77 thoughts on “STAGGERING?”

  1. Statistics Tris. How many readers does the Express have? (can they all read?)
    Maybe it was a poll of the proof readers, to keep the header statement accurate.

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    1. I think “readers” may be a bit of a misnomer, when it comes to the Express, but I’m sure than many of them enjoy the pictures and the smaller words.


    2. The latest circulation figure for the Daily Express is 213k. Sunday Express 183k. A 12% drop from the previous year. The Scottish edition figures are difficult to find. I doubt it would reach 20k.

      The Daily Record is down to 73k Sunday Mail 70k and the Sunday Post that used to sell a million copies has slumped to 52k.


      To those papers that produce their figures 6 monthly were had at the end of December 2021:

      Scotland on Sunday was down to 5.8k, Dundee Courier 23.8k, Press and Journal 30k, Dundee Evening Telegraph 7.6k.


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  2. Good lord. And here was me credulously thinking that Brexit was oven-ready. Silly me. I should have known that it wasn’t so much roast-in-a-bag Brexit as it was a pig in a poke, really, on the side of a bus.

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      1. I think it may have gone foustie by now.

        The Gibraltarians voted 96% against Brexit. But this dude thinks that Spain must respect their wished to have no border… Unlike the Brits for whom a 96-4 NOOO clearly means YES.



          1. The Frost character seems to be trying to emulate his boss. The more puffy-faced Johnson becomes, the more puffy-faced Frost appears as he minces on stage to deliver an excoriating assault on the fool who negotiated the protocol.

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            1. Hm. It seems to be catching, Iain. Stephen Kerr, Mormon Bishop or no Mormon Bishop, has got check-in luggage under his eyes these days. Or maybe outing young gay guys is bad for the health, who knows.

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    1. I was wondering if the Daily Express “readers” thought that maybe the Daily Express had been lying to them about the unimaginable wealth and happiness of like in Global Britbin…?

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      1. Yes, it was. And all referenda in parliamentary democracies are like that.

        But David Cameron assured everyone that what the British people voted for would be respected.

        He could have used a get out that they lied about Β£350 million and about Turkey joining the EU, but he didn’t.

        He also lied about staying on as PM to sort out the mess, and then he lied about staying on as an MP to help sort of the mess.

        He’s a bit of an old liar is their Mr Cameron!

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        1. The political force behind the EU referendum is something we should all pay attention to, especially given the prospect of an independence referendum held without any political force at HoC.

          The EU referendum legislation did not impose any penalties on campaign lies or funding irregularities beyond trivial fines. That’s something else to bear in mind when Holyrood starts to debate the referendum bill. It’s a low bar but they really have to do better.

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          1. I agree. We must learn from their mistakes.

            You can’t stop random people lying, on line, down the pub, even in newspapers, but if people running the campaign, particularly politicians openly lie (Β£350 million a week, or even stuff like “holding all the cards” [no-one ever holds ALL the cards]), then the courts must be able to take action to annul the result.

            Knowing that might concentrate minds, on both side, wonderfully.

            In the Scottish case, we have no idea whether what the Yes people said was true or not, because we didn’t win. But we know that the promises that UKOK made were dubious at the very least.

            People like Cameron and Brown, his chosen spokesman in Scotland as the immediate past pm, lied about devolution plus, devolution super-plus and near federalisation.

            A referendum won on lies isn’t a legitimate indication of the country’s sentiment.

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            1. Craig Mrray’s latest blogpost shows his usual thoughtful – and thought-provoking analysis – but there’s a real sting int the tail, the link in the last para:

              Speaking of which the most important piece of UK journalism this year is being totally ignored by the mainstream media. Please do read it; you will learn more about how the UK really works than you ever will from the BBC.

              Don’t know if the link will showw in the cut-and-paste here but if not, this one should…


              It’s a long read but worth the time and it’s no effort. Truly staggering – unlike the Express nonsense. A story of Brexit criminality on an unbelievable scale, well documented and totally credible but ignored by the BBC and MSM as Craig says.

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              1. I read it earlier in the week, John.
                With CM linking to it, it should get wider coverage.
                Dynamite if true.
                I wonder who leaked it, or rather leaked them. Especially since they went to such trouble to encrypt and operate in the shadows.

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              2. Looking at the general flavour of the website reporting the leak, I am extremely doubtful that their claims ar true. There’s even some Kremlin propaganda in there. I’m amazed Kangaroo isn’t all over this πŸ™‚

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              3. Read through the link you posted John, very interesting and disturbing. Started checking on some of the characters. Prof Prins is strategy and ideologically driven, listened to him address the Heritage Foundation, seeking help for the brexit campaign. R Dearlove was “C” in the security services, haven’t checked further than that so my jury has to stay out for now.
                One group’s view; (The Heritage Foundation brands itself as a beacon of the intellectual conservative establishment. In reality, the think tank serves as a pipeline of hate to the Trump administration, dedicating significant energy to extremist policy recommendations to deny access to abortion and birth control and to harm LGBTQ people.)

