And all, apparently, for 30p.


This is, of course, a spoof. But, at the same time, it’s frighteningly realistic.


I see he’s as popular in NI as he is in Scotland and Wales, or indeed as popular as Wee Wullie and his national anthem is in Liverpool, England.

John Major: 9/6/16. Brexit risks destabilising the complicated constitutional settlement that underpins stability.

Can someone please ask Johnson why he signed this international agreement, why he then boasted about it, why he commended it to the queen and parliament and fought a general election based on the fact he had this “oven-ready” deal to get Brexit done, and then changed his mind? Had he not read it? Did he read it and not understand it? Had he, like Raab, not read the Belfast Agreement? Did he not understand that either?

He and his ministers say that the EU is being intransigent. What is intransigent about signing an international treaty in good faith and sticking to the terms and conditions of it? Is that not what usually happens with international treaties? Help me out here, I’m a novice. And finally, does he understand the sort of reputation for untrustworthiness he is giving his country?


Brexit, we were told, promised the possibility of £350 million a week for the NHS. Now, this, of course, would have been hard to achieve given that we only actually sent Brussels around £278 million a week there, thanks to the discount originally negotiated by Thatcher and then again by Blair. But, hey, what’s a wee white lie here and there when your name is De Pfeffel?

Clearly, it also took no regard of all the many and various grants, large and small, that the EU provided under the heading European Structural Development Funding … most obviously Farming Subsidies, Social Fund, University Science Funding, Cohesions Fund, and the Maritime and Fisheries Fund, but also smaller schemes like Erasmus. It also ignored all the savings that we have by sharing so many common tasks and the agencies that provide services.

The Bank of England is saying that Brexit has been costing us around £440 million a week for some time.

So, for those of us who expected to be £350 million a week better off, that’s a short fall of around £790 million a week that works out at £41,080,000,000 a year.

I wonder if that would fit on the side of a bus, or if you’d need a train!


51 thoughts on “RANDOM THOUGHTS”

    1. O M G!!!

      That is a real honest to goodness government minister?

      I briefly worked for job centre between contacts. That really isn’t my experience of them. I couldn’t wait to get away.

      Understaffed, overworked, totally 100% target driven in fer of their jobs.

      An utterly hateful place.

      And what is she minister of? Explosions in paint factories?

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          1. I’m not in a care home as I can still look after myself. Do you think she could find me a wee part-time job to help pay my energy bills? Standing order has more than doubled but I’m now in arrears for the first time this winter.
            Any one got her email or, better still, WhatsApp?

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            1. YOu could pick vegetables, although the money for that is pretty poor unless you are one of these Eastern European types that seem to be able to pick faster than the speed of sound.

              Nope, I think you’ll have to trade up.

              Maybe you need to look at being a pop star. I mean Rod Stewart and Mick Jagger aren’t hard up for a few bob.

              Sing after me. “I am sailing, but I can’t get no, satisfaction”

              Personally, I’m applying for the Governor of the Bank of England job and having the headquarters moved to Dundee.


    1. Probably the reason my English relatives, whom I’m due to meet in a few days, will still vote Tory come the next General Election, unless, unless, the present cost of loving crisis assumes even more gigantic proportions, which I expect it to do in the near future.

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      1. Don’t think that there is any doubt.

        I read the other day that fuel is likely to increase again as we go into winter.

        And that puts the cost of everything up.

        I think inflation is standing at around 9% (although I’m sure the government figure will be far lower).

        Wages, pensions and benefits rises have been far far lower.


    2. I gave up reading that one, Niko, when the author said that Jeremy Hunt was the most credible Tory alternative to Boris Johnson. None of that shower is particularly credible, but Hunt? Privatizer of the NHS? I think not. Anyone who can provoke the junior doctors into strike action is ipso facto thoroughly dangerous as a head of government.

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  1. overlaid upon his party’s residual racial prejudice. A northern Tory said to me recently: “Given a choice of two leadership candidates, our local constituency members will never vote for a person of colour.”

