Not that I’m an apologist for Labour, but I’m pretty sure Kier Starmer has not backed the strikers. Exactly what effect that will have on trades union contributions to the Labour Party is yet to be seen.

Mr Starmer has said that no shadow cabinet members and no Labour MPs should show support. Although some, are defying him. But then, some Tories defy Mr Johnson and call for him to stand down, so not exactly a game changer.

Mr Sarwar was spotted ON the picket lines. I’m not sure why he has chosen to defy Mr Starmer or what he hopes to achieve by it. Any suggestions will be appreciated.

Johnson is trying to make us believe that during the pandemic “he” subsidised the railways workers to the tune of £600 per household. (Incidentally, a real bargain for those areas where there are few if any trains. Highlands and Islands, we thank you!)

And in any case, as Peter points out, that money went to the bosses.

The Railway unions are hardly in our good books. They advised their members (as Terry pointed out the other day) to vote for Brexit. And Brexit is a fair contributor to the cost of living crisis that we are all struggling with, so it’s not unreasonable to suggest that they may have contributed to the problems. On the other hand who knows how many of them did what the unions told them?

Judging by the arguments the union cited, only the gullible ones.

But stupid on stilts though that was, Brexit is only one of the contributors to the fact that wages are static and inflation is soaring. And what is most important is that we are seeing more and more people, often people in work, having to turn to food banks to feed themselves and their kids.

Most of Munguin’s friends and associates are comparatively comfortably off (he’s a posh animal), but even they are cutting back here and there as prices leap up. A run in the country to somewhere nice on Sundays replaced with a walk in the park, fewer meals out…

People in work need pay rises. (And no, we aren’t talking about THIS) Pensioners need pensions to be increased and people on benefits need to see their benefits rise in line with inflation. If you’re on British benefits there’s nothing spare and when your loaf of bread goes up by 12% and your benefits increase by 3%, you’re screwed!

I think we had better prepare for more of this over the summer.

Anyway, Munguin says good luck to Labour and the Liberal Democrats in tomorrow’s by-elections.

Remember the reasons for the by-elections. There were no tragedies. No one died, just a sex pest and a bloke doing what he should not have been doing while he was at work and we were paying him. OK, so another sex pest.

In the case of Wakefield, former Conservative MP Imran Ahmad Khan stood down after being convicted of sexually assaulting a 15-year-old boy in 2008. He was jailed for 18 months.

In Tiverton and Honiton, the seat became available when Tory MP Neil Parish resigned after admitting he had watched pornography on his phone twice while in the Commons chamber.

44 thoughts on “AND THEN HE LIED SOME MORE”

    1. That, I guess, is the problem, Niko.

      What, these days, is Labour for?

      In Scotland they join up with the Tories to keep the SNP out.

      OK, keeping the SNP out is a legitimate goal for an opposition party, but to do it by having coalitions (by any other name) with Tories… and THESE Tories?

      In England, eloquent though Starmer may be, he never makes a mark.

      It’s funny. Remember when Corbyn was the leader, he asked David Cameron what his mother would say of some odious policy they were introducing.

      Cameron replied that she would say ‘smarten yourself up, buy a decent suit, stand up and sing GSTQ’ (not surprising she’d want that as she’s some sort of cousin on the queen’s).

      Anyway, now Starmer always looks smart and well turned out and Johnson looks like he fell off the back of a bin lorry.

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  1. Not one of the major unionist parties is fit for purpose. Fortunately, in Scotland we have a choice.

    Many of us Scots no longer see any point in remaining in a system which has become a constant sh** show, and recognize that there’s really no way for us to force it to reform itself.

    In Scotland we can choose independence, but England needs a bloody revolution. Alas.

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  2. “Tory MP Neil Parish resigned after admitting he had watched pornography on his phone twice while in the Commons chamber.” Pornography is derived from the Greek words ‘porneia’ (prostitution) and ‘graphein’ (illustration), so Mr Parish needn’t have used his phone. He was surrounded by illustrations of prostitution every time he was in the commons.

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    1. True, Andi, but what THEY sell for money isn’t sex. (Thank goodness!)

      It’s honours and contracts and what was it Arcuri got? Trips abroad?



