that he may have also bowed to a robot and the Mayor of Tampa, Florida.

      And BTW, long before he became famous by mounting a coup d’etat to overthrow the American government and constitution, Donald Trump may have himself bowed to the Saudi King. (However Donald is 6′ 3″ and may have simply been stooping over to have a medal placed around his neck.)

      This was all covered in the Washington Post and The Atlantic. And for the historically inclined, there is a reenactment (previously posted here) of John Adams (the Boston lawyer who with Tom Jefferson was a principal architect of the American revolution,) who found himself in 1785 preparing to present credentials to King George as the first American Minister to Great Britain…….which required bowing! Clearly there were no simple head bows at the palace in 1785!

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      1. It’s terribly confusing if you’re tall and the person you’re meeting is short.

        I seem to recall the Obamas didn’t bother much about protocol and the lovely Michelle even put her arm around old Liz… punishable in some books, by a spell in the Tower followed by a trip to the gallows!! Michelle’s natural charm must have saved her from that fate.

        Trump, well he seemed to be in a bit of a daze when he met the queen. He wandered around in front of her and generally hacked her off. But then, he’#s one of these people who could hack off a saint. At least he spared her his tales of how much sex you could get if you were the organiser of a talent show.

        Mr Adams and I would have had quite a lot in common, except I suspect that I would have refused to do it.

        I understand that the idea was to put you off balance so you couldn’t get your sword out and chop the monarch’s head off.

        Now it’s unlikely you are going to have a sword about your person, so it all seems pointless.

        I wonder why anyone would bow to someone else.

        There are those, however, who believe that royalty are somehow different from the rest of us.

        I’m not sure in what way, because, as I understand it they do all the same sort of things that we lesser beings do… they eat, they drink, they sleep, they exercise, they even copulate as the generous size of their families would seem to indicate.

        Without wishing to be vulgar, I can’t think of a single thing that they don’t do that the rest of us do.

        Still, for some royal blood seems to suggest that they are somehow different.

        I wonder, though, now that the need to everyone who is espoused to them to be royal has disappeared, just how royal some of these people are.

        The queen’s mother was not royal, just a lowly aristocrat.

        So the queen isn’t totally royal. Indeed Phil was more royal than she was.

        Charles then isn’t properly royal, and he married a junior aristocrat, so Willie and Harry aren’t anything like proper royals… (indeed Harry might have no royal blood at all). And they both married… horror of horrors, commoners. ARGH!

        An actress and the daughter of a tradesman.

        Dear heavens… imagine being required to bow to Kate Middleton Party Poppers Limited?

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        1. LOL Tris……I enjoyed your views on the matter! Looks like you would fit in quite nicely with the no-bowing rule in American presidential politics.
          It does seem that 6 ft 1 in Obama….sometimes reported as 6’2″…..had trouble not appearing to be head bowing to shorter royals when he met them. And that’s definitely a problem in American politics.
          Yes, Liz was kind enough not to have Michelle Obama conveyed to the tower after the improper touching. 😉 Michelle might also have trouble with the head bow appearance, since she is almost 6 ft tall herself. In heels, she sometimes looks taller than Barack in photographs.

          JFK was the first American president who was Catholic. This was politically controversial in 1960 in America, and there was high drama about whether or not he would kneel and kiss the Pope’s ring when he met him. JFK and Pope Paul VI ended up shaking hands…..head of state to head of state.
          Recent Popes….especially Pope Francis…..have tried to discourage and discontinue the ring kissing custom, but traditionally devout Catholics have continued to do it.
          There was less drama about it when Joe Biden……the second Catholic president……met Pope Francis. They shook hands too.

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          1. Yes, Danny. You would have hoped that people would have grown out of this nonsense by now. Kissing rings, bowing, curtseying and calling people by such incredible titles and styles.

            As you have probably noticed our MPs are considered to be Honorable. And ones that have made it on to the Privy Council are styled Right Honorable.

            Needless to say a very considerable number of them are not in the least honorable, right or otherwise.

            Popes have done well to get rid of a good number of those stupid things, and once binned, of course, it is difficult for the next guy (for guy it must always be) to bring them back without looking ridiculous.

