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England: back to work from home. Extending mask wearing. Covid pass mandatory for nightclubs, etc. Negative lft also needed. Daily tests for contacts rather than isolating. Looking forward to seeing the response from Scottish Tories.




Ruth Davidson@RuthDavidsonPC

None of this is remotely defensible. Not having busy, boozy not-parties while others were sticking to the rules, unable to visit ill or dying loved ones. Nor flat-out denying things that are easily provable. Not taking the public for fools. And today’s “we’ll investigate what we’ve spent a week saying didn’t happen and discipline staff for rules we continue to say weren’t broken” was pathetic. As a Tory, I was brought up to believe in playing with a straight bat. Believe me, colleagues are furious at this, too.

Murray Foote@murrayf00te·

Would this be the same Baroness Davidson who knew Johnson was so much of a liability that she launched Operation Arse to try to keep him out of Downing St but then bit his hand off to sit in the unelected Lords as a Tory peer?


Andrew Bowie MP@AndrewBowie_MP
· (as if anyone cares what he thinks!)

I agree with @Douglas4Moray. The govt must act to address these serious questions. At a time when it’s entirely possible we may face more restrictions, the public needs to know that those at the top are following the same rules so we can focus on saving lives & protecting our NHS.

Bill Cruickshank@BjCruickshank

Been trying to ‘phone my MP @AndrewBowie_MP ‘s office in Banchory on 01330 705013 to inquire whether he attended the infamous #Christmaspartygate shindig in Downing Street Dec. 18th 2020. Guess what? 3 rings & the line goes dead. Surprise, surprise! #YesScots

Munguin reckons they should pay their phone bills.


Boris Johnson urged to release Priti Patel bullying report in full –  POLITICO

In the meantime the Nationality Bill goes through parliament. It will give Patel the power to create second tier citizens.

Ian Dunt@IanDunt

Meanwhile, Priti Patel is handing herself new powers to create a second-tier category of British citizenship applying disproportionately to ethnic minorities

Ian Dunt@IanDunt

It’s a big news day, I know. No-one really wants to talk about Clause 9 of the nationality bill. But that thing is going through the Commons today regardless and it is absolute poison

Ian Dunt@IanDunt·

It allows her to strip Brits of their citizenship without telling them. They are not told why. They are not given the charges against them. And it is organised so that they have no viable practical right of appeal.

Ian Dunt@IanDunt·This is in addition to the other provisions in the bill, which criminalise the vast majority of refugees arriving in the UK and then imposes punishment conditions on them, including military barrack accommodation and prolonged separation from their family.

Ian Dunt@IanDunt·

It’s knackering to keep up with this stuff, I know. It’s so dispiriting and it’s tempting to look away. But that’s what they’re counting on. You have to hold the bastards to account.

Seriously, I didn’t think I’d live to see a day like this. Of all people, the daughter of economic migrants bringing in a Bill like this.

I’m really ashamed that this touches our country. I really hope that soon I won’t be British.

85 thoughts on “AND SO IT CONTINUES…”

  1. Sour grapes from Douglas Ross and Andrew Bowie who are both allegedly MPs. They are livid they weren’t invited to the 20 Downing Street Christmas knees-up because nobody in London knew who they were. Or are.

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  2. The useless speaker said, after today’s parliament, that the government should remember that the announcement should be to parliament and not to the media.
    What’s he going to do about it? nothing.
    The patel could deport him for some perceived infringement since he comes from the North.

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  3. Just yesterday Boris Johnson stated that they would not be copying the SNP governments policy of working from home wherever possible…

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      1. I doubt Tories ever get embarrassed. They (and their Labour colleagues north and south) operate on the basis that by tomorrow morning most folk will have forgotten what they said today, which sadly is very true if they ever paid much attention in the first place. The internet and social media have helped address that to a great extent, but nevertheless, most less than honourable politicians know they can get away with anything. They know they can blatantly lie and next to no one will take them to task with any great conviction, certainly not the UK media (or Her Majesty’s Loyal Opposition) these days. That’s perhaps why Nicola Sturgeon is very careful and measured in what she says, because she knows that she is being scrutinised with the media equivalent of an electron microscope, and she and her colleagues are the only ones in the UK, let’s face it.

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        1. True. But I get the impression that this isn’t going away.

          What the need is a big distraction.

          Maybe Carrie’s baby arriving… Maybe some big story in the royal family.

          Main stream media seems to be picking up on it…

          The distraction when they find one will have to be the story of the year.

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          1. I see Andrew Neil is suing Jennifer Arcuri for tweeting that Neil appears in a contacts book of Jeffrey Epstein. Maybe Meghan Marple could be dragged into the proceedings. That would really provide a star for the diversionary circus.

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            1. Ha ha ha… They really need a big royal story to take this off social media.

              I don’t know what she said about Neil, but if he’s in the book, he’s in the book, along with Clinton and Trump and so many others.

              If he’s not then, I guess he can sue her… not that I think she’s worth much. But of course it all still comes back to dePfeffel.

