Surely if it is “all the time”, you could remember ONE example of when you said something, maybe a light rebuke for beheading 84 people in one day, for example? You know. “I say , your royal highness, that was a bit over the top, beheading 84 people, still, I suppose it saves on pensions, eh, sire”. Still when you are absolutely desperate for trade deals, I suppose you sup with who and whatever. Just get yourself a long spoon, Liz.

57 thoughts on “HOW USELESS IS TRUSS?”

  1. The problem is Truss is useless but doesn’t mean she isn’t dangerous
    The Nazi regime where considered clowns 🤡 until they gained power.
    Then the clowns 🤡 carried out the agenda 📔 which they had already told the people what they would do.
    The people imagined it was all just a joke …
    It wasn’t

    The truth is you can’t negotiate with these people you are unable to trust these people (let’s break international law of a deal they made .. what 🤷‍♂️??)

    The only option left is to walk away and leave them to build the personal hell they want to live in .

    I watched David Lammy say the oppressed should not ask for a measly
    10% wage rise …

    Fuck sake how does the Labour shite on the oppressed ….. Old Labour (Conan) would be spinning 😵‍💫 in its grave ..


    1. No idea what’s wrong with Starmer’s Labour.

      They are letting the Tories get away with the propaganda that the train drivers on £40-£50,000 are on strike.

      The train drivers are mostly in ASLEF.

      The RMU are on strike. That’s mainly people on minimum wage or thereby working support jobs.

      They are so scared to upset the middle class voters that they need to get back into power.

      And I agree, Truss, particularly with the majority of the Commons behind her is very very dangerous… and mainly because she is stupid.

      She is risking civil war in Northern Ireland a trade dispute with the EU and hostility from the USA.

      I suspect her new allies, the Saudis and Qataris will be making up for that.

      Hopefully we are on day 1 of the walking away. Hopefully then we can rebuild trust with Europe and with the USA.

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  2. Onward to freedom day, Tris, the unionists are running scared of democracy.

    Now all we have to do is change the mind of at least one other person that taking back our own borders is so necessary.
    Looking forward to trading normally with our European friends and the englanders.

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    1. With all that is going on in the UK, I think it has become a necessity.

      This is about 10 minutes long, but it’s worth a watch as this guy shows how completely out of touch with legal reality Truss and Braverman are.

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  3. I have no doubt that should we enter the next Westminster election with SNP/Green manifestos specifying that a vote for them is a vote for independence,then the London regime will try to find a way to stop Scots from voting.
    Very interesting when Nicola stated that should the Supreme Court deny the right to hold a referendum,then it is a failure of Westminster legislation and not the rule of law.
    Effectively no way for Scotland to secede without England’s permission.
    Some union.

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  4. Met police have been placed under special measures

    “The Met Police has been placed under special measures by the police watchdog after a number of “serious or critical shortcomings”, the Mirror understands.

    Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Constabulary and Fire and Rescue Services (HMICFRS) has moved the force into the Engage phase, which means it has “not responded to a cause of concern, managed or eradicated a cause of concern”

    Grate Britbin indeed!

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    1. Someone had to act.

      There seems to be a total lack of management.

      Institutionalised sexism and racism, violence and criminality, even murder and a failure to act when clearly crimes are being committed but by those and such as those.

      Utterly useless.

      Today they have arrested Steve Bray under the new English laws which came into force today and they have taken his equipment. One man. How much noise was he making? But he was annoying “(self)-important” people.

      As soon as it became, law there were a host of police officers down on him. But don’t expect them to react if you’ve just been burgled or had your car stolen, or suffered racial abuse.

      Also today the new laws in England make life more difficult for Gypsies and Travellers. (Douglas Ross must be frothing at the mouth with excitement.)

      Who will they be going for next?

      People of colour, LBGT, people with disabilities?


      1. First they came for the disabled,
        I was not one of them
        Then they came for the transgenders
        I was not one of them
        Next they came for the Muslims
        I was not one of them
        Then they came for me
        Oops. Should have fought earlier!

