I think we all need a little reaffirmation of life (© Ed) as well as some balm for the soul (© PP), so here’s Munguin’s attempt to make things a bit better for us if not for them.

It is touching, however, to see people all over Europe and governments in most of Europe (but not the UK) reaching out to the refugees.

1. Wakey Wakey, Rises and Shine.
2. This is your early morning wake up call.
3. You woke up the three bears.
4. Shhh, I’m still asleep.
5. Where’s Dave this week?
6. Bradford upon Avon.
7. What a time to be born.
8. Bzzzzzzzzzzzzz.
9. Welcome to my world.
10. The burn at Spinky Den, by Fowles.
11. I dunno what they are watching, but it must be fascinating!
12. It’s that time of year.
13. I think the eyes have it.
14. What? You don’t expect us to work in a storm, do you?
15. There’s nothing better than a cuddle.
16. And the carrots agree.
17. Gurgles: The best wee burn in the world.
18. Lima, Peru.
19. Where’s this?
20. Did you say it was tea time?
21. Jarlshof, Shetland.
22. Any ideas? This time it was Dave’s brother who sent it in…
23. You may enjoy this.
24. Mum… you’re hogging my picture on Soppy Sunday!
25. That’s it then. I’m off duty now, so I’m going to play hunt the banana! Do you want a game?

Thanks to Dave and Dave’s brother.

42 thoughts on “SOPPY SUNDAY”

  1. Another fine selection this week, tris.

    Pic 5: I’ll take a wild guess. Bein Sgulaird near the head of Loch Etive.

    Pic 22: Another wild guess: Loch Voil, looking west.

    Pic 23: Kilchurn Castle, a stronghold of the Campbells. Loch Awe.


    1. Thanks, DonDon. You made it first today!

      5 and 22 are Dave’s and his brothers, so we await their info.

      That’s a lovely castle. Munguin can see himself living there… Munguin Campbell… has a ring to it 🙂


        1. He says I can live there till I get the roof fixed and the Wilton carpets in…

          He also said to get onto Johnson and ask him who pays for all these things.

          Talki9ng of Johnson, he has apparently said that Britain is leading the way in offering help to Ukrainians.

          Pardon my French but, as they say in France…”en mon cul, c’est du poulet.”

          Lord knows why they say that… they’re a funny lot! 🙂


  2. #6…….Very pretty! Old villages are wonderfully quaint. It does look like the Tea Rooms need a little fixing up though. What are the chances the place will still be standing when you finish your tea?

    I like the sheep taking cover from the rain. 🙂

    #23……Nice old castle! So quaint that it really IS falling down. (Often a plus for old castles!) The “This” hypertext link leads to a most interesting and entertaining read. Some more pretty pictures…….and a new word: “thrawn.” Merriam-Webster says “chiefly Scotland.”
    Also made me think of an episode in a documentary series that played in the US and the UK about 2000/2001. The video link may or may not work in WordPress. The last five minutes talks about the thinkers of the Scottish enlightenment. (Episode 10 – “Britannia Incorporated”.)


  3. Those were very cheering photos. Balm for the soul right enough. I’d not like to use that bus shelter after the sheep though. Bit of a mess… Loved the carrots. Must be lonely underneath the soil… I hope Corporal Cat is a solace to the soldier. Black cats are supposed to be lucky aren’t they?

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    1. Brave cats. It was cheering to see that the authorities in neighbouring countries are saying that people fleeing can bring their pets with them.

      Within the horrors of all this war, there have been some touching stories.

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  4. Me again! I knew the Ukrainian President used to be an actor but I hadn’t realised he won their version of Strictly in 2006. Here is happier days.

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  5. Just heard Liz Truss on the news saying that the govt. would support people wanting to go to Ukraine to fight against the Russians. Unlike fighting with the Kurds, which’d probably get you the jail.

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    1. How would they support them exactly?

      No point in asking for money from the levelling up fuind, unless you’re an aristocrat.

      Is this part of the DWPs “travel farther for work (get on your bike) scheme?

      Or is it another way of reducing the population now that “take it on the chin” has ceased to be so profitable?

      Trust these snakes with nothing.

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  6. Given Luke Pollard’s now deleted tweet re Ukrainians’ applying for DEFRA visas, this from twitter sums it up

    “It is easier for a Russian Oligarch to enter The House of Lords, than for a Ukrainian refugee to enter into the Kingdom of England.” (Johnson. 20:22.)”

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        1. Well, the current crop of ministers are not bright, but veg picking in February is quite astonishing.

          Even a dim Tory might have been expected to know that not much is harvested in February.


    1. During his inaugural address in 2019, Zelensky told lawmakers: “I do not want my picture in your offices: the President is not an icon, an idol or a portrait. Hang your kids’ photos instead, and look at them each time you are making a decision.”

      I wish him luck in his negotiations.

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  7. Dave has been busy this weekend, but he sent me the following information:

    No 19 is the state house in Melbourne, Australia

    No 22 , I’m told is lochan Reochte off the Duke’s pass

    No 5 is the East limb of LA, that’s Loch Awe to the uninitiated , Ben Cruachan on the left.


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