    That’s is the Tory’s writ large.
    Your priti Patel, Sunak and that god awful Braverman are to most Tory’s just a bunch of well trained monkeys.
    And that to Tory supporting racists is all they will ever be ..
    For all their Butt sucking antics

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    1. Yes, I was amazed to see that that had been admitted by a Tory from “up north” (which I also think puts Scotland in its place, given that there “up north” is our “down south”)

      There is a lot of truth in what Hastings says, although why he includes Ed Davey in ant discussion about who could be a prime minister is beyond me.

      It is scary that the (largely) English public feel that Johnson is a credible prime minister.

      To be honest, I’ve never heard anyone here who has Tory leanings, say that.

      He’s a liar and a cheat; he seems to have no sense of decency. He hasn’t ever had any, from childhood, school, university, work outside politics and in politics.

      It’s almost like he is royal and the rules for ordinary people don’t apply.

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      1. I read a piece by Hastings recently, he said he rarely votes Tory. He did in 2010, but didn’t say who he usually votes for.

        If he’s talking up Davey, it might indicate he defaults to the Lib Dems?

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        1. Ye. He seems to have changed his views, Drew.

          Like a lot of Tories who can’t abide the English Nationalist Tories of today… Ken Clarke, Anna Soubray, Paton, etc, they seem to have moved to “the next best thing”.

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    1. This is a real problem, I have seen her sucking up to other Khazarian Mafia Deep State scum.

      Meanwhile the Truth peeks through the MSM fog

      and Russia tyreatens Nuclear War after the UN refuses to investigate the US funded Ukrainian Bio labs and Biden still supports the Khazarian Mafia as he is one

      Time to smell the coffee?


      1. I wouldn’t worry too much about the Khazarian Mafia. At the moment they’ve got their hands full fighting the giant lizard people of Alpha Centauri who have allied themselves with Darby O’Gill and the Little People. Oh, do I smell coffee? 🦎👽

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        1. You haven’t addressed any of the evidentiary links. Par for the course on this blog given the abusive comments I have received over many years when all I am trying to do is inform the posters.

          At least your giving it some thought, though not much, try staying on topic. Best to say nothing and be thought of as a fool, rather than writing it out for all to see and confirming everyone’s suspicions. I know that can be leveled at me, time will tell if I am right.

          FYI Durham has started the trial today with jury selection. Its getting interesting.

          Did you watch the documentary 2000mules or did that pass you by too?

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          1. Kangaroo.

            Over and over you have posted conspiracy theories here. You posted anti-vax, and pro Trump. You know this is a blog where none of the readers subscribe to this.

            I wonder that you don’t put your comments where they will be more readily accepted.

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            1. I don’t post conspiracy theories, thats a CIA put down from the 1950s.
              Fact Durham case has started, this will link to all the Conspiracy Facts that I have previously posted.

              The reason I post here is because it is a Scottish Independence website. I am trying to bring you the truth rather than the garbage that’s on the MSM .


          2. Kangaroo, I have not addressed the evidentiary links because, as far as I can see, there are none. Because individuals/groups make films/post alleged revelations/warnings, etc., does not make them facts. Throughout modern history, there have been ridiculous conspiracy theories, e.g. ‘The Protocols of the Elders of Zion’ presented as fact. Sadly, I think this world already has more than enough tyrants, dictators, megalomaniacs and criminals wreaking havoc and misery on millions of their fellow beings. If you wish to believe that it’s all caused by arcane, international cabals, that’s fine by me. And, by the way, isn’t your ‘sleepy sheep’ an abusive comment? Have a nice day!

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            1. The amount of abuse I have received from the contributors on this site over many years is quite considerable. Sleepy sheep is nothing in comparison.


      2. You have totally changed my mind about everything. I used to be a sheeple but now I’ve woken up (to the smell of coffee).

        Wow, that was a wild dream. I was half sheep, half human and a giant percolator was chasing me all over the place.

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    2. The irony for me accessing the article was the advert for a can of Italian plum tomatoes, 2 Kg, at £10 plus delivery.
      Loved the channel 4 interview of the buffoon, the smirking pm who just ignored the point and said we have to respect international law by breaking it.