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  5. I have a look at Audit Britain with AB.

    He goes to police stations, goes into the front desk, takes video of emptyness.
    He then goes to the staff car park with his camera, before you know it he has half a dozen officers telling him he can’t film there.
    Many officers don’t know their organisation’s policy on using their cameras, they fail to warn that they’ve switched on.
    Best one was when he was arrested for flying a drone with a gameboy, there was no drone, he won his false arrest case by default , he then handed out his compensation to rough sleepers.

    They think they are in charge and not public servants with a job description to protect the public.
    Easier to do car drivers than find the real crooks or scammers.

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  6. How useless is Truss……the Q being can she get even MORE useless…..and go beyond the danger zone …..or has she passed it already…..questions questions….well you won’t get an honest or appropriate answer from Liz Truss….for sure.

    Ask her a question and you get a response , just not on the question you asked, but an answer on something entirely different…..see just like the Tory power stance they have all also been trained in the the art of deflection in responses to difficult questions (Q’s that require honesty…impossible for Tories) ….they ALL do it…..see that is what happens when you know that YOU as a politician ( INO) are being DISHONEST and you also know that what your party (political Mafia) are doing is WRONG and DISHONEST too……..the art of deflection …..never a straight answer given or an appropriate answer to a straightforward question….a bit like the Two Ronnies Mastermind sketch…….if you’ve seen it.

    She also badly needs a personality transplant….currently she presents herself in what could be described as an empty shell that speaks words… monotone…..her apathetic demeanour would be hard pushed to inspire anyone to see her as a PM let alone a government minister……perhaps her skill is BORING others into submission hence why she took over the Brexit talks from David Frost as the Tories assumed she could BORE the EU into supposedly ‘backing down’ … in letting those pesky Brits (UK aka England) who left the Union (EU) dictate their own terms OR threaten them (EU) to be compelled to have numerous meetings with Liz Truss in the future……perish the thought….a form of torture using the weapon that is Liz Truss……#BoreAThon

    Anyway I believe she also channels her inner Margaret Thatcher… seems she is stupid too (knew that)…..I think the real question on Liz Truss is not How useless she is…..but does she have ANY redeeming features at all……I think the consensus will be NO……..more negatives than positives just like the Tories Brexit…though I believe finding ANY positives on that, i.e. Brexit, are thin on the ground….mind you same could be said for Liz Truss.

    Have a nice evening

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    1. There’s no doubt that she’s unappealing. Her accent, which I cannot place and I suspect may be manufactured (as was Thatcher’s) drives me nuts. Imagine listening to that for long.

      I suspect that she is exhausted which may explain her lack of lustre. Not only is she Foreign Secretary, a job WAY to big for someone of her skills, but she is also Brexit Secretary, a job which will never actually bring a satisfactory conclusion, Brexit being founded on a pile of lies.

      She doesn’t give answers. She tells us that she has been very clear blah blah, when in fact she has not.

      She probably (as a Remainer) doesn’t believe in what she is doing, but she sees the opportunity somewhere to become prime minister. Another job for which she is highly unqualified. She must appear to remain faithful to the PM if she ever wants to take over from him.

      Her lack of common sense in matters regarding negotiations, is legend.

      “I will sit the Australian Trade Minister on a hard seat and not let him get up till I have the deal I want”, she said, forgetting that the Australian Trade Minister spoke English, used social media and would have read that threat. As a result of which, he doubled down and got the trade deal HE wanted. One which will cost British Farmers heavily.

      Incompetent moron.

      I can’t think of one saving grace.

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  7. I’ve always said IF the snp won enough seats at Westminster then
    That would give a mandate for Independence.
    Regardless of a Indy referendum
    Many nats (tris included ) said nay
    It must be through a referendum.

    My argument was if people did or did not want to be an Independent Scotland 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿.
    That should be decided by their elected representatives in the Scottish Parliament ( which many nats derided)

    Now Nicola has finally accepted my argument which states if you win a representative election …. Which was free and fair why do you need any
    Further legitimacy. .

