1. Get the old Venn diagram out.
        50 years old
        MP for 10ish years
        Maybe easier, who has stepped out of the line drawn by the buffoon recently?

        That 80 seat majority seems to be going a bit faster doon t stank.

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            1. Yes, I’ve seen that.

              It’s been suggested by others too.

              It has been narrowed down to five possibilities who fit the profile.

              If I were one of the five I’d be making sure that people knew that I was not the one in custody.


      1. Hm. I picked up on the following paragraph in that Guardian article, Tris:

        “Details of the MP’s arrest emerged during what the government had hoped would be “crime week”, with announcements on toughening up policing. The prime minister told his cabinet on Tuesday morning: “Crime, crime, crime is what we want to focus on.””

        OK, so we can expect loads about that bloody Laura Norder in the coming weeks – deflection, distraction, witterings about sentences being too short and judges too lenient, to dilute the importance in the public mind of misconduct by Johnson himself and his nasty little pals (and party lickspittle lackeys and fellow-travellers [Yeah, trot out the whole Soviet panoply, why doncha – Ed.])

        And of course to deflect, distract, &c, from teensy-weensy unimportant little things such as the impoverishment of the Lower Orders, the catastrophic increases in consumer and commodity prices, and the tailspin in the UK economy in general and in international trade in particular.

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        1. Yes, I hear that Ms Patel wants criminals in England (thank god she has little to do with us) to REALLY SUFFER.

          So far in the last few weeks, there has been quite a list of Tory MPs caught out.

          It will be interesting to see then REALLY SUFFER.

          It takes a special kind of unawareness, of which we all know Johnson is capable, for him to say: “Crime, crime, crime is what we want to focus on.”

          It’s OK, De Pfeffel. We know that’s what you have been concentrating on from the moment you were born.


  1. Apart from telling us as an aside that the FM is in Washington, BBC Scotland has reported nothing of what she has done while in the US – The address to the Brookings Institute and Q&A, the meeting with the Speaker of the House, etc. At COP26, BBC Scotland reported almost mothing about her presence there.

    Liked by 4 people

    1. It’s pretty embarrassing that they don’t.

      Have they mentioned that The Prime Slob AND Wee Willie flew out to, presumably in private jets to p[ay condolences to the ruler of a middle eastern state… one of the ones with trillions.

      Obviously wants some.

      As I understand it, Nicola is doing a great job getting the USA and Scotland working togehter… We may need all the USA support we can get.

      We all know the USA says to Downing Street : “Jump” and Downing Street replies: “How high?” and “please can we have a photograph in the Rose Garden?”

      Liked by 3 people

        1. Will he be missing the “celrations”/

          Who’s going to Australia and New Zealand and Papua New Guinea?

          Willie and Clothes Horse made a mess of it; Eddie and his Mrs did too.

          Could send Anne I guess.

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    2. But the benefits abuser from winsor turns up a two events and shows no mobility problems.
      The buffoon takes a trip to Belfast ans achieves nothing, great coverage.
      The truss says she is protecting the GFA by threatening a trade war during a cost of living crises.
      I think the red faced kerr should get the leader’s position in Hollyrood, that Nicola needs to be kept under control.
      I watched the video of her speech on global warming, what a great communicator we have.
      The buffoon is off to the UAE to meet an investor in visas.

      Must be a long term tory as the report says the complaints go back ten years or so.
      Does that reduce the possibilities, I’d think so.tracor porn, dandruff consumer, law breakers, marching powder consumers.

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      1. Nathan
        There are six male Tory MPs that became members of Parliament in 2001 and are in their 50s:

        Boris Johnson
        Jonathan Djangoly
        Bill Wiggin
        Mark Francois
        Andrew Rosindell
        Richard Bacon

        If I was one of them, I’d be eager to clear my name.

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    1. Lovely man.

      Right age group.

      Mr Rosindell defended the ending of the Universal Credit uplift saying: “I think there are people that quite like getting the extra £20 but maybe they don’t need it.”[23] Then in November 2021 he described the need to remember that MPs “are human beings who have families and responsibilities” in defence of them taking second jobs to top up their £82,000 a year salaries.