            Francesco moved out of the papal palace and into a small apartment, he ditched big limos and uses a Fiat Uno, or some such small car. Previous popes ditched being carried on a throne and indeed the whole enthronement business.

            Jesus allegedly had feet, sandals and in a few cases a donkey… why would his man need a gold throne?

            Nice pic there of Michelle with her arm around an old lady. I imagine she’s never had that much affection, poor old Liz.

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  1. Arlene Foster……GB News host…..with a tweet that exemplifies WHY she is better suited to host a second rate moanfest show on a second rate moanfest right wing Tory friendly channel than she EVER was as a politician (INO)……

    What a Dame……

    Arlene Foster so astute is she (Not) that she has as yet to accept she and her party were only TOLERATED by the Tories in return for their support on Brexit……other than that…..they are in the same category as other countries outwith Tory England in their UK….the category being expendable…….craven and subservient to royalty and craven and subservient to Tory BritTAN(s)…..while we laugh at her and her party……clownshow.

    Another has been who never should have been ….who has been and gone and exposed herself as an idiot yet again …..focusing on trivia while …..just like when she was the FM in NI she ignored the important issue to focus on her own agenda(s)…….a FM not for ALL of the population in NI just a section of it…….curtsy to the Queen….would she curtsy to Prince Andrew…….Hmm…..Queens favourite SON…..Ha Ha

    God give me strength……the idiots are trying to take over the asylum THEY built and now seek to destroy….

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    1. Never was it so obvious that having paid them a billion pounds to vote with them, as soon as May went and Boris decided to have his Get Brexit Done election, they HAD to go because his Brexit deal was something they could never have stood.

      Still she’s a dame now and as they say. There is nothing like her.


    1. Aye it was ArtyHetty….

      Ironic that Arlene Foster seems so obsessed with maintaining Royal Protocol yet also obsessed with wanting to dump another protocol i.e. the NI Protocol….

      Priorities …not her strongest point…..

      Why sure many a family in NI ( who hold a different political view to Arlene) will agree that not curtsying to a millionairess who has lived a long and charmed life takes priority over them, as mere subjects, being unable to feed and clothe their children properly in a cost of living crisis….not that Foster cares …like the Baroness Tank Commander in Scotland ..she , Dame Foster, abandoned her own country’s politics to seek her OWN fortune elsewhere…..

      Politics for profit…..or rather (one’s own) profit BEFORE politics (or one’s own people).


      1. It occurs to me that Arlene must be well displeased that Davidson, who was only ever an opposition leader managed to get into the house of lords while she, a first minister like the Noble Lord Jock McConnel was, only got to be a dame.

        As we said earlier, the DUP were only important to the Uk for a very short time, then they were treated like 2nd classers.


  2. Is it just me, but I’d love the Queen to still be on the throne when Scotland becomes a Republic, I do hope she weeps but we knows she won’t.


    1. She might need to apply to come to Balmoral and pay the £6 the EU was introducing for foreigners.

      Yes, I want her to be alive.

      We don;t want her dying in teh meantime and getting a wave of sympathy and the Brits saying that she wanted us to stay with Britain and we would be letter her magisterial magnificence down if we voted to leave…


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  3. Well the clip I saw, Nicola Sturgeon bowed to the Queen before approaching her, probably because she had trousers on an a curtsy would have looked daft.

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        1. My is/was particularly ridiculous.

          Apparently Thatcher did that too.

          I read at one time that Thatcher did it on purpose.

          She disapproved of royalty, so the theory went, because she believed in appointment by merit. Hard work got you to the top, as opposed to being born.

          An exaggerated curtsey made the whole thing ridiculous…especially to minor royals.

          May with wee Wullie or even more ridiculously Middleton the clothes horse? Jeeez!

          I never thought I’d say it, but I agreed with her on that.


        2. I don’t know what she’s doing; but if I got into that position, for no reason, I’d likely be pulling a hamstring.

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    1. Everything her Dameness does is interesting.

      Apparently she doesn’t tweet things herself; she has people to do it for her.

      What is is to be a dame!


