18 thoughts on “PRAISE BE TO BORIS”

  1. What we really really want is the whole cabinet to catch COVID.
    Followed by the No 10 Office since they seem to be the one actually running the countries of this “developed” country.

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  2. From today’s news
    The mp zahawi is aked if his horses will have to decide to eat or heat the stables we paid for through expenses.
    Captain tom’s family referred to the charities commission over paying themselves consultancy fees from the charity, it seems.
    Another air strike on Syria a few days after the politicos were upset a boy died in a well accident, sorrry to read but there’s more deaths in the middle east from attacks.
    Ms truss gets called deaf and dumb.
    Russian submarines ordered to sea.
    American bombers landed in the uk.

    Possible inhabited planets are within range, only 4 light years away.
    The loan that’s an extra charge of tax as you will be paying it for 5 years even if you don’t want it.
    A fox thinktank says IF you can work as well as the Germans the uk will be able to sell half a trillion pounds more, kind of misses the point that we don’t make much now other than fuss.
    Lassa fever lands in the uk, good job we won the war against covid.
    The culture secretary’s in rehab in Saudi.

    Come on just laugh.

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    1. I hope his horses won’t go cold or hungry… Him? Nah, I don’t care about that.

      Captain Tom’s family haven’t half let him down. OK, the whole thing was way over the top, as you would expect…. this is the Great British Spirit sort of thing… but all the more ridiculous when you see that while he might have been what it SHOULD be about, they were what it IS about.

      If we are independent in 5 years do I have to pay this load I don’t want and didn’t ask for, back?

      I see Dougie made an ass of himself when, in committee, he was questioning a woman from the TSB about mobile banking van… the Moray Rambler.

      His tone was that she should know about it… and he left the question by saying OK, we’ll come back to that (the assumption was …once you’ve actually found out about it…

      The lady for the TSA didn’t know about it, because…

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  3. It took about 2 minutes on google to find out that the Moray Rambler is a mobile bank van run by … Royal Bank of Scotland. RBS – TSB. Both 3 letters, easy to confuse if you’re hard of thinking.

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    1. Especially as there is an S and a B in both of them…

      Still, at the bottom of the political barrel you can’t expect too much.

      I mean at least he didn’t think it was Great British Rail or Electricité de France.

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  4. Looks like he’s caught the dorries wells carless syndrom.
    You have to pay to get the best/

    Glad to see he’s taken full value from the education system that he should have taken part in.

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  5. May I return to a thread on the last posting. The link below is to an interview in English with the head of the Danish Covid mathematical modelling group. It was their advice that the Danish government used to decide to open up. The model they discuss was published in December. It predicted dailt infections of 50 thousand in mid-February. Exactly what we have. It’s a long interview, but well worth listening to IMHO.

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    1. Watching it now, James.

      It’s very interesting.

      I ‘m still waiting for anyone qualified here to come up with this argument (and I accept that the figures that the Brits have come up with so far, appear to have been wrong).

      I’m suspicious, given that none of the senior health people here have backed Johnson’s moves, and that Johnson is doing it for political rather than medical reasons… Steven Baker says, get rid of the regulations of my group (ERG) will abandon you… and Johnson jumps to it, because he is all about self preservation.

      It’s worth noting, of course, that the freedoms that this will bring, will not apply to everyone.

      People with otherwise compromised health conditions… or advanced age, may have to be very much more careful as potentially infected folk won’t be wearing masks in shops, on buses and trains, etc. and will have little compunction about sneezing or coughing on people (as I observed last night in Lidl).

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  6. https://www.who.int/multi-media/details/who-press-conference-on-coronavirus-disease-(covid-19)—12-january-2022
    Dr Maria Van Kerkhove, Technical Lead on COVID-19 said:
    What we need is a collective renewal – the DG said this in, I think, also the last press conference – a renewal to this comprehensive approach to fighting this collective threat that we face. We cannot end the pandemic and have the virus become – quote, unquote – endemic in one country while the rest of the world deals with the pandemic. That’s not how this is going to work.

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