      At the beginning of the MPs’ expenses scandal, The Daily Telegraph reported that Rosindell “claimed more than £125,000 in second home expenses for a flat in London, while designating his childhood home 17 miles away – where his mother lived – as his main address”, and between “2006 and 2008 claimed the maximum £400 a month for food”.

      Sounds a charmer… possible.

      In 2010, the BBC accused Rosindell of breaching Parliamentary rules by accepting subsidised overseas trips to Gibraltar and subsequently raising multiple Gibraltar-related issues in Parliament without disclosing the trips in the Register of Members’ Interests.[48]

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        1. Is that why most of them seem to be a tad on the large side?

          I wonder what happened to Rees Mogg in that case. Maybe Nanny makes him sandwiches so that he doesn’t have to eat with the common boys.


  2. OT: Murdo Fraser and his colleagues are attacking Nicola Sturgeon for going to America in her capacity as First Minister. Meanwhile he is in Seville for the football … while parliament is sitting.

    Queen’s Eleven.

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      1. Though experiment: assume Herr Gammon actually believes that and the other guff he spouts, and examine the rest of his pontifications and bloviations in that light.

        I conclude that the man is in fact and actuality seriously deluded and misinformed. A Road to Damascus moment is not to be expected.

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        1. The strange world we live on.
          Mr kerr is a member of a religious group, I looked up their website and they are christians, they follow the teachings of someone called Jesus, the one who it is reported said that it is possible to feed the poor on loaves and fishes.
          Mr kerr voted in various parliaments to do the opposite.
          A thought experiment indeed.

          Looks like he eat the loaves and fishes all by himself., good tory that he is.
          Loved the quote from the brexiteers about the import form to Northern Ireland have to be completed in Latin, that would be the WTO rules of identification of plants and not a part of some vatican directive to stir up the locals.
          Seemingly reported by the CEO of M&S, a brexiteer.

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          1. Is Mr Kerr the same man who outed two young gay men from the pulpit a few years ago? I would like to accuse him, but I know it was some Christian witch doctor or other.

            Liked by 1 person

          2. Ye, it appears that Mr Kerr was in fact a missionary for said church, knocking on doors and trying to sell the inhabitants their version of Christianity. I’ve had the dubious pleasure of his type at Munguin’s door!

            Still, apparently Boris Johnson is also a Christian, so clearly you can be one and hold views which are contrary to all that most of us understand as these principles, according to what we’ve been told in enforced RE classes in school.

            I mean, there’s the queen, who tells us over and over how she has’ always tried to live her life in accordance with the teachings of Christ’.

            I don’t remember the part of the Bible where Jesus’s family lived in hundreds of homes with thousands of rooms while people slept under bridges and died of the cold fits into this, I’ve always been at something of a loss to understand her claim.

            But then, also, until recently, Popes have liven in the splendour of papal palaces in one of the richest countries in the world, so what do I know?


  3. Tory party vote down the atteppt to have a excess profit tax on energy companies.

    They really care, about their dividends.and rental incomes

    Sky news was in Wigan today, terrible story of a pensioner couple who don’t expect to last through the next winter, they’re £400 in debt and can’t afford to have the boiler repaired, no hot water, missing meals.
    This is englandland

    Liked by 2 people

    1. I saw that refusal to tax the windfall profits. It’s almost unbelievable. Indeed with any other government it would be.

      But I can imagine it perfectly well with this lot.

      That is breaking my heart. Pensioners who can’t feed and heat.

      Surely someone will fix their boiler.

      Or start a fund me page.

      What a bloody country.

      Liked by 2 people

        1. Cont…needs which are a human right. Their council should though be helping even if to ensure they can apply for funding via a crisis fund or to a charity (I know shocking that these are needed) via turn2Us, they have a website. There is financial help out there it’s just knowing where to go, but as was pointed out, the husband is not at all happy with asking for hand outs. UK pension is very low compared to most Western countries, it’s an utter insult. I did notice the emphasis was on the fact the couple had ‘worked all their lives.’ If they’d been unable to ‘work’ due to disability or carer responsibility, would that have made their situation at the hands of the Tory cabal any more acceptable. Probably.