    1. That’s pleasing, though; it means that when we’ve voted yes, the bowler hat brigade won’t want to move here – or stay in a reunited Ireland – so will have to move to England…

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  4. Cash for ash money only £400m to farmers., some dame.
    Wonder how she would feel about a visit to a Henry church annd an RC church then a wee free.
    Have been in lots of religious buildings, even some that have been reduced to rubble by an earth quake, go figure.

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  5. Yesterday’s sex scandal was BJ and the BJ… apparently witnessed by that useless bloke who got a knighthood for being utterly appalling, Gavin Williamson.

    Today’s appears to be the Deputy Chief Whip, who, it seems embarrassed himself last night while very drunk. His name is Chris Pincher. He was obviously pinching a bit too much (and not for the first time).


    1. A joy to listen to Susan, but I couldn’t help notice the look on the Labour wifey’s face as Susan was speaking – almost contemptuous.
      Angus seemed happy though!

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      1. I really hope that Susan will become involved in our campaign. She would be a great asset. Intelligent contribution and not from a politician.


    1. How is that even possible?

      I thought Hansard was a minute of the meetings.

      If they can subsequently change it, how can we now possibly trust anything?


  6. Mad Nad has helped get the day off to a bright start. Speaking at a Rugby League World Cup function, she confused the occasion with the Rugby Union World Cup, declaring:

    “I’ve always quite liked the idea of rugby league. My long-standing memory is that 2003 drop-goal.” (!)

    That winning score by Jonny Wilkinson for England against Australia was in the union code’s woorld cup final, not league. Much the same way she probably remember how England won the Ashes in 1966 when Len Hutton scored the winning runs against Germany.

    Maybe she explained her slip when she added: “We were drinking Bloody Marys at the time. Wow, what a moment that was.” Which moment? The one when another Bloody Mary went down, or when Wilkinson’s kick went over?

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    1. While we all get a laugh at these stupid people John, unfortunately it’s no laughing matter. These evil, corrupt, liars, rule over us, and will use any means to keep us under their boot. And I mean any means. B.T.W, in case I haven’t made myself clear, the corruption starts at the top, and while she might be 96yrs of age, it all stems from her and her brood. The assumption of entitlement begins with the House of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha, and spreads through the so-called Establishment to lesser mortals, who assume they are above the laws of the land, which the rest of us have to abide by, or we get punished.

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      1. Clearly, the royals are corrupt, even though we give them so much.

        The Queen and her using her power to excuse herself from various laws; Charlie with his bags of cash, Airmiles having young girls flown in for his pleasure, Michael doing deals with Russia, Fergie selling contact with Airmiles, Charlie and the mysterious CBEs.

        As for the next layer down, the cabinet?

        Well, open social media on any day… and catch the latest scandal.


    2. LOL Secretary fro Culture, Media and Sport?

      Three things about which she apparently knows nothing.

      I must “downstream” the video of her doing that, while we explain that these advertisements she sees on Channel Four are what pays for it.

      I wonder if she’s as dim, or dimmer, than Dim Dom, the deputy prime minister man.


  7. What is amazing is that people, voters, fail to notice ( or refuse to) just how inept and clueless some of these so called Cabinet members are ……perhaps some would be best KEPT inside an actual cabinet because when out in public they truly are a liability to their political party….mind you same could be said for some of the Shadow cabinet…..Ian Murray may be in the political shadow(s) via status but he certainly LOVES to come out in public to support Tory Alister Jack as SOS aka WM’s man in in he, Murray, comes out AGAINST Scotland and FOR Tory dominance and the Tory maltreatment of Scotland.

    Tory and Labour a mismatch made in political Hell….Political Heaven is reserved for Indy supporting parties…obvs

    Indy Ref 2023…Yes all the way……..


    1. Yeah, Murray is almost a Tory, I think. He represents a Tory seat in Edinburgh and he refused to be shadow secretary (despite being the only Labour MP) when Corbyn was leader.

      Apparently though, an excellent constituency MP, just very pro Britannia, right wing and anti independence.


  8. That’s the same result as the poll that gove won’t release, we can say.
    Today’s media
    The torygraph has an article on taxation.
    Says that 2 million more people are paying the higher rate of income tax.
    No problem with that or the article.
    Problem is the picture beside the article, it’s Nicola with a glass of liquid.
    Underneath in very small print.
    Nicola will face her last FMQT before the recess.