        1. I just can’t for the life of me see what on earth the women see in him.

          I mean, not his fault, but he’s hardly a catch physically, and as he always seems to be broke, financially.

          Give up.


  3. You can summarise English politics as follows :

    Labour and Conservative are two cheeks of the same arse – red tory and blue tory with a sliver of orange tory (LibDems) in between them.

    Kier Starmer’s Labour is more right-wing than Thatcher’s tory party on pretty much any policy you’d care to mention. He’s done his job – make Labour unelectable even when faced with the most corrupt govt in at least 200 years.

    Fascism is heading for the UK – and a lot sooner than you think.

    In Neil Parish’s defence – he admitted he’d done wrong and resigned because of it. I doubt you’d find many (any?) other politicians who’d do the same these days – and I count the SNP in this (groper Grady being the poster child).

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    1. Remember the good old days of honour?

      Carrington resigning because he’s failed to anticipate the Falklands…or maybe he was just sick of Thatcher.


    2. Whether this has any context Vestas I’m not sure, but there is a report that the same person who made the complaint against Grady, made a similar complaint against Patricia Gibson, S.N.P, M.P. It has been investigated, and found there was no substance to the allegation. Just saying.

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      1. It sounds a bit dodgy.

        Nothing works to hurt a person’s reputation more, I think, than a slur of that kind.

        Of course sometimes it is genuine, but we all know high profile cases when it turned out to be unfounded.

        The jury is out.


        1. No its not. Grady ADMITTED it and the Westminster SNP group tried to cover it up.

          What part of that don’t you get?

          Salmond got hauled through the courts for MUCH less.

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          1. Just plain bad aren’t they.

            It seems to me that the same person got hit on twice.


            You’d have though that they’d have known in the den of sin that he was the type to squeal on people.


  4. It’s the way you tell the jokes.

    The slab health spokesperson, that funny Portuguese, had the following in the comic.
    There are 3 out of 10 patients seen after 4 hours at a&E.
    So we can say that 7 out of 10 are seen within the target time, long as it is.

    The TuS blog has more misuse of stats.
    The high drowning rate last year in open waters in Scotland compared with englandland. One year only brought up, tthe year of non travel to sunny climates.

    The state propaganda unit ramping up for 2023.

    Thankfully I’m avoiding said media..

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    1. They are scraping the barrel with drownings.

      As you say very selective figures.

      What is the government supposed to do, drain the lochs or cover them with nets?


              1. When there was an outbreak of polio many moons ago in the Netherlands, oddly enough among a fringe group of religious antovaxxer nuts (if memory serves), everyone travelling to the country had to have a polio booster.

                No doubt Johnson’s take on this will be to let the paralysed bodies of children pile up… oh well, it’s London, which is important in the scheme of things, at least in the metropolitan mind, so maybe he’ll introduce something half-hearted, ineffective and late.

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      1. Scotland has 90% of the UK’s fresh water (more water in Loch Ness than in all of E &W) and roughly 50% of the coastline of GB. I’d suggest that might be related to the higher per capita drowning in a year of non-abroad holidays…

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  5. Scotland became a non-entity, of no relevance, in westminster when we stopped voting for Labour. You have to go back a long way for the halcyon days of tory support in scotland.
    The Scottish Labour vote was taken for granted and the Scottish public for haddies.
    Two parties fight for control of Westminster, tweedle dee and tweedle dum both now chasing the same English vote. An English voter who seems to believe that their malcontent will be assuaged by right wing policies. Assuaged by policies and massaged by ineffectual words; exceptional, great ……., world beating.
    It is a dangerous game, managing a system that can and does breed malcontent in the populace, then milk the result for ideological ends.
    The English have a strong history of radical movements, riots and rebellion. Wealth disparity has never been greater, just hope the summer doesn’t get too hot.

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    1. Ought we not be wishing that the summer gets very hot?

      With increasing numbers of trade unions making demands for rises to give their members a living wage then maybe, given the inadequacy of the Starmer leadership, that more people will begin to use extra-Parliamentary means to pursue a better standard of living. The present government has contempt for Parliament and its mode of governing is increasingly unparliamentary.

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      1. Well, it is one way of looking at it.

        I’ve always thought that the French show the way in this respect.