          1. I’m sure that they will get support, but of course some people, quite understandably, hate the idea of accepting “charity”.

            It’s almost unbelievable that a government would allow inflation to be at around 10% and for some people a very great deal more, dependent on their electricity/gas supplier, with a pension increase of 3%.

            And when asked what he could do about it, the billionaire Chancellor appeared to suggested that GREAT Britain, the world leading world leader, wasn’t able to increase pensions to vulnerable people because “the computer says no”.


              1. It’s a selective computer, Jake.

                Eat Out to Help Out was a Middle Class thing. It’s Working Class Benefits it can’t deal with, although IDS says it can.


  4. I got the clue from Guido Faux, they said that no one at his contact numbers was answering any calls.
    Apparently his mother worked for Geoffrey Archer, I’m sure the resemblance is coincidental and only superficial.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Noted, Robert.

        All we have done is point out what people are claiming.

        I think noone should actually make a claim about who it is. But no reason why we can’t speculate, (I hope).


  5. And to Johanna Cherry, who left the Attorney General and the Foreign Secretary looking like the pathetic amateurs they are.

    Liked by 4 people

  6. We at least can be sure the alleged rapist is not a Scottish MP or ex MP otherwise it would have been ‘leaked’ to the press.
    Funny how Holyrood plays a different game?

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  7. The BBC seems to be like a 5th column for the union. I always wonder of the many who trusted the BBC before the 2014 referendum trust it now? It has become quite blatant. No local election coverage in Scotland as they knew who would top the poll and the Tories would be getting a kicking.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. I used to like the BBC, but during the referendum campaign it became quite obvious where their loyalties lay.

      It was suggested that, as part of their “royal charter”, they had a duty to protect the queen and the integrity of her realm.

      The focus of the BBC is shaped by the Director General. I remember Gregg Dyke explaining how, of all his duties, the news was his greatest responsibility and one over which he ha d direct control.

      It seems that both the political parties in England blamed the BBC for bias. Needless to say the DG was appointed by the queen on the advice of the prime minister. No more needs to be said.

      The visit to America by the FM is obviously contentious and has been more or less ignored for what I can see. Although, to be fair, I have rarely watched TV in my life and haven’t had one since 2013 when I realised that I was paying to support unionist propaganda.

      That said, as has been mentioned before on these pages, the BBC has a very wide newsgathering organisation and the World Service is up there with France Inter and Voice of America.


  8. Meanwhile….Ukraine surrenders. Who wuda thunk it.

    and American freelance reporter Patrick Lancaster in Mariupol confirms the situation. He lived in Ukraine for 8years apparently.

    I wonder how the BBC will spin this one, especially when the trials begin in Moscow for Crimes Against Humanity and British LTC John Bailey is an accussed apparently running bioweapons lab#1.
    Perhaps this will give you a clue.

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  9. Kangaroo – “Nuts in May”. Good to know you’re such a staunch supporter of Putin (as well as Trump) – maybe you should go live in Russia. Anyway, have a nice day.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m reliably informed that in indingenous Australian kanagaroo means: “Sorry, I don’t speak English.” Captain Cook’s guys misunderstood when that was the answer thay got to: “What do you call that strange bouncing beast?”

      The strangeness appears undiminished, in ‘thinking’ as well as gait.

      Liked by 1 person

  10. Once again Truss talking “knowledgeably” about something she doesn’t know anything about “because she’s been working at her job”


      1. Laughable ain’t it?

        Talking of laughs…I just saw a tweet with a pic of the lads from a pop group of days gone by, captioned “Thin Lizzie”, followed by a picture of Truss, captioned “Thick Lizzie”.

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Lol, very good.
          Off topic. Came across this, not just the FM kept out of the news.

          Yarmouth MP Brandon Lewis
          Hertsmere MP Oliver Dowden

          Liked by 1 person

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