    Listened to ferrari chatting to the buffoon.
    The question of the tree house was raised.
    Buffoon says it’s not right to raise questions about his children.
    Ferrari says it’s not about his children it’s about the cost of living and proposing to spend £150,000 on a treehouse.
    Buffoon then says lets talk about the big project rolling out on high speed internet aroung the country.
    So the treehouse was to be conneted to the internet???and have bullet proof windows.
    Now we get the answer to the williamson knighthood and getting kept in position.
    Something about a one eyed flute or something in the foreign office secretary’s westmonster office.

    The O’Brien radio programme had an army officer asking how the pm can be trusted with state secrets when he’s a huge risk of having another affair in the future.

    Wow, we want to have this mob in charge?

    Dross wil be on the tele tonight talking about the culture secretary and flute music.

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    1. Indeed dave……and they challenge how WE in Scotland can even consider having another referendum at a time when there is a cost of living crisis (huge indignation by them)….failing to recognise it is exactly BECAUSE of the economic situation, mismanagement and corruption via Tory UK government that PROMPTS us to decide NOW IS THE (EXACT RIGHT) TIME .

      PLUS the ineptitude and weakness of the so called official opposition and also the prone to always lying scavenger party aka the Lib Dems…as well as many other considerations like say Brexit which the Tories say they have got (half done..i.e. NI Protocol ) done, Labour say they will make work AND the Lib Dems say they now accept……well Scotland, via a 62% majority, do not want it to “be done”…” make it work” or ” accept it”… cheerio cheerio to the UK….more than ever clearly Disunited than United……and Hello Hello to a REAL Union aka the EU…hopefully if people here in Scotland see what some others in the rest of the UK (and some in Scotland too) cannot see as to all damage done via coming out of SM and CU in leaving the EU in 2016.

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      1. Today’s media.

        Lizzie the last to get a £30m uplift in her universal credit due to the high level of inflation caused by….brexit.

        Will dross sarwar and old man cole be objecting to the waste of money with respect to the £20million for a question to the people, aye right.
        They will be having another go at the SNP, ferries, pigeon droppings, rail strikes, bins to be emptied, pot holes, you name it.
        The big buffoon says the ‘pincher’ affair is finished as he’s resigned.
        When will we hear of the dandruff mp?, has he been whipped?
        There was a petition to stop the wholesale provision of drink in westmonster but this latest seems to be in a nearby club.

        We are now going to apply tariffs to steel imports in a limited way breaking the treaty rules.
        Saw Brendan getting stood up at the committee metting, the minister failed to turn up, maybe Brendan and the committee were to hard on her last time asking difficult questions about Anzac trade deals.
        The laugh of the day was ferrari say to the buffoon that he’d been out the country for longer than lord lucan who we’ve stopped looking for.

        Maybe ferrari has seen the light and is now moving to the ditch the buffoon ditch at Heathrow airport.
        The airport reduced the number of flights to match with the staff available to handle their requirements.

        We are now threatening the Europeans with refusing to transfer gas to them, They will of necessity refuse to transfer electricity through the 5 DC links..

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        1. LOL… That will be funny… But obviously, as they hold all the cards all will be fine.

          I hear there is concern about Tory MP Andrew Rossendale, who hasn’t been seen in parliament for quite a few weeks,

          I wonder what’s happened to him.

          I’m sure that the problems with flights are about trying to make Brits stay on the island for holidays.

          If so I’d avoid rivers and beaches.


    2. Agreed. Of course no one should be asking about his children, but, no one was. Wilf wasn’t about to spend £150,000 on a tree house. He was.

      Mrs May, when prime minister had him as foreign secretary. (I can’t for the life of me imagine why, given that the FS is the country’s chief diplomat, and if I went though the entire English dictionary, then the French dictionary, I’d be hard put to find an adjective less appropriate for BJ than ‘diplomatic’.)

      However, she made sure that the permanent secretary at the FCO did not let him see the most sensitive papers.

      Now he’s prime minister and can probably see all papers.