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        1. I’ve applied to the bank for a loan, that will keep me in good fettle for a couple of months of 30p meals, If I can afford the pasta and the gas.Wonder if the Nottingham tory remembered that water is charged by meter in englandland when he calculated the cost of a meal..
          Oh hell I’ve forgotten that I’ll have to buy a fridge freezer to keep the tomatoes fit to eat.
          That course in Nottingham is beginning to sound like a necessity of life.

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            1. I’ve applied for the new clock that rachael and millionaire hubby are selling, seems it’s now got 48 hours in a day, just the same day on the planet but they’ve managed to fit in extra hours for us poor folk.
              See the pair charged us for a wreath for the remembrance day ceremony in her constituency.

              A newspaper has published the meals at 30p.
              Beans on toast, no butter or marg.
              jacket potatoes with beans, no butter
              spam fritter, crab stick salad, spaghetti napoli.
              seems it doesn’t make the 2000 calories a day required for an adult and fails to use dairy, menu high in fat, salt or sugar..
              The foodbank let you have the water and the fuel to cook and tidy up.

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              1. I assume that it the cheapest value beans/spaghetti, etc.

                Quite some time ago, at another (yet another) difficult time for ordinary people, a journalist investigated the use of the super cheap no frills supermarket items.

                As well as tasteless food, she had tried their soap and shampoo. She said that the very first morning she showered and shampooed with it, she sat itching on her way to work on the tube.

                When I started giving to food banks, the organiser asked if instead of buying normal labels, I would be good enough to buy shop super cheap labels.

                They got more for the money.

                OK, I’m fine with that but I wouldn’t donate something that I wouldn’t use myself, so I tried Morrisons cheap label. Most of the stuff was ok and so I used it.

                But I did one shop in Asda and found that I just couldn’t eat the stuff. It was too disgusting.

                Still, I dare say Rachel won;t know about that.

                Fortnum probably does do value labels.

                As for the wreath… I shouldn’t be, but I am speechless. What a monster.

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            2. Tris is, of course, quite right, Dave! You need to get on your bike to attend all those job interviews with any employer throughout the land (sorry, lands)! I mean, what’s the problem with cycling a few hundred miles when there’s the prospect of a job at the (English) Living Wage at the end of it?

              (I don’t know, Tris! Those people in need, so called, among the lower orders – freeloaders the lot of them! Are there no prisons? Are there no workhouses? Are there no foodbanks? Have they no refuge or resource?)

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              1. They want it all handed to them on a plate, Ed… almost as if they were royal or Lords or MPs or something.

                The damned cheek of them!


    3. Honestly, I despair.

      You would have though that after being humiliated by being caught setting up a doorstep “interview” with one of his “supporters” trying to make it look like working class people supported the Tories worst possible policies on the poor (which to be honest, they sometimes do until their circumstances alter and its THEM that are poor).

      I despair of a country that thinks like they do.

      Especially when they, at our expense, live such luxurious, two-home, all mod cons, expense lives.


  2. The Channel 4 News interview with Johnson shows exactly why he wants to privitise it and so be able to control its pesky interviewers who persist in asking him difficult questions, unlike the nice BBC who are much more respectful on the whole.

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    1. Yes. He seems to have been unable to appoint a donor to be in charge of Channel Four.

      Maybe the boss of Ch 4 doesn’t want a seat in the Lords?


  3. In the meantime the EBC get the prioities correct.
    The CEO of english and Welsh Cricket is leaving the post.
    Quick that’s a well paid job with plenty of foreign trips.

    The plan is for truss to put an insurance policy through parliament that allows english nationalism to take priority over universal laws in Alpha Centoni.

    Britannia waves the rules.

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  4. That “greatest deal of all time” actually made it harder to trade with our own selves. Call me pessimistic but I think they failed.

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    1. You have to hand it to them… they have a certain uniqueness when it comes to… well, most stuff.

      To imagine that they only failed, I would have though, was optimistic.

      Nearer the truth is that the whole thing is a catastrophic mess.

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