    Wasn’t me who kept saying referendum! referendum ! referendum!

    And thus painting themselves into a corner

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    1. Mrs Thatcher went a stage further and said that you didn’t need a referendum and that a majority of “nationalist” MPs in the Commons would do it.

      My argument with the idea of it being decided by general election is that there are so many other things people vote for in general elections.

      Obviously in Thatcher’s time we were talking Westminster and that meant that you were voting over…well everything, from wars to social security to the queen getting a pay rise.

      When it comes to something as important as this (or Brexit) you need a referendum,, so that people who want better, or fewer public services, higher or lower taxes, etc, can have a say on one specific thing. Independence.

      Since 2007 in Scotland and since 2015 in Britain, we have had predominantly SNP/Green parliaments. It seemed that a referendum was indicated.

      However, I’m with Nicola that if Johnson despite a clear will, refuses, and it is taken to their Supreme Court and the court votes with Johnson, then we should make it a General Election on a FPTP system to decide.

      Despite Mrs Thatcher, of course, a majority of doesn’t mean anything. We’ve had them every election since 2015 (and given we have an election on average every 2 years, that’s a lot).

      I hope that she has a plan for all eventualities.


    1. Hold on, hold on…shouldn’t polls on Scottish Independence be subject to prior approval by the UK Government or some ruling on the matter by the Supreme Court? Is it only the Scottish Government can’t ask that question without permission?

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    1. Is anyone playing the Union’s Bingo card on words they use against Independence…

      Divisive is a word ALWAYS used in context of ANOTHER Independence Referendum…..Divisive in the sense tis THE MOST DIVISIVE event in the whole world throughout time and memorial…….and just think how the UK is THE LEAST DIVISIVE country like EVER in the whole world throughout it’s whole existence…….as a pretend country.

      Also ‘Once in a generation’ which occasionally morphs into ‘Once in a lifetime”……working it’s way up to ‘Infinity and beyond’ soon.

      Oh and ‘No one wants another DIVISIVE referendum'( cannot say referendum via Scotland WITHOUT also using as a prefix the word DIVISIVE)……and…’The people decided in 2014 ‘……and so everyone surely knows THAT was the day democracy died in Scotland in the (non) Union aka the UK…..apart from when we HAD to vote in another referendum on the EU….we said Remain but as our democracy died in 2014 in Scotland we were ignored so our votes didn’t count in their UK…..

      So far today I have heard ALL of same arguments / statements that were made (trotted out) in 2014 by Unionists….including ‘not getting into EU as Spain will object with situation in Catalonia’…..and other straws being clutched…..dummies thrown out of the pram…….cages being rattled……but no mention of CURRENT situation in the UK via Brexit or Boris Johnson and the terrible Tories……as if currently we are expected to believe we are living in Utopia…so what’s the problem with us sweaty Jock’s we have never had it so good?

      Wait until The Four horsemen of the Apocalypse get dragged into the debate….not in person I hasten to add…but as a prediction as to what will surely befall Scotland should it decide to vote YES….Death, Famine, War, and Conquest unto man (Scotsman that is…and Scotswoman…especially those from the SNP and Greens obvs and us who support them….and also us who support independence obvs).

      Seems that wanting to be a NORMAL country as in an independent one is apparently BAD…..quick someone tell the rest of the world …… as they think they are all good……how divisive of them……they need an intervention…say like send Gordon Brown ….interventions are his speciality……

      Gordon Brown…he’ll be the supporting act prior to The Four horsemen of the Apocalypse…or the warm up to the Devil who surely ALSO is against Scottish independence……and God too…and all intelligent life in the Universe….I mean is ANYONE on our side….well not according to Unionists…..but then THEY lie ….so who should listen to THEM…Answer …no one in Scotland ( or in an area in the news where YOU are…in their UK).

      Follow your heart AND head….vote independence……the alternative is that ‘We are all DOOMED’….no really we will be.