        If the government there hacks off the people, they bring towns to a standstill and dump rubbish at the presidential palace.

        People tried it in England with the Poll Tax riots, which worked to have the poll tax removed.

        They tried again in 2010, starting off with (needless to say) corruption and racism in the Met, which then spread across England.

        I can’t imagine what that lot would do if that happened again.

        With the wicked Patel in charge of the Home Office and the inordinately dim Raab in charge of English law, and the criminal prime minister…

        I shudder to think.


      2. I’m wondering what Raab is going to do about the ECHR being written into both the Good Friday Agreement and the Scotland Act.

        He won’t, of course, have read either.

        I expect he’ll just ignore them. Laws are for little people. Not little brains… Dominic Raab


        1. Alas, Tris, I fear that the problem of the ECHR being embedded in both the Scotland Act and the Good Friday Agreement will be solved by the Westminster regime at a stroke – by getting out of the ECHR at the same time as abolishing both our devolution settlement and the GFA.

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      3. “Ought we not be wishing that the summer gets very hot?”
        I was shamelessly only thinking of our own exit from this union. We stand a far better chance with the present lot in Westminster than having a change at this stage. A change that gives the impression of being a new broom, with all the warm words we heard before, “Don’t leave us Scotland, lead us. We love you.” Even just typing those quotes I realised that I was also thinking selfishly, my stomach wouldn’t take it.

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        1. Oh, I wasn’t really disagreeing.

          The worse the Uk becomes, the more attractive independence may seem to those who are wavering.

          I find it incredibly hard to understand why anyone in their right mind would think that THIS was the way forward.

          And, even if they ditched Johnson, would they come up with anyone better?

          Most of the cabinet are third of forth raters at best.

          Then you look over the floor and you have Starmer, who is certainly less of a buffoon and less of a liar than Johnson is, but is pretty indistinguishable from him in any other way.

          Well, OK. His hair is neater.


    2. The thing is that it all seems to be built on the bizarre idea of greatness and world beating… all of which is pretty much utter rubbish.

      The King’s new clothes!


      1. The Great British Exceptionalism sickness extends to basic technology too, Tris. Example: flying from Geneva to Gatwick.

        At the Swiss end: railway services integrated into the main lines which formerly went just to the central station, Cornavin. Hop on anything to get to Cornavin if you’re getting on the TGV (I think). Facilities: hand over your luggage to Swiss Railways the day before, pick it up when you arrive at the airport.

        Once you have your luggage, whether or not picked up from the appropriate locker, you place it on a trolley and head for the airport proper. As you need to go up a floor to reach departures, there is, not an escalator, but a moving ramp. The wheels of the trolley are designed to fit into the slots in the ramp’s surface and lock. Arrive at the top, the wheels release and on you go.

        Arrive at Gatwick. Pick up your luggage, put it on a trolley, which may not always be available, wheel it to the railway station and – bingo – there is a pole in the middle of the escalator gangway and a notice saying no trolleys allowed. So you have to fight through a mass of abandoned trolleys and manhandle your luggage onto a ridiculously narrow escalator that won’t allow you to carry a suitcase in each hand unless you can tuck them under your arm.

        And don’t expect to be able to send your luggage on ahead. All that got cancelled years ago.

        It’s many years since I passed through Gatwick; maybe things have improved since then. Yet another example of the many occasions when, if I were British, I would be black ashamed.

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        1. I never fail to be impressed by the Swiss, Ed.

          I’ve never flown to Geneva, always gone on the TGV from Paris. A lovely trip.

          But it is all swift and efficient and the trains leave and arrive bang on time.

          Why can’t we be like that?


  6. Polio detected in london.
    Cocaine detected in westmonster toilets
    SH** detected in the mogg statement on the brexit dashboard.
    Don’t worry the vaccum in westmonster is unlimited now.
    The new bill of non rights published by rabb tells us that ministers are always correct and courts must agree to the minister’s view.
    No need to find a tame judge now, the minister decides.
    Oh Happy brexit day, it’s only taken 6 years to get to this state of buffoonery.

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    1. The thing is, if the government doesn’t respect the law, why would the people.

      I’m not sure how they can force this nonsense on our legal system.


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