The job is advertised on the royal website.

The queen looking unimpressed - Queen Elizabeth II image gallery | Tatler

“This is a career pathway in hospitality that will develop your housekeeping skills and expertise.

“Joining our professional team, you’ll upkeep, clean and care for a wide range of interiors and items, ensuring that they are presented to their very best.

“With attention to detail you take pride in your work and aim for the highest standards.

“In an environment where training is commonplace, you will be able to grow your skills.

“You will welcome and take care of guests at functions too.”

But hurry, because applications close on 21st January.


  1. Better not be any age or sex discrimination. Otherwise I’ll sue the arse off her if my application does not get me at least an expenses-paid trip to Scotland for interview.

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  2. Job won’t last long before the funeral takes place. It’s taking a long time to get the casket organised, london bridge fell on 5th November several years ago.


  3. Poverty wages. The wealth divide at its starkest. Perhaps she should restrict Andy boy to that same hourly rate. He probably receives that and more per minute.

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        1. Goodness. Just as well he’s value for money, eh. All that goodwill he brings in, all those good deeds he does and all that charity support…

          He’d be cheap at twice the price.

          Nah, he’s just cheap.

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  4. I’m not long up and my eyes are not full open. When I first glanced at it I read ‘work in her palace’ as ‘work in her place’!

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  5. And, of course, you’ll need security clearance, have to sign the Official Secrets Act and probably an agreement not to speak to the media about anything you see in the Palace. On the plus side, you’ll learn how to curtsey properly and walk out of rooms backwards – the latter very quickly if you find you’re in it on your own with Prince Andrew. Mind you, there’s always the possibility that you’ll meet a Ruritanian Lancer and live happily ever after. Huzzah!

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  6. Forgive me being a bit sorry about the arithmetic.
    Monday to Sunday appears to be a 7 day week and stated 20 hours.
    No sign of unsocial hours, travel or lovely uniform.

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  7. One of Andrew’s ex-staff claimed recently that Andy had about 50-60 soft toys on his bed and that he kept a photo in the room of the way they should be arranged. Any staff charged with tidying up his bedroom got the hairdryer treatment if they got it wrong. I wonder what the hourly rate is for the soft toy arranger?


    All perfectly normal.

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    1. Nothing at all weird about that… um…says Munguin!!!

      Apparently the money is bad because you get the privilege of working for the royals.

      Mind you, the “privilege” of working for them would wear a bit thin if a middle aged fat dude was screaming obscenities at you for getting Mama Bear on the wrong side of Papa Bear…

      I’m sure it happens in most families!

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  8. OT – Anybody else getting flyers from tork list MSPs? I’ve had 2 in the last few days and the second made me wonder if they were feeling insecure because of the ongoing chaos, but then the layout and printing takes time beforehand. Hmmm…

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    1. LOL In Dundee none of them really bother to put out leaflets at all.

      I once had a leaflet from the Liberals when they were a thing.

      I don;t think I’ve ever had anything from a Tory though.

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  9. Hm. If you develop housemaid’s knee, do you get paid sick leave, or do they just send you to the workhouse?

    OK, a little more seriously…

    The UK Government’s National Living Wage, so called (laughably), is currently £8.91, so at least Her Maj is offering a little more than that – a munificent 30p an hour! SIX whole pounds per 20-hour working week! The UK Real Living Wage is currently £9.90, somewhat more munificent again, but still not nearly enough, of course. Especially when we consider the bloated wealth and incomes of the richest people in the UK – and just how many of them are there in the Westminster Parliament, we wonder, and in which party or parties?

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    1. Sick Pay? Sick Pay?

      Dear Us. Does one think one is running some sort of charity for sick people?

      One needs to get a grip of oneself.

      The low wage reflects the privilege of working for one.

      Now study the plan of the bears and get them laid out properly or His Not Royal Highness NotPrince Airmiles will scream nasty stuff at one.

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  10. Was given real information today that a panel of 4 men do the interviews for any post and a short list of one is sent to lizzie to interview from a list of two.
    So a very expensive board to appoint a ‘household services manager..
    The lady turned down the offer as there was no accommodation.

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    1. I suppose they have to do a lot of background checking to make sure you’re not a Russian spy, or a person with a dubious sexual history.

      I mean, it really wouldn’t do to have a pervert anywhere about their royal whatsits.


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        1. Another one of their embarrassing friends. How many did he kill?

          And, would I be right to say that all the details of the case are locked for 99 years?

          That way no one who is “important” need be embarrassed.

          You really have to wonder what those three talked about when they were alone.

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  11. I loved the rest of the story.
    Maids who only do curtains, another for chairs, another for soft furnishing, art, musical instruments, it went on and on.
    No wonder they need millions of cash even if they pay buttons..
    You get to tidy up after them and feel you’re all in it together.
    Think chas the turd getting 6 eggs boiled at intervals so he gets his preferred soft yoke.

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  12. Apparently, the Tories just voted NOT to cut VAT on fuel, despite Gove telling us that they could do that IF they left the EU. It is said that one Tory MNP broke the whip and voted for the cut. She (Ann Marie Morris) has been suspended from the party.

    In the meantime the Norwegian government is paying 33% of all electricity bills; the French and the Irish have made €100 grants to people as well as (in France) at least, putting a 4% cap on increases.

    Oh well. It’s going to be a cold winter for some.

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    1. I’m sure all those measures taken by governments in other countries to reduce the impact of high energy prices will be widely reported on the BBC, won’t it, Tris? Such a boon that we have such reliable and trustworthy State media – sorry, public service broadcasting – here in Brexit Scotland’s sunlit uplands (not sure if that includes the Central Belt or not).

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      1. I’m sure that they will get round to reporting it soon, Ed… like maybe the 20 mile tailbacks in Kent.

        But then there was Adele saying that she was pulling out of Las Vegas just a day before her show was due to start and obviously that upset all the news schedules.

        They are sure to cover it next week, as long was prince Willie doesn’t have to blow his nose or anything…

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  13. Hears that the doris has just said that the DUP leadership will not be allowed to stay as mps and stand for the colonal government, no two jobs for them.
    Still dross is allowed to do it., suppose Three jobs dross doesn’t fit the bill.

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        1. Well, they must get bored with eating fine food and drinking fine champagne (privilege of peerage -Jacob Rees Mogg) and I suppose they have to come up with something.

          They just don;t get irony, do they?


        2. Thanks, Hetty. Archived chez Freeman for future reference. Their Lardships, I noticed (on p. 46) discussed ways of making the Sewel Convention stronger – in order to AVOID having to put it into law to make it in any way binding on Westminster.

          Too little, too late – and will be more so if the recommended arrangements are ever put into place, which seems doubtful. Nothing must trammel the infinite sovereignty of Westminster regimes and their more and less supine parliaments!

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