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          2. And Gordon Brown a son of the manse too – oh wait, could all those preachers have been lying to us too all this time? About predestination, for example?

            Strange how so many people have no truck with organized religion, whatever their own spiritual leanings may be.

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      2. You’re correct Jim referenda are not binding, unless set up as the 2014 one. That is why the tories needed an election, to put exiting Europe the mainstay of the manifesto. Unfortunately T May didn’t carry a majority, she had to go and the right wing nut jobs were there to lubricate her passage (so to speak.) Then along comes Boris, in my view, pushed along again with Russian money to get the shit show on track and accelerate the it.

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        1. I think that the whole Brexit thing has been badly mishandled for day 1, but one of their huge mistakes was to elect a remainer as their prime minister.

          From minute one when May had a tiny majority inherited from Cameron, she was actually in hock to the mad leaver lot… Brexit at any and all costs, the so-called ERG.

          The badly advised, she went for an election, hoping to get a large majority (against Corbyn) and actually ended up losing the small majority she had (including more than 50% of the Scottish MPs) and leaving her in a situation where she was in hock to not just the ERG but the DUP.

          I wish I could feel sorry for her, but she really was a most dreadful woman.

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          1. I read through the Craig M link via John’s post, interestingly it covers the downing of T May. When her brexit deal viewing was delayed then suffered the historic defeat it was the same as a vote of no confidence, she had to go. I did wonder if the delay/prevarication (did she not have to return to Brussels again?) was due to the leaking of information mentioned the link. I don’t know, if there’s such a thing as shrugged then my shoulders are shrugged.

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  3. Just checked, the Star still has semi naked ladies on page 3.
    And not a mention of brexit vote in the sexpress.

    Looks like the englander media are falling out on what’s to be in the chip wrappers.


    1. Ah well, as long as the Star is standing up for what it believes in… I suppose that means Britain is still Britain.

      Nudes, beer and football, didn’t Orwell say?

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      1. Variation on Bread and Circuses.

        Love the idea from the buffoon that we are a low tax rampant economy.

        Crime Crime Crime is this weeks mantra, pity truss made such a fool of herself again on tv round.
        A wee clip of the police minister, malthouse tell the westmonster that crime was at its lowest during the lockdown and the government had done well.
        Pity it was pointed out to hime that they had already manipulated the crime figures by removing fraud from them.
        We should be happy that 10% inflation is due to the policies of the tories, it would have been worse with the other mob.

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        1. Amazing that they are bragging that while MOST people (not them, of course) were confined mainly to their own homes crime went down.

          Few empty homes, loads of people in hospital, many people scared to break into someone else’s house or mug them because they might catch the dreaded lurgy…

          Who’s had a 10% rise then? Anyone?

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  4. Hmm 🧐 seems to me Brexit is bit like
    A Rorschach test .People tend to see what they want to see .
    Obviously the more loonier brexiteers
    Will never be satisfied till the British Empire is resurrected

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    1. Look out you Canadians…

      I’m trying hard to think of something that is better since Brexit.

      And taking of my “Remoaner” glasses, I honestly can’t think of anything.

      Can you… or anyone?

      I mean there probably are somethings, but I’m unaware of them.

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    2. Niko, just read the Craig Murray link I posted earlier and you’ll see the truth of what you say. Empire resurrection is exactly what they wanted, and still do, or at least a modern reincanration if not an actual Lazarus doppelganger. I did like one of their words, though – ‘remainiacs’. Very clever, and I think maini of us will be happy to adopt it.

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  5. Given that it’s the Express, the disappointment is that they haven’t brought back imperial measures or escalated a war with France.

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      1. oh..and as for ramping up the just how much we hate the french rhetoric…the Mail are happy to oblige.
        “Was one of Britain’s biggest naval losses since WWII deliberately sacrificed to save Falklands flagship? PROFESSOR SAUL DAVID reveals startling controversy as the French are accused of shamefully refusing to deactivate Argentine Exocets that rained terror”

        If you’d rather not encourage them by clicking on the link…here it is archived:

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        1. Not only that, but a French woman nipped into the queue in front of my granny in a shop in Stonehaven in the 1950s. Foul fiends, the lot of them.

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        2. Interesting.

          I don’t know whether it is true or not, the Mail, as you say, always happy to print anything that gives the French a bad name… Odd, when you remember that their owner lives in France.


        1. Maybe the boss of M&S will get it soon, too. M&S failed to prepare for Brexit, complained about broken NI sandwich supply chains and way too late for profits reoriented to RoI suppliers. The CEO still doesn’t understand any of this. Naturally, he supported Brexit.

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          1. I really wonder about some of them.