              Now a big royal story would work. Never mind the forward march of fascism, the U-turns and the lying government, prince Charles has sprained his ankle!


  4. Might not be so straight forward removing citizenship. The shamima Begum case, if I remember rightly, when trying to remove her citizenship it stumbled over human rights. You cannot remove citizenship if it leaves that person stateless. In Begum’s case the government argued that they could as she could become a Bangladesh citizen. Dhaka said, “Oh no she can’t.” Foreign Office revoked her citizenship anyway, while she was out the country. She wants to come back to fight that revoking, UK government are appealing to stop her….. it rumbles on.
    Patel’s bill/ammendments will surely keep the lawers well fed.

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    1. Possibly, but they seem to want to rid themselves of Human Rights legislation.

      With them you can never be sure that they understand the consequences of that kind of behaviour…

      Either stupid or just plain fanatical.

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      1. Stupid or fanatical. I don’t think it is either, how about, both.

        Something is afoot within the ranks of the tory party. Too much is beyond coincidence, the leaking of the Press rehearsal, right wing nut job MPs being viscous with their own front bench, Dominic Grieve suddenly popping onto the MSM, the rallying of the tories up here behind the rightious indignation flag. Even Adam Tomkins, from his safe academic seat joined in.

        There was a poll, before the press rehearsal, that if there was a general election the SNP would win every seat. Making them the power brokers in westminster. That would have been bowel clenching for them but I’m waiting for more.

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        1. If they don’t find something to take the press and social media off their backs… I think Johnson will have to go.

          But who have they got to replace him. The top team are all clowns.

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            1. Brilliant plan, and with no hubby it would have to be an immaculate conception.
              The queens eleven supporting M Frazer would be overjoyed. It would prove the devine connection between Queen and omnipotent being.

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                    1. Posh Catholic, Tris – a soul sister of mine whom I miss dearly, a defrocked nun, told me about it once.

                      You may recall that Oor Jacob has a sister called Annunziata, who stood for the Brexit Party if I’m not mistaken. She is – how shall I put it – just as much a charmer as her brother.

                      Somehow I can’t imagine they ever went by Annie and Jake, can you?

                      Oh yes – I recall this – she graciously pointed out, with a view to ending food poverty, that spuds are cheaper than oven chips:


                    2. Ah, gotcha.

                      As you know, I’m not a bit posh so I kinda miss out on the fine points of different kinds of posh.

                      I do remember Jakey’s sister. And indeed she is no less of a charming character than he. She and Anne Widdecombe, Nigel’s right hand weirdos.

                      Defrocked Nuns sound fun to me.


                    3. I confess that “defrocked nun” is a bit of a porkie on my part, because my dear friend saw the light and took off her own frock of her own volition. So to speak.

                      She’s a wonderful person and I adore her. She specializes now in ‘deprogramming’ people who’ve been in religious cults. Can’t think how she came up with that on as a career choice for herself – it’s a total mystery to me. What a headshaker, wouldn’t you agree?

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                    4. Well, I don’t know her so I couldn’t properly know. I suspect though that some people are brought up in a way (not many these days) that propels them toward a religious life. And some towards a life totally dedicated to the Church.

                      I hasten to add, by Church I mean any of these religious establishments of whatever type.

                      I think perhaps that once you have been in that kind of thing for a while, you discover that it’s rather less perfect than you might have thought at the beginning.

                      It must take a huge amount of courage to go to the Mother Superior and ask to be released from you vows… and I suspect it isn’t something that they willingly do in a great hurry.

                      I’ve heard that some of these religious establishments 9again of any denomination) are not particularly hospitable.

                      I salute your friend.


                    5. I will tell her you said so next time I see her, Tris. And yes, it took a lot of courage to ask to be released from her vows from a particularly severe Mother Superior. Courage is one thing she’s not short of, though.


          1. Something afoot Tris. I expect there is an almighty and unseemly skirmish going on for control of the party. It’ll be like a Sam Peckinpah film but without the mood music.

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                1. Jeez… I’m sure he thinks he’s the dog’s whatsits, but, he really wold have to convince other people that he was more than a repulsive little oink. And that’s an uphill struggle.

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                1. I’m sure, Alan, there is someone somewhere who gives a damn…

                  Well, when I say “sure”, I probably mean “suspect”… or well, “maybe, possibly”… and the more I think about it, the more I think…. Nah. No one gives a stuff.

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  5. The 1984 system says that your recollection of the government policy is certain to be faulty.

    Tomorrow’s fmqt should be interesting as they find subject matter to deflect from their management’s policy direction change.

    Can we bet on trains not running on time, strikes in the universities, failure to plan for the collapse of the North Sea oilfields, Failure of power distribution and delays to remove trees on main roads, flooding.

    Find it strange that dross was in westmonster for pmqt but STV had a picture of him at Hollyrood

    Hopefully oor Nicola will be on form.