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      1. That was a good rant, NMRN! 🙂

        We had someone telling us that we’d never have got through the pandemic without the Brits to help us out (ie print some money).

        But I always wonder how on earth countries like Ireland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Netherland, Belgium, Luxembourg and Malta managed without the beneficence of the Eton boys’ money and …um management!

        I mean does Nicola Sturgeon know how to throw a party in Bute House and have the cleaning staff wash the vomit off the walls?


        Well then, what chance do we have.

        I can’t wait for Broon’s intervention, and Auld Liz shaking her head sagely and warning us that if we leave she’d have no power to stop us taxing her or running electrical cables through her estate.

        I wonder if Michelle Moan will threaten to leave again. Oh wait, the good duchess lives in Douglas, Isle of Man.

        I see we’ve already had an intervention for “Gorgeous???” George (however did he get that name…someone with a sense of humour?). I’ve no idea what it was because he blocked me on Twitter.

        One important thing is that we need to get the young vote out this time.

        It’s their future… we have to get them to see that.

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        1. Indeed.

          “I wonder if Michelle Moan will threaten to leave again”

          I think perhaps that she has enough on her plate with the police raid on her home via the PPE scandal ……a matter STILL being investigated and as yet NOT concluded…….so perhaps better that she keeps a low profile and deals with her OWN issues…….though if she wants to stick her tuppence worth in I am sure there will be many to remind her that ‘the opinion of someone involved in a alleged corruption scandal might NOT be the most credible person to opine AGAINST independence ‘…….

          As to George ‘Hat transplant’ Galloway….well as sure as night follows day….he will, to try and stay relevant, stick his now clearly biased , unwanted and unelectable Nose into this debate……..pity for him that to most honest and intelligent people in Scotland that he is considered to be from the same ‘mould’ as Farage and thus filed under ‘Blether’…….was his intervention in the way of a mime while wearing a leotard ( same one he wore on BB)or did he, like the Queen, channel his inner CAT and PURR his dissent (same PURR he did on BB)…….

          They are ALL indeed lining up……from the has beens to the never beens…….to the magic BEANS aka super duper mega Home Rule………and we who support independence say in response to the same old same old arguments that they deploy ‘Been there, Done that, Wore the T Shirt, Seen the film and Read the book…….so what’s your point…and is that ALL you’ve got NOW’ …….So Sorry NOT Sorry…and NO Thanks

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          1. Brilliant.

            Can’t really add to that.

            Sorted Moany and Gallows.

            Maybe they’ll send Wee Willie up to talk us into staying with the crown. And maybe he will be as successful as he was with the Caribbean islands.

            Still, it will give Duchess Middleton an excuse to buy loads more patronising tartan outfits at enormous cost to the taxpayer.

            So that will be nice.


            1. Please don’t get me started on Willie Rennie or even Alex ‘F*ck You Maree’ Cole-Hamilton.

              However please check out , if you have not already, Emma Walker’s Twitter account ( ex Lib Dem member) as she is gunning for the Lib Dems and has made some pretty strong allegations against both previous and current leader and the party…..which she intends to follow up……should wipe the smirk from Cole-Hamilton’s face and expose both him and his party as ones who clearly just plays politics from a Glass House…..

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              1. Interesting. I did see that someone who was a LibDem supporter was concerned about sexual matters in the party and that she had contacted the Cole Hamilton bloke about it. He had promised to look into it, but… nothing ever happened.

                I will however check out Emma Walker as you suggest..


              2. I’ve looked. It is her.

                Emma Walker
                And to be very clear, I was assaulted by a senior Scottish Lib Dem who was then allowed to run for Holyrood 2021 because Rennie and ACH were too scared to stop him, along with a ton of other stuff which led to a diagnosis of PTSD which Ed Davy, Rennie, Chamberlain and ACH ignored


                1. ACH promised to look into it……then blocked her on Twitter.

                  Currently he is taking the high moral ground against the SNP……but is really preaching from the Gutter.