            I’ve never thought of myself as being particularly bright, but I could easily see what was bound to happen if you (a) demanded to take back control of everything and (b) insulted your partners/ex-partners at every turn.

            I suppose it’s a very British thing to do, and to then expect it to work out fine.

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            1. It’s completely non-sensical. The perpetual rallying was, “take control of our borders”. Now that the UK has taken (very limited) control of its borders, they’re all surprised to learn that there’s a border.

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              1. As you say.

                They talked about electronic borders, about which I wasn’t certain given that ANY border within Ireland was taboo.

                If the UK refuses to agree (not that you could trust them) to maintain the standards of, say meat hygiene or Phyto hygiene exactly the same as the EU, in perpetuity, how could the EU allow into Northern Ireland, and therefore across the border into the EU, any British food., whether raw meat or veg, or items made of that meat or veg.

                If you want to take back control, you need to have the freedom to change regulations, or to sign trade deals with countries which have totally different regulations (Australia, New Zealand, for example).

                I hear that the UK has said as part of its deal with Japan, that it will accept produce from Fukushima having scrapped the radio active foods rules.

                I suspect the EU probably has not done so.

                The notion that you can go border free and take back control of your regulations is, frankly batshit.



                  1. Well, just so’s you know for sure, Tris, I couldn’t spot any black lady escorts in Dundee, and for gay male escorts you’d have to go to Glasgow. Seems a long way to travel for a quick [CENSORED].

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                    1. Indeed, Tris. We’d be better off all round having fish suppers, and sharing them with Derek.

                      Never let it be said that Munguin is not a fount of magnanimity and munificence!

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                    2. I certainly won’t ever let that be said, Ed, and obviously, more to the point, neither will Munguin!! πŸ™‚


  6. Well I never,

    Last week we had the Ceo’s of energy traders and oil companies saying that a windfall tax wouldn’t effect their investment plans.

    Tonight’s Evening Standard

    David Hughes???? writes
    Oil and Gas companies tell ministers that a windfall tax will have a huge impact on their North Sea investment plans.
    Wondering who asked for that?

    That’s the North Sea oil that ran out in 2014and what was left wasn’t worth getting
    Ms Michie of the oil and gas industry says a windfall tax would make borrowing for investment more expensive.

    BP are buying back their shares with our money, gas prices have fallen but we’re still paying the high rates..

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  7. Who says patel isn’t on the job

    New inititive.

    The incidence of shop lifting is to be treated with generosity.

    She’s going to transport them to Rwanda as it’s easier than sending boat people.

    Not really but the increase in shoplifting of food is true, reminds me of stories from the 1850′ of being transported to Australia for stealing a loaf of bread.

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      1. Goodness. Soon Rwanda will be full and their natural population will be trying to escape all those immigrants by going to London!


  8. Exactly Tris
    I remember a workmate who was researching his family tree, he used to report after his day in Edinburgh.
    He stopped.
    One of the others in the group asked why.
    He had found that he had a ggrandparent who had been transported to Australia for the offence of feeding his family by catching a fish in the laird’s river.

    Reports from the MET, the drowning street event is closed, 168 fines issued.
    Will the Ms Grey report be issued now?, thought not.
    Has the buffoon been issued with one, No, he got the 68 extras.

    See his assistant is to be the ambassador to Saudi Arabia, that’s like sending an alcoholic to a brewery for a hangover cure..


      1. Yeah. There’s the Russia report, and the Sue Gray report.

        One has to wonder how many other reports have never seen the light of day – to the extent that we may not even have heard of them at all.

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        1. Most of them, I’d imagine, Ed.

          Why is no one demanding the Sue Gray report? Why has no one kicked off about the Russia report, particularly in light of what Russia is doing right now?

          Why was so little made of so many sexual issues? Why is Patel still there when we had to pay of some fantastic sum in compensation to her staff…?

          Could it be anything to do with the money that the Prime Minister allegedly paid and pays to newspapers…?

          Can we trust no one?

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        2. The Sue Gray has definitely not been forgotten but I wouldn’t get your hopes up about it too much because the terms of reference were deliberately narrow.

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          1. Well, I’ll look forward to it…without a great deal of hope.

            Mind you I was looking forward to the Russia Report which was supposed to come out after the election, in …um… 2019!


  9. schrodinger’s paradox in drowning treet
    How to explain how you can go to a ‘party’ that isn’t a party, consume drink, leave and the people that remain are guilty of breaking a law and get a fine.
    Explain in one word.

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    1. Just sort of give up time with him.

      He’s Teflon, nothing has ever stuck. Not boorish behaviour at Eton, not class snobbery and laziness at Oxford, not cheating and making up stories with the Times, not cheating on all his partners and lying to his bosses… and no not breaking his own laws and getting away with it by making massive payments to newspapers.

      Get me out of here. This makes some of the foulest regimes look respectable.

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