      I’d be really surprised if he hasn’t had or isn’t having an affair now. He’s been married to the first lady for over a year.

      L O N G time for him.

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  9. The spirit of “hail -fellatio -well-met” among the Tories does appear to be increasing. Wonder how many of them are security risks ?
    These comments may breach website guidelines so feel free to take them down. Must resist drawing any analogies.

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    1. The most recent blokey, Pincher (how appropriate) was made deputy chief whip while people knew that he had been questioned by [police for another sexual assault on an Olympic rower.

      Johnson apparently wanted to make him CHIEF whip… but was dissuaded and Pincher was apparently furious.

      If you made all this up and put it into a tv show, people would say, nah, you’ve gone too far.

      LOL LOL Very funny!!! 🙂


  10. The O’Brien programme started off with deciding not to draw any commonality with the cast of @Carrie On’ films even if the person that resigned for groping was indeed a Mr Pincher.
    By nature by name comes to mind.
    The poor tractor porn man must be thinking he should have held on for a wee while as his effort would have been overtaken by events dear boy.
    Onwards to the next. maybe the MET will be forced to give the people a report on partygate.
    Isn’t it strange that the MET was the force that only afewweeks back investigated partygate and found nothing, then Ms Grey report was held up for the MET to redo the investigation and now they are in ‘Special’ measures. Their investigation will not be checked by another of the Seven police commissions that are also in ‘Special’measures.
    No VAR rules here then.

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    1. Well there’s always the tory MP who’s been re-bailed until August after being arrested for raping a teenage male in the 00’s to be going on with.

      What’s particularly odious about this one is that he’s consistantly voted against LGBT rights while clearly being gay himself. He once stood for a seat in Glsogow during the 1992 election despite coming from London.

      That ought to give you good people enough info to ID him as the UK MSM seem rather reluctant to do so.

      Once again the English establishment rally round to protect an alleged rapist – clearly in their view its not REALLY rape when it happens to a man. Probably still endemic at their single sex public schools…..

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      1. Ah yeas. That bloke.

        I wondered when he was going to come to light again.

        I’m sure the Met don’t investigate crimes that happened in the past… or so said that legal genius, Dom the Bomb.


        1. At least this one doesn’t have a wife ready to take over from him when he goes to jail like Elphicke & Griffiths. I guess that was their price for not making too much of a noise about it to the press.

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  11. Seems to be that the ex deputy chief has had his whip removed.

    Well xmas isn’t that far away, maybe he’ll get a new one from santa.
    So unless he resigns as an mp the buffoon’s majority remains.

    Maybe we need to have a media that keeps track of things, I’d forgotten that fabricant said it wasn’t him that had been put on gardening leave.

    Carrie on Camp style, looking forward to the next, will it be an opposition party mp? just to keep the balance.
    Was really dissappointed with the maybot, strong speech but no vote, party first moral judgement non existant.

    Dross being the shop steward for the wife who I believe is a promoted officer., shouldn’t he have declared an interest? That’s correct, he isn’t a minister so the code is like the rest of his late disclosures to the parliament on salary.

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  12. At FMQT he raised the poor pay rise for police officers in Scotland, his wife is a promoted officer, perhaps still on materity leave

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    1. Alex Tiffin
      BREAKING- Tory MP Chris Pincher has had the whip removed by the Conservative Party following allegations of sexual misconduct.

      Pincher is no longer a Tory after BloJo said there would be no further action..

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      1. I’m thinking that perhaps HAVING the whip in the first place is the REAL problem here…..badum tish….

        We ALL know what those with whips are like…..bad boys……crack of the whip sound…..

        Perhaps replace the whip with something that sounds less S & M…nudge nudge wink wink…..badum tish…

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  13. The local ladies of the night have a new name for a basic service, a BJ, no not a boris.

    Looks like the BJ was just blowing hot air when he said no further action on mr pincher.
    Has this story just aired to stop the further investigation into the misuse of government sofa , much like the misude of a government computer to view porn, he’s still an \\mp and appears on our media. Damian Green???

    I suppose the carriegate will have some objectors turning up with large inflated objects much like the trump baby.

    Srill by Monday it will be something else to divert us.

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