                  See this is another great reason to get independence as those who CURRENTLY preach from a political glass house as in a ‘Do as I say not as I do’ can hopefully be called out and then NOT elected in OUR parliament when we are independent. As they will be exposed as hypocrites and undesirable politicians unfit to serve the people who currently they are doing a great disservice to in their allegiance and support for a dysfunctional UK and a NON Union of equals that exists thanks to WM parliament holding the purse strings and the REAL powers…….and telling Scotland it is NOT ALLOWED another referendum via changed circumstances since 2014 and broken promises (also Vows not Vows but last ditch effort to stop YES winning).

                  You reap what you sow…..we are not just fighting for our independence but also fighting to clean up our politics and expel those politicians , who currently squat in our parliament in Holyrood but fight for and defend another parliament in London (WM) , and whose masters at their respective HQ’s dictate to them tactics to keep us in Scotland within their (non) Union.

                  Parcel of rogues…..

                  Have a nice evening


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                  1. Yes. Every party has people who to a greater or lesser extent have secrets.

                    But when a member comes to you with an issue, surely, like any other boss, it is up to you to deal with it.

                    The Liberal Democrat, for such a very small party, seem to have more than their fair share of miscreants.

                    Cole Hamilton seems like a very unpleasant and really rather stupid man.

                    I hope he gets his just comeuppance.


  8. Truss is pushing a bill through westmonster that breaks very clearly the agreement the buffoon says was a great deal, even forgetting the legal advice that it would lead to the current situation.
    Media says this is all okay as the universe is run by the tories.

    Oor Nicola says she’s going to carry out the mandate of the people.

    Media goes into a fit.

    Sorry all, it’s all over, someone called neil oliver says it will not happen., you see it’s a democracy we live in and englandlaners say NO. Lots of stuff put up, there’s a war on, people are waiting on medical requirements, there’s another war on, there’s a problem with drug taking, there’s a powerproblem, there’s a lying toad in westmonster.
    The truss says she’s a democrate and a patriot, but Scots are not allowed to leave until we milk the energy..
    Don’t know much about oliver but he has a wee show on GBnews, a government propaganda outfit.

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    1. Next you’ll be telling me that Darren Grimes and Laurence Fox have said no.

      Then I will really start to worry.

      Once we become an independent country, will our cabinet secretary for external affairs have to deal with Truss?


      1. I like the phrase “deal with her”, Tris. Only I suppose it would still be a crime to “deal with her” permanently.

        Excuse me. That was very bad of me. I don’t mean it really. I’d only like to see her lose her job. Permanently.

        Liked by 1 person

        1. For the benefit of the UK, she should lose her job, Ed.

          On the other hand, she is an unlikeable woman in every way.

          She’s clearly very ambitious… she was quite prepared to bury her most fervent desires to remain in the EU and become a devoted leaver when it was the only way to power.

          She’s also not clever enough to be a senior or even junior minister. She can’t think on her feet and surely you need to be able to do that, both dealing with parliament and with people from overseas… a big part of being foreign secretary!

          She clearly never prepares for encounters. Surely when you rabbit on about democracy and rule of law (despite being British), you are ready for the very obvious questions of why that government does so much smooching up to the hideous regimes of the Middle East, which don’t even make a small curtsey in the direction of democracy.

          Then the stupidity of posting her strategy for dealing with foreign ministers on social media. Duh!

          And then there is that voice that could shatter crystal.

          She can only be good for Scotland’s case to leave this rancid union.


  9. Now we have the glorious leader tell the Nato countries to raise their contributions to war making, match his deal of inflation plus a half of a percent.
    Next we hear this end that we can’t afford that over the parliament so promise broken.
    They announce the triple lock would???? be reinstated for pensions, just in time for the two local elections.
    Do you believe we will still meet that promise?, no nor me.
    More hissy fits from the media today.
    Loved the response to a burley twit, on you should respect the last referendum vote, what? the one where the EU didn’t get a vote on the UK leaving the union? and wanting the englanders to get a vote on Scotland leaving the union.
    The sky and burley showing their position on democracy, it’s okay as long as we win..