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    1. Yeah, I though it was odd, but… y’know. He’s a Tory. Maybe he can be in two places at one time,… or no places at two times.

      With the privileged classes you can never tell.

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  6. Now that it’s public knowledge, it’s laughable that all of these Tories are now faking disgust that a number of Tories held parties last Christmas.

    How many of them knew about the parties last year, or at some stage within the past year, and chose to stay silent on the matter?

    I’d be willing to bet that almost every single Tory MP and MSP knew, but chose to do nothing about it. And if that is the case, then they are every bit as guilty as Hair Farce One.

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        1. Sarah Vine was giving her the big up in her column and on radio. Her need to visit a foodbank will be eliminated.
          It will need more of the behind the scenes players to be forced to “fall on their sword,” do the right thing. Then the paper bag of truth will be weakened by their tears and the names of who was there will spill out.

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      1. I might be hard hearted but I don’t think her distraught was genuine. She came out distraught, qauvering voice and sniffs but no tissue. Not once did she dab her eyes and when she referred to her role in COP26, her voice became clear and free of sniff interuptions.
        She is a media person she knows what to do, although the press rehearsal let her down. Did she know it was being recorded?

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        1. Absolutely.

          No tears and it all cleared up perfectly.

          I bet she went inside and put her make up on and got on with the day.

          I think they tape all these things for training purposes… but presumably after they use them they destroy them… and someone didn’t!


    1. LOL I see that Alister Jack was saying he wasn’t invited to any parties…

      And I though… yeah, I imagine that’s the story of your life, you dullard.

      You’re right, though.

      The press knew and the ministers and MPs knew.

      Now they are expressing indignation that de Pfeffel would have lied to them…

      Aye, we believe you, you numpties.

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  7. See you predicted the gender of the new sprog in the last ‘Laugh’

    It’s a Girl.

    You must have some contacts.

    Any news of the plan to rob a bank, IF we can find a branch that’s still open.


    1. Ah, Munguin knows these things.

      Is it distracting people from the non party that didn’t happen?

      Also Munguin says, what’s a bank? That thing in Vaduz where he keeps his fortune?


    2. Lockdown law never applied to No10. Section 73 of the Public Health (Control of Disease) states that the Covid regulations, at all times, never apply to Crown Land – which includes No. 10)

      There you go… according to the Spectator. The crown is exempt for all this nonsense of Covid.


  8. Isn’t the editor of the spectator allegra’s hubby?, thinking he’s the political editor.
    I think we should be having a campaign to have pardons for the Big Train Robbers, seems the MET had them locked up in error.

    While all this distraction is under way we have the Borders bill passing through the commons into law, shortly.

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    1. It has passed Dave, now goes up to the HoL and due back to the commons for a final reading some time in Jan (?). One of the distraction’s purposes served, “no cut tgrough.”

      This is from David Allen Green;
      “Tory MPs declaring their opposition to attacks on liberty re: masks/vaccines while voting through a Borders Bill that allows the Govt to remove someone’s citizenship without even telling them why. And supporting a Police Bill that allows them to stop any protest causing “unease”

      — Sam Freedman (@Samfr) December 8, 2021

      The government of the United Kingdom is pushing forward legislation that will enable its officials to kill people without legal consequences, to prohibit meaningful protest, and to summarily remove citizenship from you because of where your family is from.

      All this is as sickening and disconcerting as it can be.

      But none of this has ‘cut through’.”

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  9. Seems that they’re going to send the mps off on holiday early next week so that the doris can have his wednesday off of pmqt, save Ant and Dec some quality transmission time.

    No further sign of the minister for the 18th century getting further stand up comedy exposure.
    Today in Hollyrood we will witness a murdo moment when he’s to demand compensation for farmers adversely effected by the release of Beavers, seems that the effect of loss of EU subsidy and the upcoming effect of Bird Flu, the cull of Pigs and the possibility of Dairy farmers joining in.

    I’ll take in the budget videos later but suspect more of the same, today the msp who raised the lack of high speed internet was reminded that communications policy is a Reserved Matter.

    Time for the Hollyrood Presiding Officer to eject an msp for failure to act like a responsible adult.

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      1. It would be nice if they knew what the government was responsible for.

        I’m reminded of the one time leader of the Labour Scottish branch tell the FM that she must take water into public ownership.

        Also, I thought this was funny!


  10. Pippa Crerar
    NEW: Boris Johnson’s official spokesman says he will “take some time to be with his family” after the birth of his new daughter, but will “balance that” with his responsibilities as Prime Minister.

    Ummm… He recognises that he has responsibilities as prime minister?

    Well, that’s a start.


    1. Yip you’re right, I liked that. Amazed that the official spokesperson answered the question without having a, “Hold on a mo.” pause for thought.
      No 10 competence in as short supply as integrity.


      1. So if someone approaches you in a shop takes their mask off and starts to sing at you, it’s OK, because… just like fellow members of the fraternal Tory Party, it is impossible for singers to transmit it.

        It was a farce. It is now getting into the pantomime stage.


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