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Respect the last vote…even if we assume that they meant the 2014 vote… It will be 9 years old. That’s a long time in terms of human life.

      Given that:

      Around 50-60,000 people die in Scotland per annum.

      And there are approximately the same number of births (slightly fewer), and therefore, presumably roughly around the same number of people attaining majority (at 16 in Scotland).

      That suggests (at say 50,000 per year for 9 years) that there have been around 450,000, mainly older, people who have left the voting register, and around the same number have joined it.

      That’s quite a large population change in a country of around 4 million potential voters.

      Given that younger people are more likely to vote for independence, particularly now that Britain has removed the opportunities for its younger people to be educated in, live in, work in the EU. And that those EU citizens who may well have voted against independence last time round (on the basis that the UKOK lot said we would be thrown out of the EU), are either no longer here or would welcome the opportunity to vote to become European citizens again, the figures look good for us.

      You can add to that the horror of the ever encroaching UK government…and a choice of UK parties that are right of centre and hard right.

      Things are looking up.

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  10. Saw that on the burley twit feed, remember the death rate of covid young verses old may distort your figures in that more elderly came off the register, hopefully the young will register.

    See the new advice for women in englandland who wish to move outdoors in the englandland is to carry a loundspeaker with you at all times.
    The MET have just arrested a demonstrator outside westmonster with 20+ officers tiurning up before he’d even started any demo.
    The patel bill used on the first day.
    Much like AB says, take a camera and take pictures of police station car parks if you want the public servants, paid for by you, to respond and carry out their duty to protect the public.
    Seems it doesn’t apply to the plebs, only mps.
    Fascism plan in place, heard raynor say the same in parliament, poor lad arrested by 20+ police for making no noise, 300+ tory mps causing much more noise given freedom to distrupt the opposition.
    Even rabb’s answer to ms Gibson about the resourses tells the story, they will continue to use Scotland as their colony, to be raped for materials until there’s nothing left..

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    1. There were more deaths in the years 2020/21, Dave, but that’s only two out of the nine.

      The figures are, of course, rough, but its a fair proportion of the population.

      Yes, it almost seems that Patel brought in that law just for Steve. Andrea Leadhead celebrated and called him violent.

      I’m pretty sure Steve has not been violent.

      Dearest Andrea, on the other hand is a fox hunter… with all the violence that entails.

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  11. Agree it’s only 2 years out of the nine but it’s a big change.
    Impressed by the royal mailgetting six letters to the daily hail for printing and publishing for delivery of the comic, all letters on no indyref2 necessary etc.
    Big propaganda already..
    There’s a great article by someone called hancock who says that if you don’t support the glorious leader you will get a grubby alliance of either the labour party in bed with the libdems or the snp.
    Well he would know, looks like he wants back in the pack as foreign secretary, perhaps.
    Don’t worry I didn’t buy the daily hail.


  12. Didn’t a senior slab woman made a claim of abuse against a slab senior male msp then refused to name said person or raise a complaint.
    Still a senior msp I’m thinkink.
    So sarwar just pumps out the rubbish and ignores his own party’s human failings.
    The libdems had the problem with rennie, steele and the smith failure to disclose

    They forget that some of us remember the past, not well enough to be certain but enough to find the details..


    1. I can’t help thinking that they would all be better not to try to score points on sexual behaviour. Because I’m not sure any of them has a clean sheet.

      Talking of which, I understand that Private Eye has some revelations to …well, reveal… this month.

      It’s not suitable for discussion in front of young Munguin, but it involves the story that the Times was requested to unpublish.

      And Johnson and Carrie and a settee, presumably in the FCO.

      I say no more… but I see no reason not to give Private Eye a free ad on Munguin’s Republic.

      Private Eye Magazine
      “Carrie’s people called Rebekah’s people” – and the gruesome sexual detail the PM and his wife REALLY feared might, er, come out: why that story disappeared from the Times, revealed in the brand new Private Eye, out today.”


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